Aaron Lewis, the lead vocalist for the rock band Staind and a country rock singer, talked with Fox News Digital discussing his recent experience with attempted cancellation. The controversy arose around Lewis’ recent album, The Hill.

Lewis Is No Stranger to Controversies

In the past, Lewis had attracted controversy and criticism over his support of former President Donald Trump.

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Lewis has also garnered quite a bit of attention because of his critique of Joe Biden alongside his advocacy for the U.S. Constitution and a “core set” of fundamental American values.

Lewis Doesn’t Worry Much About Attempts to Cancel Him

Lewis claims facing threats of cancellation quite frequently in recent times. However, Lewis says that he doesn’t worry much about cancellation.

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Lewis said to Fox News Digital, “Any of the things that anybody would have found offensive are already out there. The songs that are on the record that some might find offensive are already out.”

Lewis Challenges People to “Take Their Licks”

Referring to people who take offense, Lewis said, “They’ve taken their licks already.” Lewis also clarified that people taking offense doesn’t affect him because his shows still sell out.

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As Lewis puts it, “It’s funny. They take their licks and I play sold-out shows. So take your licks. Take your licks if it makes you feel better. It really doesn’t affect me.”

Lewis Considers It His Right to Express His Artistic Talent However He Wants

In the conversation with Fox News Digital, Lewis shared his past experiences, “When I put out, ‘Am I the Only One,’ there was a public, outward calling for my cancellation and for me to lose my record deal and my record label president said, ‘Absolutely not,’ and he stood up for my ability to speak my feelings as an artist and to have the freedom of speech to do so.”

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Lewis followed the above statement with a rhetorical question, “What is art if somebody else is telling you how to make it?

Lewis Is Not Happy With The Current State of American Society

Lewis expressed his opposition and strong dislike for the decline of American patriotism.

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Lewis isn’t happy about things like the removal of Civil War-era statutes.

Lewis Called Out Bruce Springsteen

In his popular song, ‘Am I the Only One,’ Lewis called out the prominent musician Bruce Springsteen. When Lewis was asked why he made such a move, he replied, “Because he’s always portrayed himself as the all-American middle-class guy. And during all of this craziness, he said that if one man is re-elected to the office of presidency that he was gonna move to Australia. How American is that? You’re gonna bail on America just because you don’t like the guy that may have gotten into office?”

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Lewis was referring to Springsteen’s comment that he would move to Australia if Trump was going to win the 2020 re-election.

Lewis Believes That Americans Need to Agree On A “Core Set of Values”

Lewis believes that it is acceptable for Americans to not agree on all the major and minor issues but they do need to believe in and adhere to a “core set of values” that are inherently American.

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He pointed out that this “core set of values” includes believing in and abiding by the U.S. Constitution.

Not Having and Adhering to The Right Values Destroys Society

Elaborating on the importance of a “core set of values,” Lewis said, “Those are the values that it seems there is a purposeful mechanism out there trying to destroy those values, trying to destroy the fabric.”

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Highlighting how important the U.S. Constitution is, Lewis said, “The Constitution is what gives this country to us, the people.”

Lewis Said America Doesn’t Belong to The American Government

Advocating for the power of the people, Lewis said, “This country is not the government’s.”

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Lewis added, “…and we’ve allowed it to get that way just out of laziness and disconnection.”

Lewis Believes That Mainstream Media Plays a Detrimental Role

When questioned about the role mainstream media plays in contributing to promote American values, Lewis asserted that the media hinders more than it helps.

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Emphasizing the importance of taking responsibility, Lewis added, “It’s our responsibility. We are the caretakers of this country and it is our responsibility to hand this country over to the next generation in a better state and in a better condition than we received it and we are failing miserably.”

Lewis Admires Donald Trump

Talking about the 2024 presidential candidates, Lewis said he admires only a select few political figures. This includes former president Donald Trump.

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Lewis also admires former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Lewis’ Message to Americans

While conveying a message for Americans, Lewis expressed his desire to end divisions.

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Lewis also said that he would like to see the country revert to constitutional and fundamental American values.

Lewis Wants to Save America

Lewis said to Fox News Digital, “As an American, I feel a driven responsibility to protect and to better and to save this country that I was so lucky to be born in.”

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Many of Lewis’s songs reflect his frustrations with the various issues the country is facing.

Lewis Writes Songs to Delve Deeper Into Issues

When his album ‘The Hill’ came out, Lewis told Forbes he doesn’t just write songs just for the sake of selling them. He said, song writing for him was a way of diving deeper into important issues and topics.

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Talking about catchy-phrased songs that are written solely for the sake of what may be popular, Lewis said to Forbes, “That’s never been my approach, and I’ve never really had that much of an appreciation for those types of songs.”