Mr Kennedy has been quite busy in the past months engaging with different personalities. In his quest to get his name on most states’ ballots, he needs to disclose his Vice as soon as possible.

The Democrat-turned-Independent has a preferential list already. And his top choices are Aaron Rodgers and Jesse Ventura, both public figures.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Selection

RFK Jr. made public a selection of his likely running mates on Tuesday. However, the relentless presidential aspirant has yet to hit the nail on the head on who it is. He disclosed this on Tuesday while delaying the major reveal for the big day.

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Meanwhile, the New York Jets quarterback, Aaron Rodgers is among the top candidates on his list. Inclusive is also the former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, as relayed by the decamped Independent to the press.

The Big Day

From RFK Jr.’s campaign, it’s evident he is withholding the crucial reveal for D-day. On March 26 in Oakland, California, he plans to announce his choice.

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Mr. Kennedy affirms his intentions about his running mate. Regardless of who it is, it’s pretty evident that both have welcomed the overtures. But one thing remains unclear. No one knows if either of the two top candidates has been offered the position yet.

Is RFK Jr. Considering Other Options?

It’s not out of place to assume RFK Jr. might have other prospects in mind. The campaigner according to multiple news outlets remains on the lookout for a shortlist of potential candidates.

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Nevertheless, Mr. Kennedy has been speaking continuously with Mr. Rodgers. He has also been in touch with Mr. Venture since the former governor and wrestler introduced him in a campaign event last month in Arizona.

How Long Does RFK Jr. Have To Choose?

According to his campaign manager, Mr. Kennedy has to choose his vice presidential candidate in the coming weeks. It’s crucial especially since he needs one to apply for the independent ballot in certain states.

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Presently, Kennedy isn’t guaranteed a spot on any state’s ballot. This has compelled some volunteers to garner signatures from every nook and cranny to have the candidate’s name on their state’s Independent ballot.

Rodgers And Venturas’ Responses

Kennedy acknowledges his constant communication with his two top candidates. However, neither has publicly attested to being formally assigned the position. Mr. Rodgers hasn’t made a public statement yet.

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On the contrary, there was a comment from Ventura’s son on Wednesday. In his late email, Tyrel Ventura said, “No one has officially asked Gov. Ventura to be a vice-presidential candidate so the governor does not comment on speculation.”

How Promising Are Kennedy’s Top Choices?

For a candidate who recently became an Independent member, he needs all the pull he can get. For such popular figures as Rodgers and the ex-Minnesota governor Ventura, he’s almost certain of gaining more fans.

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Rodgers is expected to start for the New York Jets this fall. Imagine an NFL athlete and an appointed vice presidential candidate playing actively in the heat of the campaign. Similarly, the involvement of Ventura is a massive star addition for the outsider bid RFK Jr. seeks.

More On Kennedy’s Relationship With Rodgers and Ventura

Mr. Kennedy has been very open about the intentions he has with his top 2 selects. Recently, he posted a video on his social media where he was hiking with Rodgers.

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Also, Ventura, who was a wrestler turned politician, made a special appearance last month at his Arizona campaign rally. It’s a “let’s see!” moment as we all await who clinches Kennedy’s second spot.

The Common Ground

More than being just friends, the trio share some convictions. Perhaps, this is the foundation of their relationship to start with. Kennedy has an affinity for sticking with debunked claims. So is Ventura and Rodgers.

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In the past, Rodgers has once spoken incorrectly about the harmful effects of COVID-19 vaccines. Likewise, Ventura has also propagated several conspiracy theories about the renowned 9/11 attack.

Comment From Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe seems to have a few facts on the topic. As it stands, Kennedy has also reached out to the “Dirty Jobs” host.

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The podcaster appears a little deterrent from sharing details with the press. From his words, he thinks it’s inappropriate to do so especially since RFK Jr. has made his selection and has set a date to officially announce his running mate.

What To Know About Rowe’s Conversation With Kennedy

Rowe left the press correspondence with subtle hints about his conversation with RFK. He said they met weeks back and had several productive discourses about the future of the country.

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They spoke mainly about the mikeroweWORKS Foundation and their mutual interest in reinvigorating skilled trades. While Kennedy was complimentary of his effort, Rowe admitted he would be happy to work with him regarding closing America’s skill gap.

Kennedy’s Campaign Challenge

Presently, RFK Jr. faces a huge dilemma with his presidency pursuit. He’s not assured of the likelihood of being on any ballot in most places. This is because he’s a candidate running outside an established party.

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As a remedy, tons of volunteers have dispersed themselves across the country. The assignment is simple. They need as many signatures as possible to turn this whole situation for the better.

Progress With The Signatures

Despite the painstaking job of seeking signatures from Kennedy’s supporters, it’s a seemingly slow process. As it stands, the Independent aspirant only has his name on one state’s ballot, Utah.

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Conversely, the campaign committee states that it has hit the signature threshold in some other states. Including Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

Comment From A Pro-Kennedy Super PAC

A pro-Kennedy super PAC has also admitted it has acquired enough signatures to put him on key swing states’ ballots. These States include Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia.

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The Democratic National Committee has however filed a complaint with the Federal Electoral Commission. The claim is that the efforts amount to coordination with the campaign which is tagged illegal. The political action committee vehemently denied this accusation.