Usually, you’ll see people use the term “three strikes you’re out” in basketball games but today we have Larry Kudlow telling Joe Biden that he has reached the limit. Kudlow says it’s count three and Joe Biden should face the consequences of his actions.

It’s just a new week and Joe Biden has found himself in the headlines of three solid news stories. And to make matters worse, his actions regarding these news stories have all been perceived negatively. 

The Prosecution’s Opening Statement Was Delivered By Biden’s Ally

The prosecution has been doing everything to make sure that Trump faces the consequences of his actions and finally, his court case has kicked off. However, it seems that the case has kicked off on the wrong note causing public debate. 

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Matthew Colangelo gave the opening witness for the prosecution and this has been a major cause of concern for the general public. How is it that someone who has previously held a significant position within Joe Biden’s Judicial department is one of those actively engaged in putting Trump behind bars? 

This Shows Joe Biden Is Involved 

Now this is where everything gets interesting. The involvement of Matthew Colango demonstrates a level of connection between Joe Biden, the White House, and even the Judicial Department.

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With Colango’s opening statement and the Rumored involvement of the president, he might never beat the allegations of trying to make sure Donald Trump is out of the way during the 2024 presidential election. 

The Department Of Justice And Federal Election Commission Initially Refused To Prosecute 

Shockingly, when it all started the Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission all refused the request to prosecute former President Donald Trump so it is shocking that Matthew Colango took the opening statement for the prosecution. 

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Now, the involvement of Matthew has made things clearer. Only Joe Biden can make the Department of Justice change its mind. This now shows that the president is significantly involved in the prosecution of proceedings of Donald Trump. 

What Exactly Does Illegal Mean? 

Kudlow is not impressed with how the word illegal is being thrown around. He went ahead to question the illegality of nondisclosure agreements and also spoke on how it’s such a common practice. 

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Kudlow also commented on Donald Trump and his campaign. He’s surprised that this simple act of campaigning has been termed illegal by the opposition party as they insinuate that Trump is trying to influence the election. 

Biden Is Trying To Prevent Trump From Campaigning

Kudlow is extremely concerned about Biden’s interest in Donald Trump’s election campaigns. To Kudlow, there’s a huge difference between just campaigning and deliberately interfering with the election process, and that right there is not acceptable. 

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President Joe Biden’s alleged attempts at making sure former President Donald Trump doesn’t participate in any political campaign is crazy and there’s nothing okay about that. 

There’s A Gag Order On Trump 

There’s also something wrong about the gag order placed on Donald Trump. The former president has been prohibited from discussing or commenting on any issues that concern Micheal Cohen and Stormy Daniels. 

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What’s annoying is that although Trump is not allowed to speak about them, these two individuals have continued to speak negatively about him in public and no one is saying anything. 

Strike One For Joe Biden 

Micheal Cohens is a habitual liar and he’s been untruthful in multiple situations.

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Stormy is no different, that lady owes former president Donald Trump a huge amount of money and he’s still not allowed to talk about her while she freely criticizes him in public. The entire situation surrounding Trump’s legal battle and Biden’s alleged involvement has earned him one point and with just two more he’s out! 

Strike Two: Joe Biden’s Response To AntiSemitic Campus Riots 

And for Biden’s second strike, it’s about his response to the antisemitic campus riot that occurred on university campuses( Yale and Columbia). The president has done nothing but show concern toward the Jewish students who were targeted. 

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Well, while Biden’s sympathy is appreciated, that’s not what is needed at this crucial moment. The president is supposed to be taking serious action against actions concerning antisemitic hate crimes and hate speeches. 

Biden Needs To Force Change But He’s Not Doing It! 

Yale University and Columbia University are both guilty of committing antisemitic hate crimes and making hate speech and most of these cases are caused by popular Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies.

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To make matters worse, Biden is known to be a DEI policy supporter, the president knows what to do! He knows that those in charge of these universities need to be forced to enforce changes but he has refused to for reasons known to him. 

Strike Three: Biden Investment In A Climate Change Solar Slush Fund

According to Kudlow, the president has exhausted his opportunity to correct his wrongs, instead, he’s making more mistakes. Instead of focusing on other pressing issues, the president has decided to allocate $7 billion towards climate change. 

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This is just a part of Biden’s Green New Deal Climate Bank ATM initiative. He’s aiming to address environmental concerns through the government investment fund.

Who Cares About Climate Change? 

Most Americans do not care about climate change. They’d rather see him focus on the pressing issues affecting the whole country. 

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A survey was released and it captured the mind of Americans and what they want Biden to fix. 55% of them are concerned about inflation, 53% about crimes and violence, 44% worry about immigration, and only 37% worry about climate change. 

Immigration Should Be Bidens Real Concern 

According to the News reported by the Wall Street Journal, President Biden has allocated about $1 trillion just to fight climate change.

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The journal also confirmed that voters are more concerned about issues of inflation and immigration. A survey from about seven swing states has confirmed that 25% are more concerned about the country’s economy, 22% about immigration, 13% about inflation, 10% about abortion, and just 2% care about Biden’s climate change.

Three Strikes And You’re Out Joe! 

Kudlow believes that Biden’s attitude towards handling the issue concerning Donald’s Trial, the antisemitic campus riots, and spending a huge amount on what’s not a priority has led to a loss of confidence among Americans.

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To Kudlow, Biden’s shortcomings have reached a critical point where he’s no longer viewed favorably among American citizens. And since it’s the third strike already, Joe is out!