Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) apparently did not hold back during a Wednesday hearing when talking to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). The Republican congresswoman reportedly repeated a past claim about Nazis that triggered Moskowitz to respond.

Greene Accused Nazis Of Running Modern-Day Ukraine

Moskowitz was reportedly responding to Greene’s repeated claim that Nazis are running modern-day Ukraine. Greene referenced the controversial Azov battalion during the hearing as she responded to a witness before the committee.

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The Democrat witness referred to accusations of neo-Nazism within Ukraine as a “disinformation trope” that emerged from Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Greene responded to the claim with the assistance of a visual aid.

Greene Used NBC News Headline As Visual Aid During Hearing

Greene reportedly held up a prop that featured a news headline from NBC News as a visual aid at one point during her remarks. She drew attention to the prop by asking, “Do you see this headline?”

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According to Greene, when referencing the news article, she said that “they say that Ukraine’s Nazi problem is real.” Green added that “even if Putin’s denazification claim is not, so even our own American media” unless others “consider NBC or Time magazine misinformation spreaders or disinformation media outlets.”

Greene Indicated That ‘There’s Frequent Pictures All Over’, ‘Anybody Can Find Them’

Greene further expressed that “there’s frequent pictures all over” of Nazis and that “anybody can find them.” While holding up one of the photos referenced, Greene said “this looks like something you’d see out of Hitler’s Germany – from Ukraine.”

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The House Oversight Committee hearing held was titled “Defending America from the Chinese Communist Party’s Political Warfare.” Greene’s claims that Nazism is rampant throughout Ukraine is an argument that has been touted by Russian President Vladimir to justify Russian invading the country.

Greene Claimed On Social Media That She Set Democrat Witness ‘Straight’

Rep. Greene later posted a message on X/Twitter about this part of the hearing. She indicated that the Democrat witness “attacked” her and claimed that she “spread disinformation by telling the truth about the neo-Nazis in the Ukrainian territory.”

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Greene concluded her social media post with the comment that she “set him straight.” She also posted a video clip of the hearing along with the caption.

Moskowitz Referenced History Of His Grandparents Who ‘Escaped The Holocaust’

After Greene’s remarks, Moskowitz hit back by first referencing his grandparents who “escaped the Holocaust.” He stated that his grandmother was part of the Kindertransport out of Germany and that his “parents were killed in Auschwitz.”

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He also stated that his grandfather “escaped Poland from the pogroms.” Polish Jews experienced repeated waves of pogroms, which were organized violent attacks with support from officials, according to B’Nai B’Rith International.

Moskowitz Highlighted Contrasts Between Nazi Germany, Modern-Day Ukraine

Moskowitz then referenced the significant differences between modern-day Ukraine and Nazi Germany. For instance, he stated that “there are no concentration camps in Ukraine.”

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He mentioned that they “are not taking babies and shooting them in the air because they’re Jewish” in Ukraine. He also expressed that there are no “gas chambers” or “ovens” as well people that are railed in or gold being ripped out of people’s mouths.

Moskowitz: ‘They’re Not Trying To Erase A People – The Ukrainians’

Moskowitz mentioned two other key differences as he concluded that part of his statement. First, according to Moskowitz, “they’re not taking stuff out of their homes.”

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He also indicated that “they’re not trying to erase a people, the Ukrainians.” Greene had previously referred to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “war against Russia in Ukraine.”

Moskowitz: ‘Stop Bringing Up Nazis And Hitler’

Moskowitz concluded his remarks with a statement directly addressed to Marjorie Taylor-Greene. He addressed his comment towards Greene’s repeated claims about Nazi Germany and making the comparisons to modern-day Ukraine.

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Moskowitz said, “Stop bringing up Nazis and Hitler.” He added that the only people that know about Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime are “the 10 million people and their families who lost their loved ones.”

Moskowitz Refers To Using Nazis As ‘Propaganda’ As ‘Disgusting Behavior’

Moskowitz highlighted that “generations of people were wiped out” during the Holocaust. He then added that “it is enough of this disgusting behavior using Nazis as propaganda.”

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Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD also stated during the same hearing that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was “recycling” Russian propaganda with her claims that Ukraine was a Nazi state.

Jamie Raskin: Greene Says ‘Tax Dollars Are Going To Support Ukrainian Nazis’

Jamie Raskin stated that Marjorie Taylor Greene said, “our tax dollars are going to support Ukrainian Nazis.” Raskin indicated that was “a Putin line, that he’s de-Nazifying Ukraine and that it’s a Nazi state.”

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Raskin added that “it is a liberal democracy committed to equal rights for everybody and human rights.” Jamie also noted that “it has the only Jewish president in the world outside of Israel.”

Raskin: Calling Ukraine ‘A Nazi State Is Such An Affront And An Insult’ To Ukrainians

Raskin added that referring to Ukraine as “a Nazi state is such an affront and an insult to the Ukrainian people.” He also noted that “it’s just a lie.”

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According to Raskin, “we’re hearing a lot of that coming from various Republican members and different sources.” He added that it has escalated to the point where Republican chairmen and “committees like the Foreign Affairs Committee” say that Russian propaganda has “invaded the ranks of the Republican Party.”

Moskowitz Tells Greene: ‘Get Yourself Over To The Holocaust Museum’

Moskowitz suggested that Greene should make a trip to one of the museums in Washington DC she wanted to talk about Nazis – specifically the Holocaust museum.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Florida House of Representatives

He stated that visiting the Holocaust Museum would allow Greene to “see what Nazis did.” He added that “it’s despicable that we use that and we allow it, and we sit here like somehow it’s regular.”

Greene Referenced Militia In Ukraine That Does Have Roots In Nazism

It is true that Greene has made repeat claims about the Nazi regime in the past that have sparked controversy and criticism. However, during this week’s hearing, she was referring to the US media outlets that have covered a specific militia located in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Source: X/front_ukrainian

Further reports have confirmed that the specific militia referenced does have proven, historic roots in Nazism.

Far-Right Azov Brigade Engaged In Battle With Russian Forces

The specific militia, also referred to as the far-right Azov Brigade, has reportedly fought Russian separatists within the region for nearly ten years. Video footage of the attack was posted by NBC News and other media outlets.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Rhododendrites

The militia has generated a lot of controversy in recent years inside even within the boundaries of Ukraine. However, it is important to note that this militia is reportedly not indicative of the Ukrainian military overall.