Former president Donald Trump continues to make headlines as he’s either in court or someone related to the case is receiving severe backlash. Today, it’s the latter, and it involves US District Court Judge Aileen Cannon.

Cannon is overseeing Trump’s classified documents case. She made a proposal in court that might get him removed from the case. What’s the issue? Her recent decision seems like she’s trying to protect the former president.

Judge Cannon’s Controversial Ruling

Recently, Judge Cannon revealed that she might release the names of government witnesses involved in Trump’s case. Many find this decision strange because they have little to no effect on the case. At the same time, it’s very risky.

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Bringing these names to the public is risky for these high-profile witnesses. It can expose them to public ridicule. The worst-case scenario is that they get treated violently by other Trump supporters based on the delicate nature of the case.

Critics Worry About How She Will Direct The Jury

Cannon also has critics worried about her ability to handle Trump’s case based on what she proposed to the jury. She suggested that the president has the power to declare the classified records as personal documents.

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Why is this problematic? If she convinces the juror to reinterpret the president’s duties, it can favor Trump’s defense. Note that Trump winning isn’t the issue, but the controversial tactics Canon employs.

Judge Cannon Faces Severe Backlash

Critics left and right are calling Judge Cannon out on her recent ruling. One common commentator accused her of trying her best to protect Trump from the repercussions of his actions instead of being impartial.


He then speculated that perhaps Judge Cannon is trying to buy Trump time before the next election. Even if that’s not the case, how she handles the issue is questionable and requires additional investigation.

‘Her Decisions Will Get Her Removed From The Case’

With these developments, critics expect special counsel Jack Smith to make an appeal to a higher court. If this happens, critics say, the court of appeal will review Judge Cannon’s controversial rulings.

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Once her decisions are put under scrutiny, she will most likely be found wanting. In that case, the court will overturn her ruling and, in the worst-case scenario, remove her from Trump’s case.

This Isn’t The First Of Cannon’s Controversial Decisions

In 2022,  Judge Cannon made a similar controversial move by presiding over another Trump case. The situation involves the FBI’s entry into Mar-a-Lago to investigate whether the former president was holding some classified documents.

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Typically, she’d pass on a case like this. But Cannon made the unusual decision to preside over the case. Why? Her critics speculate she aimed to protect the former president.

Her Interventions Were Rejected

Cannon’s involvement in Trump’s FBI investigation case was unusual, but the result wasn’t as she expected. Once her interventions were appealed, the court ruled against them, claiming that there were no grounds to continue the legal battle.

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She faced additional criticism by the panel as they questioned the motives behind her actions. According to the council, playing favorites with someone like Donald Trump defies the national foundational principle. This states that the law applies “to all, without regard to number, wealth, or rank.”

‘She’s Putting Her Thumbs On The Scale For Trump’

Many legal commentators are still calling out Judge Cannon’s favoritism and unprofessionalism. She‘s “putting her thumb on the scale for [Trump] over and over again,” says one critic.

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If she continues to make decisions that add tension to Smith’s prosecution, he will make his case to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Note that this is the same court that scolded Judge Cannon for favoring Trump. If they find her guilty of the same error, they will remove her from the case.

Can The Court Of Appeal Really Remove Judge Cannon?

It’s worth noting that it is part of the Court of Appeal’s duties to reassign a case to a different judge. These decisions are usually made to prevent biases that could negatively affect a judge’s decision-making.

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For example, a judge presiding over her son’s kidnapper will most likely be removed to ensure their emotion doesn’t guide the verdict. Therefore, it is completely legal for the court to remove Judge Cannon for being too emotionally invested in Trump.

Problem With Replacing Judge Cannon

Some critics gave a neutral opinion on the issue. One pointed out the problem with replacing Cannon with a more “competent” judge. They point out that the court will have to prove her decisions were biased and not fair.

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Even if the Court of Appeal decides to replace Canno, it will take time. This duration may play into Trump’s plan to win the election before the verdict. At the same time, not replacing her could lead to Trump winning with “trickery.”

Effect Of The Case On Trump’s Election Victory

A recurring theme in this topic is trying to finish the case before Trump wins the election. Honestly, the outcome is difficult to predict. However, some legal experts speculate that he can delay the case or even dismiss it with some legal maneuver.

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However, it’s worth noting that America’s judicial system is an independent government. This means that they can make decisions based on the law and without political influence. Nevertheless, as a former president, Trump has more power to turn the tide in his favor.

Can Cannon Be Sued For Misconduct?

The judicial system requires judges to give a fair and impartial verdict. This goal may be difficult to achieve when they’re scared their actions could get them sued. So, Judges in the United States are protected under “Absolute Immunity.”

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But that doesn’t mean they’re entirely free. If the judge’s misconduct is so severe, the court will launch an investigation. If found wanting, they may be suspended or removed from the bench. As for Cannon’s case, there’s little reason to believe her case is severe enough.

‘It’s Not A Matter Of If, But When’

There are different opinions on Cannon’s “misconduct,” but the dominant ones are about her removal. They claim that if she continues her “unprofessional behavior,” it’s only a matter of time before she’s removed.

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In their own words: “It’s not a matter of ‘if,’ but ‘when’ she gets removed from the case. She will overstep her role at this pace.”

Judge Cannon Is Working On Thin Ice

Trump’s case is a high-profile one with thousands of legal experts paying close attention. Any mistake made will echo throughout the legal sphere, which we can see with Judge Cannon.

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If she continues to make decisions in favor of Trump, the court of appeal will take her off the case. This result is undesired as it can have profound repercussions on her career.