There are a lot of people who want to get into the United States. The border in Texas is a focal point because many people cross there illegally. The so-called border crisis is one that’s been ramping up for awhile and now Republican governors are taking action.

What’s Happening At The Southern Border?

There is unprecedented activity at the Southern border of the United States. In 2023, approximately 2.5 million people crossed the border. Many of those were here legally, but some were not. It’s the latter that are causing a problem.

Source: Flickr/U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Border crossing in Texas, Arizona, and Southern California see the most activity. The high flow of traffic across the border has strained federal and state resources. The issue of illegal immigration has been a pressing one for many years.

What Is The Biden Administration Doing To Secure The Border?

One of the biggest criticisms of President Joe Biden is that he hasn’t done enough to secure the Southern border. There are federal laws in place that prohibit people from entering the U.S. without permission. Refugee status or a visa are the two most common permissions.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/The White House

In December of 2023, President Biden met with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. At that meeting he expressed the need for Mexico to do its part in stemming illegal immigration. The Mexican leader agreed but little has been done to improve the situation.

Red States Are Rebelling

Former President Donald Trump made border security a campaign issue in 2016 and 2020, and he’s doing so again this year. He promised to build a border wall, but that’s a promise he never kept. He also made a habit of demonizing illegal immigrants, even though most are peaceful.

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In states that the former President won, most of which are led by Republican governors, there’s an outcry to improve border security. Many of these so-called red states are rebelling against the Biden administration by sending National Guard troops to Texas.

What Can National Guard Troops Do To Protect The Border?

You might be wondering what National Guard troops from other states can do to keep the border safe. One of the biggest issues is a lack of personnel to patrol the border and stop illegal entry. In other words, national guards supply manpower.

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In total, Republican states have provided more than 1,000 troops to help secure the border in Texas. These troops are able to spread out along the border. Having more people there makes it easier to support suspicious activity.

Is The Crisis As Bad As Republicans Say?

One of the things that’s hard to determine is how many undocumented immigrants are making it across the border without being stopped. In 2023, Republicans often mentioned the number of people being stopped as proof of a crisis.

Source: WKTV/John Moore

We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that when people are stopped, that’s proof of border security that’s working. It’s when people aren’t stopped that there’s a problem. While exact numbers are difficult to obtain, far more people are being stopped than not.

Which States Have Sent National Guard Troops To Texas?

The good news for Texas is that the Lone Star State doesn’t have to stand alone in preventing illegal immigration. Since 2021, a total of 14 Republican-led states have sent National Guard troops to Texas to patrol the Southern border.

Source: Twitter/Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

These states include Florida, Arkansas, North and South Dakota, Virginia, Wyoming, West Virginia, Nebraska, Idaho, Iowa, Ohio, and Oklahoma. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent over 1,000 troops. Tennessee is the latest state to participate and send troops to the border.

What Does Texas Governor Greg Abbott Say About The Border?

Governor Greg Abbott has been an outspoken opponent of President Joe Biden. He was a supporter of Donald Trump and someone who believes illegal immigration should be a priority for every American and every Texan. He hasn’t held his tongue.

Source: USA Today/Jay Janner

Abbott has described the border situation in Texas as an invasion. His words paint a picture of an invading army, but most immigrants are unarmed families. He has accused the Biden administration of “failing to secure our Southern border.”

Republican Governors’ Joint Statement Of Support

As talk of the border crisis has increased, Republican governors in non-border states have been quick to offer their support. In January of 2024, 25 governors issued a joint statement of solidarity to support the right of Texas to protect itself.

Source: WJHL/The Associated Press

The statement said, in part, “We stand in solidarity with our fellow Governor, Greg Abbott, and the State of Texas in utilizing every tool and strategy, including razor wire fences, to secure the border.” As already noted, many governors backed their support with troops.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee On The Border Crisis

Tennessee has been the most recent state to send National Guard troops to Texas. Governor Bill Lee took to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, to announce his decision and express his solidarity with Texas.

Source: Facebook/Gov. Bill Lee

Lee said, “As America faces the most severe border crisis in decades, TN is showing the rest of the country what it means to lead.” The TN National Guard members who will be deployed are serving on a volunteer basis.

Joe Biden: I’ve Done All I Can Do

At the end of January, reporters asked President Joe Biden what he could do to resolve the border crisis. His response angered some, although others pointed out that if Republicans refuse to provide funds, his options are limited.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/White House photo

“I’ve done all I can do. Just give me the power. Give me the border patrol. Give me the people. The judges. Give me the people who can stop this and make it work right.” Republicans have pointed out that current laws must be enforced, but that takes money.

Does The Border Situation Mean We’re Being Invaded?

Invasion is a strong word and one that’s designed to make people fearful. The vast majority of immigrants who come to the United States come legally. Even those who come without documentation mostly want peaceful lives for themselves and their families.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Social Justice – Bruce Emmerling

Even with limited resources, the Border Patrol catches most people who attempt illegal entry into the United States. While it’s undeniable that some get through illegally, the percentage of those who commit crimes or cause problems is small.

Will Deploying The National Guard Help?

Deploying troops to the Southern border may help, But, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that both political parties need to work together to make our country safer. A recent bipartisan immigration bill failed after Donald Trump told Republicans not to vote for it.

Source: Twitter/@Travis_in_Flint

This type of political football isn’t helpful to anybody except Trump. If he or the rest of the GOP wanted meaningful change on immigration, they should have voted for the bill, which would have allowed for controlled border shutdowns and other safety measures.

Will The Border Ever Be Safe?

Many Americans are wondering if the border will ever be safe. It might not be possible to stop all illegal immigration, but it’s clear that improvements are possible if we can stop putting politics above safety and necessary reform measures.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/SGT Joseph Garrison

Republicans might think that compromise is a dirty word. However, it might be the only way to get to any meaningful reform. And even that isn’t possible unless the GOP is willing to put politics aside for a while. That’s unlikely at best.