Joe Biden is the oldest man who has ever held the White House, and he was the oldest candidate ever to run for president when he won in 2020. Now, in his bid for a second term as president, Biden is again setting the record for the oldest individual who has run for the White House, and Democrats and Republicans alike won’t let him forget it.

Prejudice Against the Elderly

It’s not necessarily just Biden’s age that many are leaning on as the issue. Though that is certainly a large part of it. There’s a preconceived notion in America that individuals who are older are no longer capable of doing many jobs, and it’s easy to accuse an older individual of harboring cognitive issues by virtue of their age.

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Biden is no exception to this particular stereotype. Since he took the oath of office in 2020, Republicans and Democrats alike have been trying to find fault in his presidency, in his attitude, in his very personhood. His age makes him an easy target for these types of attacks, and the president has taken all of it in stride.

Americans Know Biden Is Old

Indeed, it’s difficult to understand the purpose of pointing out Biden’s age. America is aware that the man is old, and they were aware of that fact when he ran for president the first time. That has not stopped him from being objectively good at the job of president, or bringing a heavily divided government together to accomplish some of the most significant legislative wins in the past thirty years.

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Despite these facts, Republicans have continued to point out Biden’s age and his alleged “cognitive decline.” They’re not the only ones, either. Special Council Robert Hurr even commented on Biden’s mental state in the report released on Biden’s special document investigation, claiming that Biden was an old and forgetful man and that was one of the reasons that he was choosing not to prosecute.

Biden Has Taken it All In Stride

In spite of the negative press that has surrounded his mental state, Biden has taken all of it in stride. He has used many of the negative selling points against him as marketing during his presidency, notably the “Dark Brandon” comments.

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His good attitude and success in legislation is, perhaps, why many people were unsurprised when Biden announced that he was going to be running for president for a second term in office. Despite his age, he has managed to get a significant amount of work done, and appears ready to continue riding the wave of success.

Biden is the Most Sensible Choice

Additionally, it makes sense for the Democratic establishment to run Biden again. Incumbent presidents almost always have an edge over any competitor due to name recognition, and the ability to run on the accomplishments that they’ve accrued during their term.

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Despite the fact that other candidates have come forward to try and sell themselves as viable alternative Democratic candidates to Biden, the DNC appears to have wholeheartedly thrown their weight behind his reelection campaign. Biden hasn’t participated in many primary events due to his schedule of being president, but that hasn’t affected his lead over other candidates such as Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson.

Democrats Questioning Biden

Biden’s relative success in the primaries hasn’t stopped many people from questioning the viability of his candidacy, though. In almost every press conference and statement, Democrats of all types are asked about Biden and his mental state, as well as whether he should truly be running for president.

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There have even been some Democrats in office who have questioned whether he should be running again, though it appears to be a fringe opinion. Some believe that the President’s office would be better filled by someone younger and more in touch with the needs of younger generations, such as Gavin Newsom.

Newsom Is Not Running This Cycle

Gavin Newsom is the current governor of California, and has made clear that he has absolutely no intentions of running for president during the current election season. Indeed, since Biden announced his reelection campaign, Newsom has emerged as one of the president’s most prominent supporters in his bid for the White House.

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That hasn’t stopped news anchors and reporters alike from questioning Newsom on the viability of Biden as president. Newsom has made the rounds on talk shows and late night shows such as Real Time with Bill Maher, where he has not only supported Biden’s bid for reelection, but actively defended it.

An NBC Appearance

Most recently, Newsom appeared on NBC in an interview that quickly spread across the internet. Host Kristen Welker invited Newsom on, and during the course of her questions, pressed Newsom on whether he believed that it was responsible for the Democrats to be running Biden for president in 2024.

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This question came after Newsom criticized former president Donald Trump, stating that Republicans were throwing their weight behind their front runner wholeheartedly. Newsom has been an active critic of Donald Trump ever since he first announced his run for president in 2016, and his comments on NBC ran along the same lines as former talking points that the governor has spouted.

Some Statistics on Biden’s Candidacy

In questioning Biden’s effectiveness as a candidate, Walker pointed out how, “76% of voters say that they have real concerns about President Biden’s ability to serve a second term.”

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Newsom didn’t falter in his support of Biden when she presented this statistic, though. He expressed his admiration for the president, and stated that he saw Biden’s presidency as a masterclass in how to run a government.

Newsom’s Defense

“I mean, what he’s done in three years, it’s been a master class. Close to 15 million jobs, that’s eight times more than the last three Republican presidents combined. The economy is booming, inflation is cooling. It’s .6% more than it was in the summer of 2020 at just 3.1%,” he said, praising Biden.

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He finished, “We have American manufacturing coming home, all because of Biden’s wisdom, his temperance, his capacity to lead in a bipartisan manner, which is an underrepresented point.”

It’s Not the Success of His Legislation

Welker pushed back against Newsom’s points, stating that many voters who have expressed hesitation about Biden haven’t done so because of his record. She said that many people who are concerned feel that way because of a perception about Biden’s ability to beat Trump, which is, in large part, due to his age.

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Newsom argued her on that point, though. He stated that Biden’s wildly successful presidency has been so successful because of his age, not in spite of it. “Here’s my point: it’s because of his age that he’s been so successful. It’s because of the wisdom and the character that’s developed over the years. So the opportunity to express that for four more years, what a gift it is for the American people.”

“You’ve Got to be Kidding”

Welker, in her conclusion, asked Newsom if he was still considering a run for president in 2024. In response, the governor said, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

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He went on to state, “I am here celebrating the extraordinary accomplishments of the Biden-Harris Administration, making the case that we need to make to lift up the issues, lift up the record, drive contrast with the Republican nominee to beat Donald Trump, so we have four more years.”

Newsom in 2028

Newsom fiercely concluded, regarding his candidacy for president this year, “It’s not even a conversation, and it’s a damning conversation, frankly the other side wants us to have.”

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It’s widely believed that Newsom is setting himself up for a successful run for president in 2028, but for the current election season, he appears firm in his support of president Biden. This is not the first interview that Newsom has been questioned on Biden’s presidency, and it’s almost certainly not the last.

Biden and Trump this November

Despite Newsom’s support, it does remain a fact that a large majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle are unhappy with their party’s respective candidates. 86% of Americans believe that Biden is too old to serve another term as president, and 62% think the same of former President Donald Trump.

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In spite of this, it’s appearing more and more likely that the American people are going to see a second showdown between Biden and Trump at the voting box this winter. Who will come out on top remains to be seen, and fortunately for the American people, we all have a vote to make our voices heard.