Fentanyl is a big problem in the United States. The majority of overdose cases involve this potent drug. How many deaths? Approximately 90 percent. Also, most people believe this harmful opioid enters the US through immigrants. But recent research shows the opposite.

Recent news from the Drug Enforcement Agency reveals shocking information. Fentanyl enters the US through Americans smuggling it. This contrasts with the previous belief that Mexicans sneak it into the country. Read on for more details about this report.

The Problem Of Fentanyl In The United States

Drugs are prevalent in the United States. But Fentanyl plays a significant role. In fact, it accounts for 90% of drug-related deaths since opioids have just recently become more available.

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It’s also worth noting that Fentanyl is highly addictive. Studies show that it’s 50 and 100 times more potent than heroin. It’s even more powerful than prescription opioids due to its potency.

Stopping The Production And Distribution Of Fentanyl

The government is aware of the dangers of Fentanyl. Sadly, ending the production and distribution is tricky. Why? Because the criminal networks responsible for making and selling Fentanyl are hard to pin down.

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However, the Drug Enforcement Administration has identified the primary sources of Fentanyl. It’s mainly created in Mexico. This has led many to believe that illegal immigrants are responsible for the Fentanyl in the US. But is this true?

‘Illegal Immigrants Are Poisoning This Country’ – Vance

A large number of Americans blame illegal immigrants for the Fentanyl problem. An NPR-Ipsos poll shared more insight on how many. Approximately 39 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of Republicans.

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Even .S. Sen. J.D. Vance supports this belief. He said: “Illegal immigrants are poisoning the blood of this country, which is objectively and true to anybody who looks at the statistics about fentanyl overdoses.”

Americans Are Responsible For Smuggling Fentanyl

Half the country blames Mexicans for this criminal activity, but it might not actually be them. Recently, Customs and Border Patrol officers ended three separate attempts to smuggle fentanyl. Surprisingly, none were illegal migrants.

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These three included a 20-year-old who hid 37 pounds of Fentanyl in a spare tire. A 45-year-old woman who stuffed 0.29 pounds in her private region. The last one was 26 years old, concealing 0.16 pounds. All were Americans.

90% Of Smugglers Are Americans

This discovery challenged the MAGA narrative. None of the arrested Smugglers were immigrants. They were all US citizens despite the assumption that Mexicans bring the illegal drug to the US.

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Surprisingly, 90 percent of smugglers arrested for fentanyl were American. Essentially, Mexicans seeking asylum in the US have little to no history of smuggling opioids. This untrue stereotype contributes to the violence Mexicans experience in the US.

Cartels Hire Americans

Recent evidence shows that Mexican immigrants aren’t responsible for the Fentanyl problem. Nevertheless, the drugs still come from Mexico. How? Reports indicate that the cartels hire primary US citizens.

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These citizens agree to take the drugs and “poison the blood of the country.” Additionally, Americans are less likely to attract scrutiny when crossing into the US. This is why almost all people sentenced for drug trafficking are from the United States.

Americans Fund Fentanyl Smuggling

Revelation on how Americans are responsible for the Fentanyl problem attracted comments from many. Some people also presented data on how Americans also fund the Smuggling. For example, 99% of Fentanyl users in America are US citizens.

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People commented on how Americans blame Mexicans for the Fentanyl crisis. However, these same people spend thousands of dollars paying for the product. While drug addiction takes professional help to stop, shifting all the blame to Mexicans is “irresponsible.”

Right-wing Figures Don’t Care About The Facts

Despite reports showing that they smuggle more fentanyl, right-wingers don’t care. These politicians still pin the fentanyl crisis on Mexicans. House Speaker Mike Johnson is one of such conservatives.

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He recently spoke about fentanyl being the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18 to 46. He said: “In Slidell, Louisiana, just last week, a precious 2-year-old child was found dead in her home with fentanyl in her system…Moms and dads, brothers and grandmothers, all of us are losing loved ones.”

Blaming Mexicans Doesn’t Solve The Problem

House Speaker Mike Johnson is passionate about the Fentanyl problem. Sadly, he fails to acknowledge that Mexicans are innocent. Refusing to recognize this reality makes it harder to address it at the root cause.

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This doesn’t only involve him. Other MAGA Americans blame immigrants for the Fentanyl problem. Some people argue this hatred is to make them appear a menace. Therefore, Trump’s chances at the polls may rise.

Is There A Solution?

While everyone fights over who’s responsible for the Fentanyl, there’s one crucial question. How do we fix the problem?! David Luckey, a senior international and defense researcher at RAND, gave his opinion.

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He suggests focusing on stopping supply. According to Luckey: “Every 55-gallon drum of precursor chemicals that we can prevent from being shipped from China to Mexico stops millions of potentially lethal doses at the user level.”

Immigrants Are Innocent, But Does That Help?

Reports show that most Smuggling arrests for fentanyl were on Americans. These citizens help cartels smuggle the drug into the country since they face less scrutiny. This news takes the blame on Mexicans, but does it help the issue?

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This news allows customer officers to focus their efforts away from Mexicans and Americans. This may see more arrests and fewer drugs in America. However, David Luckey recommends stopping raw materials from reaching Mexico. It’s easier to control one gallon of precursor chemicals than to prevent millions of doses.