NATO leaders are extremely worried about Donald Trump coming with full vengeance toward the organization if he’s elected as president in November. Looking back, Trump has never been a fan of NATO and he’s ready to do anything just to pull the United States out.

To be able to face Donald Trump, NATO and its members will need to bring in their A-game. All the NATO leaders have come together, and have cooked up an intriguing plan to help deal with their Trump situation. 

Trump Is Making His Way Into White House For A Second Term 

Currently, Trump has been gaining momentum in the political field. Donald Trump being his party’s nominee is quietly making his way towards the November election.

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Anyone can be president of the United States but NATO might be in trouble if Trump ends up being president. Trump has this persistent hate for NATO’s long-term alliance especially when it comes to the European members, and he’s not showing any sign of letting them be. 

Financial Aid For Ukraine 

In NATO’s approach to help defend its member state Ukraine from the aftermath of the war, the NATO officials have decided to come together and brainstorm on how they could best help the people of Ukraine. 

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From a publication from the Financial Times on April 2 this meeting was initiated by Jens Stoltenberg who is the outgoing secretary general of NATO. During this meeting, they plan on discussing how to generate $100 billion in funds for the injured country. 

Trump’s Reelection Might Render It Unsuccessful 

Politico also joined The Financial Times and gave a further report on the meeting. They reported that all the 32 members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are bothered about Trump’s reelection.

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And because of this they are considering if they need to assume joint responsibility for the U.S.-led military support group, they believe that if Trump is re-elected there’s a high probability of him halting the project completely. 

The Need To Have A New Plan 

Jens Stoltenberg is concerned about this whole issue and he’s actively trying to make sure that there’s a new plan on the ground before NATO’s July summit happening in Washington. Stoltenberg believes this needs to be addressed urgently.

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The Financial Times also mentioned that Stoltenberg’s tenure would be coming to an end in September. This should have happened earlier but the Secretary General of NATO got his term extended because of several geopolitical challenges. 

The New Chief Might Have To Deal With Trump 

Members of NATO believe that the next NATO chief will be the present Dutch Prime Minister the person of Mark Rutte. If he eventually becomes NATO chief then, he’d have no choice but to go heads on with a re-elected Donald Trump.

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Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s opinion about NATO hasn’t changed. He has been pretty unwelcoming toward the alliance and its members. What makes it worse is that Trump doesn’t share the same vision with NATO on helping Ukraine attain victory. 

Joe Biden’s Re-election Will Face Extreme Opposition 

Apart from worrying about Trump getting re-elected, NATO members are also worried about Joe Biden being re-elected. Biden getting re-elected only means a greater and more extreme opposition from the part of the Congress who supports Trump. 

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One thing is clear, the present House of republicans has done everything in its power to make sure that their presence is massively felt. This was demonstrated when they opposed the $60 billion funding package meant for Ukraine. 

A More Pressing Issue 

Although plans to deal with Trump’s reelection have been in place, it may seem as though NATO has more pressing issues it needs to attend to. 

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During an interview with Newsweek, one of the diplomatic officials from Europe mentioned that more than the re-election of Trump, NATO’s real issue was the constant brutality from Russia towards Ukraine. And to him, this was the actual “alarm bell” for the organization. 

Pending Issues Before Trump’s Declarations 

The diplomatic official from Europe told Newsweek that the brutality toward Ukraine had always been a problem way before the announcement of Trump’s second term came out.

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He also pointed out that plans were already existing before Trump’s reelection, the re-election is only helping to speed up the process. For all that matters, this might be hinting at Europe to focus on its defense mechanisms. 

The Fear Of A Second Term Trump 

Even though these issues had been pending before news of Donald Trump’s intentions to run for a second term, his re-election will have so much impact on a European War. 

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If Trump gets the power to oversee a true-life European war he’d be unstoppable. Remember that Trump’s words have so much weight, and his re-election can be likened to an actual war. 

Trump’s Reelection Is A Case Of Concern To Ukraine 

It’s not only NATO that is concerned about the re-election of Donald Trump, this is an actual cause of concern for even Ukraine.

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Looking back to when Trump suggested that Kyiv should hurriedly sign a peace agreement with Moscow, an agreement that could cause harm to the country’s integrity and sovereignty. 

Trump Is A Supporter Of Vladimir Putin 

Supporting Putin is one of the major issues individuals have with Donald Trump. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selensky reminiscing about how Putin destroyed all the values they spent their life defending.

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Selensky couldn’t hide his disbelief while talking to CNN, he mentioned how he’s still trying to wrap his head around the fact that Donald Trump is supporting Vladimir Putin. 

A Long-Term Plan For Ukraine 

This isn’t even all about Trump or Biden, the more pressing issue now is the fact that Ukraine needs an active working and long-term solution.

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One of the Ukrainian parliament members had something to say. He expressed how unsure he was about the effect of Trump’s reelection in November. Because to him, the whole election is still pretty much unpredictable 

A Logical Solution! 

Merezhko talked about how it would be a great idea to integrate the Ramstein format into the NATO framework. He also believes that this will give Ukraine a sense of stability when it comes to getting military aid.

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To him, Ukraine needs to diversify its sources of military assistance. A collective effort from NATO and member states is the best way to protect the country and its citizens.