Most generations seem to poke fun at Baby Boomers because of their inability to adapt to change. This stubbornness is due to most of them being conservative and only accepting of traditional ways. However, the recent election may challenge this narrative.

According to the polls, Baby Boomers are showing more interest in President Biden this coming election. If true, this challenges the idea that Boomers only support conservative ideas and may help Biden become President.

A Brief Look At How Boomers Voted In The Past

Over the past few decades, Boomers have dominated the polls in terms of supporting conservatives. For example, in the early 2000s, they leaned more toward the republican party and stayed that way even until 2012.

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This trend has led many experts to think baby boomers are most likely to take a conservative stance. To an extent, it makes sense as these individuals were born in a more strict time with less emphasis on liberal gender roles and expression.

Another Boomer Trend

But Boomers aren’t the only ones expected to take a conservative stance. Some experts expect voters to follow the same path as they get older, and this includes millennials and Gen X.

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So, with time, there’s a possibility the older generation will vote for a Republican like Donald Trump. But does this still hold true today?

Times Are Changing

According to recent polls, Baby Boomers are showing strong support for Biden. If this trend continues, Biden may become the first Democrat to carry a senior vote since Al Gore in 2000.

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Also, if these polls are accurate, it means that boomers are breaking their age-long trend and stereotype. They’re leaving their conservative ways and options for a liberal president.

At The Same Time, Younger People Are Becoming Conservatives

While older people are choosing a more liberal approach to life, the same can’t be said about the younger generation. These polls revealed that younger adults are letting go of liberal ideologies and becoming conservatives.

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Naturally, many find this trend strange. The younger generation is supposed to show support for these new liberal ideas, but they seem to be more interested in the ways of their predecessors. At the same time, their parents are switching sides.

Older Adults Have Always Been Interested In New Ideas

Everyone’s confused about why older people are becoming liberals, and one reason is that they are actually more interested in new ideas. A good example is how much interest they’ve shown in the EV market.

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Studies show that millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers contribute significantly to the sales of Electric Vehicles. The study even shows that Boomers have the power to save the EV market but first need these cars to be more reliable than they currently are.

Reasons For The New Trend

The question on everyone’s mind now is, “Why are both generations switching sides?” The answer may not be that straightforward. There’s the chance that older adults find their values align with social issues like climate change and health care.

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They share the desire for more financial stability and security in retirement. They also want a better economy and will choose a leader who can make this happen.

Trump Doesn’t Have The Best Reputation

Considering that older adults want stability both financially and personally, Biden seems to be a better fit. This conclusion comes from the fact that the Trump administration had too many lawsuits and controversies.

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At the same time, there’s also the growing narrative that Trump plans to put tighter requirements on government assistance programs. These factors make it difficult to support him, compared to Biden, who they think has a more promising future for the country.

Trump Has Support From Younger Voters

Trump losing the vote of his peers doesn’t mean he’s hopeless. The polls also reveal that the younger generation will lend their support. If this happens, it’ll make Trump the first Republican to win that demographic since George H.W. Bush in 1988.

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Trump understands this and has extended his political efforts to the younger generation of voters. One example is how he went to Sneakers Con to launch his viral “Never Surrender” high tops. Although some didn’t like his gesture, the shoes sold out within 24 hours.

Even Young Black People Support Trump

Even though Boomers are turning to Biden, the younger ones are looking at Trump. More surprisingly, the black community. Many find this discovery strange because Trump has been labeled as a racist since he was president.

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For now, there’s no definite reason for the support but some have praised his leadership style and “toughness”.

All The Support May Not Be Enough

Trump currently has the younger generation backing his election journey, but there’s a chance that it might not be enough. Older adults have a history of coming out to vote compared to their younger counterparts.

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So, it’s possible that Biden may take the win in November if more older people come out to cast their vote. But seeing that stereotypes are breaking in 2024, we might just have to wait and see what happens.

Biden Also Has Religious Support

Recent studies also show that religious organizations are leaning away from Trump and towards Biden. This wasn’t the case during the last election, as these organizations contributed significantly to Trump’s political journey.

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One possible reason for this shift is Trump’s controversial presidency, which led him to be ranked as one of the world’s most hated men. On the other hand, Biden seems to be a more moral option, which will naturally attract their support.

The Polls May Be Inaccurate

There’s a possibility that Trump’s lead with the younger audience may be inaccurate. Some political commentators point out that Gen Z are less likely to answer these polls than their older counterparts.

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Abby Kiesa, the deputy director of CIRCLE, said, “Even if they’re on a cell phone, they’re much less likely to answer it. That makes it hard for people to use phone surveys to reach a representative sample of young people.”

The Election Will Reveal The Truth

For now, researchers aren’t sure whether the results show a shift in support for both generations. The best option may be to wait a few weeks after the election to properly assess the demographics of voters.

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For now, the battle continues. In some polls, Trump beats Biden in popularity, and vice versa for Biden. Ultimately, we’ll find the winner come November.