Donald Trump’s time in office was filled with many embarrassing moments for the country that are hard to remember because there were so many. Here are 15 of the most cringeworthy moments from Trump’s presidency that you likely forgot about over time.

Trump Serves Fast Food Feast At White House Event

When the Clemson Tigers football team visited the White House after winning the 2019 national championship, instead of being served a fancy dinner befitting of national champions, they were given a fast food feast from places like McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

Source: Joyce Boghosian

The football players who had won the national championship were either very disappointed or humored to be served cheap fast food like McDonald’s at such a prestigious White House event, instead of a properly catered meal.

World Leaders Dislike Trump At Tense G7 Summit

At the 2018 G7 Summit, it became very evident through their body language and facial expressions that other world leaders like Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau strongly disliked Trump. They were fed up with his antagonistic hard bargaining style and controversial deals during the gathering.

Source: Flickr

The body language and facial expressions of world leaders such as Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau at the tense 2018 G7 Summit made it abundantly clear they had lost patience with Trump’s overbearing negotiation tactics and disapproved of his adversarial approach.

Trump Dangerously Suggests Injecting Bleach To Cure COVID

One of Trump’s most outrageous and dangerous comments was when he recklessly suggested that people could inject bleach or get sunlight exposure to cure COVID-19. Telling people to inject bleach to fight the virus has to be considered perhaps the most irresponsible statement he made during the pandemic.

Source: Unsplash

Medical experts were incredibly appalled and alarmed when Trump dangerously suggested that injecting bleach or getting sunlight could be options for curing COVID-19. Advising people to inject bleach, which could cause serious harm, was an extremely reckless recommendation from a president during a pandemic.

Trump Laughably Sits In Big Truck For Childish Photo Op

Trump loved posing in a big semi truck for photographs since he was obsessed with trucks. The ridiculous pictures of him in the truck cabin were even turned into a joke of a picture book parody.

Source: Flickr

Since Trump was obsessed with big trucks, he joyfully took photos sitting in a semi-truck cabin, which made him look overly excited about such a childish activity. The laughable photos were turned into a joke picture book parody, revealing the stunt to be silly rather than substantial.

Trump Removes Mask After COVID Hospital Stay, Undermining Public Health

Even though Trump had just been hospitalized for COVID-19, upon returning to the White House, he dramatically removed his mask and smiled with a thumbs up. This sent a mixed message that countered public health advice.

Source: Flickr

Trump’s dramatic removal of his face mask with a smile and two thumbs up while posing at the White House shortly after being hospitalized with COVID-19 sent a mixed and dangerous public health message. This contradictory behavior following his coronavirus hospital stay undermined the strong advice that masks should be worn.

Trump Gives American Flag an Awkward Hug And Kiss

During a speaking event, Trump hugged and kissed an American flag in an awkward, uncomfortable embrace. The seemingly forced interaction made viewers cringe.

Source: Flickr/ Mike Licht

Trump’s hugging and kissing of an American flag during an event came across as an awkward, forced interaction instead of a natural, genuine display of patriotism. The uncomfortable embrace made viewers cringe and appeared to be just another political photo opportunity.

Trump Offensively Tosses Paper Towels At Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims

After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, Trump arrogantly tossed rolls of paper towels into the crowd as if shooting basketballs. This stunt was highly insensitive to the suffering victims.

Source: ABC10

When Trump childishly threw rolls of paper towels into the crowd as if casually shooting basketballs during his visit to Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, it displayed a high level of insensitivity to people in urgent need of real disaster relief.

Trump Tweets Bizarre Gibberish “Covfefe” In Midnight Gaffe

In a likely smartphone autocorrect fail, Trump tweeted the nonsensical word “covfefe” in a midnight Twitter message full of typos. The gibberish tweet quickly went viral and became a global joke.

Source: Flickr/ Leah Millis

When Trump tweeted out the incoherent gibberish word “covfefe” after midnight in a Twitter message riddled with typos, it revealed even the leader of the free world fails to proofread for errors. The baffling midnight tweet quickly went viral and became a joke heard around the world.

Trump Gives Rambling, Inappropriate Speech To Boy Scouts

During a speech at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree, Trump rambled on inappropriately about topics like crowd size and adult party boats. This was not a suitable topic for these children.

Source: Flickr/ Trump White House Archived

Trump gave a rambling, inappropriate speech at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree event, where he oddly talked about things like the size of the crowd and his own debaucherous party boat experiences. These were not appropriate subjects to discuss when addressing a large gathering of children.

Trump Appears To Amateurishly Alter Hurricane Map With Sharpie

Trump displayed a hurricane forecast map that seemed to have been clumsily altered with a black Sharpie marker to match his inaccurate claims about the storm’s trajectory.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

When Trump showed an official weather map that had seemingly been crudely altered with a black Sharpie marker to incorrectly extend the hurricane’s trajectory in alignment with his false claims, it damaged scientific credibility and looked foolish.

Trump Uses Scotch Tape To Haphazardly Hold His Tie In Place

In a display of shabby grooming, Trump used Scotch tape to clumsily attach his necktie rather than using a proper tie clip or knot. The amateur style made him look absurd.

Source: Unsplash

Trump displayed sloppy grooming when he used Scotch tape to precariously hold his necktie in place, rather than properly knotting or clipping it neatly like someone in his high position should do. The amateurish taping job made him look foolish.

Awkward Trump Handshake With World Leaders Captured In ASEAN Summit Photo

In a photo of the ASEAN Summit, Trump can be seen engaged in an incredibly awkward handshake with two world leaders that encapsulates his frequent social ineptitude.

Source: Adobe Stock

Trump was captured in an embarrassing ASEAN Summit photo awkwardly shaking hands with two world leaders in a way that perfectly exemplified the uncomfortable social interactions he often created with foreign dignitaries while representing America on the world stage.

Trump Poses With World Leaders At Summit, Looking Like An Outsider

In a photo with other world leaders at an ASEAN Summit, Trump’s facial expression and posture made him appear disconnected and like the odd man out of the group.

Source: Wikipedia

Trump had an uncomfortable, outsider presence in photos posing with world leaders at an ASEAN Summit. His odd facial expressions and posture alongside statesmen like the leaders of Vietnam and the Philippines made Trump seem like he didn’t fit in.

Lawn Worker Ignores Eager Trump’s Attempt To Chat While Mowing

In an embarrassing moment, a White House lawn worker completely ignored Trump’s overt attempts to converse with him while he continued mowing the grass unimpressed.

Source: Flickr

While mowing the White House lawn, a worker awkwardly rebuffed Trump’s eager attempts to chat with him as he worked, making it clear he had no interest in conversing with the President. Trump’s unsuccessful effort to talk to the disinterested employee was a hilarious embarrassment.

Trump Looks Incompetent Tossing Baseball With Mariano Rivera

Trump looked incapable of trying to play catch with former Yankees star pitcher Mariano Rivera, revealing the President’s lack of skill at America’s favorite pastime.


Despite baseball being America’s beloved sport, Trump still incompetently struggled to simply toss a ball back and forth with legendary Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera when they played catch on the White House lawn.

Trump Frequently Created Cringeworthy, Undignified Moments

Trump routinely created awkward moments unbecoming of the presidency, from altering maps to inappropriate speeches, that embarrassed himself and the country.

Source: Unsplash/ Darren Halstead

Unlike most presidents who conduct themselves with seriousness and dignity, Trump frequently generated cringeworthy instances like giving slurred speeches or improperly altering weather maps that were inappropriate for the highest office in the land.

Many Blunders Will Define Trump’s Problematic Legacy

Trump’s presidential legacy will be characterized as much by his blunders as his policies. The constant embarrassing missteps provided endless fodder for late-night television humor.

Source: Unsplash

In addition to his political agenda, Trump’s legacy as president will be defined by the sheer volume of cringeworthy blunders he accumulated, from altering maps to making disturbing comments. These constant embarrassing antics provided endless joke material for late-night television.

Trump Damaged America’s Global Reputation With His Buffoonery

Trump’s frequent embarrassing missteps during his presidency damaged America’s reputation and prestige around the world.

Source: Adobe Stock

The unpresidential buffoonery displayed by Trump during his presidency diminished America’s standing on the world stage. His awkward and undignified conduct caused allies to cringe in embarrassment and adversaries to ridicule the nation.