A Manhattan penthouse, the crown jewel of Donald Trump’s real estate empire, was supposed to be the pinnacle of luxury living. But behind the gold-plated facade was a con as big as the former president himself.

Trump claimed the triplex measured over 30,000 square feet – a massive property even by New York City standards. The reality, as revealed by prosecutors, was that it was actually less than a third of that size. Now, New York Attorney General Letitia James is suggesting that Trump’s lawyers may have deliberately hidden evidence during the recent fraud trial over the property.

Trump’s History of Lying About His Manhattan Penthouse Size

In 2016, Trump Organization executives explicitly confirmed the actual smaller size of the penthouse in an email exchange. However, this evidence was not provided to James’ team during discovery for Trump’s 2023 civil fraud trial.

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After Trump’s longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg pleaded guilty to perjury for lying under oath during that trial, James demanded a forensic review of the Trump Organization’s records.

Weisselberg’s Perjury During the 2023 Civil Fraud Trial

The former CFO of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, pleaded guilty to perjury for lying under oath during the 2023 civil fraud trial against former President Donald Trump.

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Weisselberg admitted that he deliberately gave false testimony about the actual square footage of Trump’s Manhattan penthouse to help Trump inflate its value.

Discussions About Size Of Property Done Over Email

According to Attorney General Letitia James, Weisselberg and another Trump Organization employee discussed the penthouse’s true size of 10,996 square feet in an email exchange in August 2016.

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However, this critical evidence was not provided to James’ legal team during discovery ahead of the 2023 trial.

Probe into The Involvement of Trump’s Lawyers In Weisselberg’s Perjury

James argued that the court should look into whether Trump’s lawyers “facilitated” Weisselberg’s perjury by withholding the incriminating email exchange from the discovery process.

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She requested that the former judge monitoring the Trump Organization conduct a forensic review of its electronic records to determine if other evidence was concealed.

Guilty Plea Raises More Questions

Weisselberg’s guilty plea and admission of perjury during such a high-profile trial raises serious questions about the integrity of the defense mounted by Trump’s legal team.

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If evidence as plainly relevant as the email verifying the penthouse’s actual square footage was withheld, it suggests a deliberate attempt to mislead the court and obstruct justice.

James Pushing For Disclosure Even After Landmark Victory

Although James still won the $454 million judgment against Trump, she is demanding answers about this undisclosed evidence.

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As Wallace wrote, “Mr. Weisselberg has admitted that he perjured himself during discovery and the trial in this action. The Court is well within its authority to determine if Defendants and their counsel facilitated that perjury by withholding of incriminating documents.”

A Deeper Review To Check To Any Other Hidden Evidence

James has asked for a review of the Trump Organization’s digital records to determine if other evidence was withheld. Trump’s attorneys are fighting this request, calling it an “astonishing” overreach of authority.

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However, James seems determined to hold Trump and his organization accountable if they or their lawyers deliberately hid evidence that undermines their fraudulent financial claims.

Trump’s Lawyers Fight Back

Trump’s lawyers have opposed James’ request, calling it an “astonishing” overreach of the monitor’s authority.

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They argue that any issues with discovery in the civil case are now irrelevant since the trial is over. However, James insists that the court “is well within its authority.”

Why Trump Didn’t Want the Email Exchange Revealed

Had this evidence come out during the 2023 trial, it would have conclusively proven that Trump and his organization intentionally misled lenders and tax authorities for their financial gain.

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With this smoking gun in hand, Attorney General Letitia James would have had an even stronger argument that fraud was committed.

The Potential Consequences for Withholding Evidence

James believes the Trump Organization and its legal team may face consequences for withholding critical evidence from her office during discovery and the trial.

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The judge could determine that the defense’s actions warrant increasing the $454 million judgment against Trump for punitive damages.

What Happens Next in Trump’s Legal Battles

Trump’s legal troubles are far from over. The former president still faces several civil and criminal investigations into his business practices and political conduct.

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After the recent revelations by Allen Weisselberg, New York Attorney General Letitia James is determined to get to the bottom of what else Trump’s lawyers may have kept from her during the 2023 civil trial.

Manhattan DA’s Criminal Probe

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is conducting a parallel criminal investigation into Trump and his businesses. Weisselberg’s cooperation with prosecutors could provide new leads and strengthen their case.

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The DA’s probe is focused on whether the Trump Organization misrepresented asset values to obtain loans and tax benefits.

How This Finding Impacts Other Investigations Into Trump

This new revelation that evidence was apparently withheld from James’ office during the civil fraud trial could have significant implications for the myriad of other investigations still swirling around the former president.

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The fact that key documents were kept from James’ team could strengthen Bragg’s hand in arguing that Trump’s lawyers cannot be trusted and that further discovery is required.

Push For Justice, Even Big Win

Attorney General Letitia James is right to pursue a full investigation into whether this compromised the civil fraud case against the former president.

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Though Trump remains defiant, this latest scandal only adds to the perception of him as a serial fraudster who views the law as an inconvenience to be dodged or ignored.