Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Has decided to participate in the 2024 presidential election. He mentioned this while giving a speech in New Hampshire. And on the 9th of October 2023, RFK Jr. announced that he was running as an independent candidate.

In a bid to put himself out there, RFK Jr. has decided to look further into the deadly event that occurred on the 6th of January 2021. To RKF, he’d like to believe just like every other reasonable person that the attack wasn’t a true insurrection. 

What Happened On January 6th? 

January 6th, 2021, has been a memorable day in the history of the United States. This event took place during the certification process of the 2020 presidential election of the United States.

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During this event, a large group of individuals, most of whom were referred to as Donald Trump’s supporters, violently stormed into the United States Capitol building breaching the building’s security barriers. 

An Effort To Overturn The Events Of The Election 

The attack on the capitol building occurred because of those individuals who believed that the 2020 election wasn’t properly conducted. This was an attempt to overturn the election.

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This crazy event ended up resulting in a disaster. These individuals destroyed windows and offices, a lot of people lost their lives, and hundreds of people got arrested. Lawmakers and workers had no choice but to run for their lives and seek shelter. It was a chaotic situation. 

President Donald Trump’s Delusions Encouraged It 

Everyone understood that this situation started from something that looked like a protest. Trump supporters were not happy that their candidate lost and they were ready to voice out their displeasure. However, this protest quickly turned into something dangerous, a riot!

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People believe that all of this happened because of Donald Trump’s delusions, the ex-president believed that the election was stolen from him. Since the event stemmed from Trump’s delusions which he fed to his followers, people believe that what happened at the Capitol was an insurrection and not just a riot. 

Several Individuals Have Been Charged For Participating 

Reports have it that several people who participated in the riot have been charged with various offenses. At least 1000 people have been charged by the federal prosecutors. 

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More than four members of the popular Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys Militia Groups were charged and found guilty of trying to disrupt the country’s successful transfer of power. 

Reasonable People Found Little To No Evidence Of Insurrection 

A few days after the attack, the angry House of Representatives tried to vote for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, believing that he had encouraged the attack which they considered as an insurrection.

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However, reasonable-thinking individuals didn’t buy this idea. Even Trump’s opponents mentioned that nothing from the attack pointed out that it was an insurrection. Although Kennedy wasn’t able to get a good look at the evidence of the attack he’d like to support them. 

The Rioters Had No Weapons 

Initially when Kennedy spoke about the event he mentioned that the rioters were not armed during the Capitol attack. However, Kennedy was quick to retract his statement.

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He mentioned that, following the event there have been countless arrests and convictions of individuals who were part of the mob mainly because they were caught with weapons. 

An Attempt To Use The Event For Political Gains 

Kennedy went ahead to accuse members of both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. To him, both parties were only using the Capitol Attack to further divide the country. 

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Kennedy also raised his doubts about how intense the prosecution of those who participated in the Capitol attack was. He wants to know if this is in a bid to pursue Justice or if it’s an effort driven by political gains. 

Judges Overseeing The Capitol Attack Cases Respond 

This accusation wasn’t only aimed at the prosecution, it also referred to those judges who have been appointed to rule over the Capitol case. They have also been accused of making decisions based on their political gains.

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However, these judges have tried to clear every misconception. They have made it known that regardless of their political affiliation they are rejecting every claim that suggests that their actions in the courtroom were motivated by political considerations. 

Kennedy Might Agree With Trump 

While Kennedy was commenting on the Capitol attack you can’t help noticing a slight resemblance between his comments and Ex-president Donald Trump’s rhetoric regarding the 2020 Capitol attack.

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When it all happened, Donald Trump referred to those who were being charged for participating in the Capitol attack as Hostages. He believes that they were all unfairly targeted and treated by the government. And it’s safe to say that Kennedy feels the same way. 

Kennedy Made A Proposal 

Kennedy has proposed an attempt to get to the root of this Capitol attack. He added that if he were to become the president of America he’d immediately appoint a special counsel who isn’t affiliated to any political party or ideology.

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This special counsel will get to the root of all the errors that might have occurred and will also investigate if any point of political motivations influenced the way this case was handled. 

Joe Biden Might Be A Greater Threat To Democracy 

Kennedy’s observation about the Capitol attack of 2020 and how it was just a riot and not an insurrection came just a few days after he mentioned that Joe Biden might not be the perfect choice for the 2024 presidential election.

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He mentioned that to him the current president of America,  Joe Biden poses a bigger threat to United States Democracy than former President Donald Trump. 

The Democratic National Committee Didn’t Take This Statement Likely 

The Democratic National Committee wasn’t in any way pleased with Kennedy’s statement. They actively condemned Kennedy.

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In a statement they released on Friday, the DNC made it clear that there’s no way to justify the actions of the violent attackers who attacked police officers and also made attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. 

Kennedy Is Ready To Challenge Donald Trump And Joe Biden In The 2024 Elections 

Kennedy has boldly declared his intention to run for president of America. He’ll be going up against both Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

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The independent third-party candidate is claiming that he has collected enough signatures that would qualify him to be on the ballot in at least six states. Although Kennedy says six, only Utah has confirmed his ballot for the coming presidential election.