Donald Trump reportedly still plans to remove all federal funds from the public schools that require masks or vaccines in the U.S. if he becomes president again. He first started to reference this campaign promise last year, but apparently highlighted it again during a recent campaign event in Virginia.

Former House Rep Claims ‘Trump Would Take Millions In Federal Funds Away

Former Rep. Barbara Comstock posted on social media that Trump made the controversial statement during an event in Richmond. According to Comstock, Trump stated that he would “take all federal funds away from public schools that require vaccines.”

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Comstock further explained that Virginia currently requires the chickenpox vaccine, polio vaccine, MMR vaccine, and others. This means that Trump would “take millions in federal funds away from all Virginia public schools” if elected to be the next president.

Former Federal Prosecutor Indicates Trump May ‘Want Americans To Be Sickened

Shan Wu, a former prosecutor, responded to Comstock’s social media post on Sunday regarding Trump and his advisors. In Wu’s opinion, “it’s almost like Trump and his advisors want Americans to be sickened from disease.”

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Shan Wu worked as a federal prosecutor for over a decade. He also served as Counsel to the Attorney General and worked as a liaison to the DEA, FBI and National Institute of Justice. Wu currently works for a law firm based in Washington, DC that focuses on such practice areas as college student and white-collar defense.

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney States ‘This Should Be A Five-Alarm Fire’

Elizabeth de la Vega, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, added to the discussion by claiming “this should be a five-alarm fire.” She further explained that the polio vaccine could have prevented her 13-year-old brother from spending “a year on his back because of polio” in 1955.

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She also referenced her high school English teacher that “walked with arm braces” and “dragged his legs” since he had polio years before the vaccine was widely administered as well. According to de la Vega, “this is the world Trump wants.”

Former ‘Tea Party’ Republican Says Trump’s ‘Ignorance Is An Infection

Denver Riggleman, a past “Tea Party” Republican, added to the ongoing discussion by surmising that “Trump cares for all children about as much as he cares for his own.” He added that Trump’s “ignorance is an infection that needs its own vaccine.”

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Riggleman served a single term within the U.S. House of Representatives on behalf of the 5th Congressional District of Virginia from 2019 to 2021. He is also known for co-authoring the book The Breach, which focused on the work he did as part of the U.S. House Select Committee regarding the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Emmy-Winning Actor Claims Removing Federal Funds Is ‘Truly Psychopathic

Actor Jon Cryer commented on the purported plan to remove federal funds from public schools with vaccine or mask requirements as “truly psychopathic.” The Emmy-winning actor and former Two and a Half Men star added that it would be “difficult to overstate how disastrous this policy would be if enacted.”

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This is not the first time that Cryer’s comments about Trump have generated a lot of buzz online. He addressed Trump supporters in November 2020 when he stated that the former U.S. president “betrayed you completely” and that they “deserved better than him.”

Cryer Once Compared Donald Trump To Charlie Sheen

During a televised interview in April 2016, Cryer said that “there was an interesting overlap” between Donald Trump and his former co-star Charlie Sheen. The longtime actor discussed the presidential race leading up to the 2016 election with the hosts of the show, The Real.

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Cryer further explained that Trump was “willing to just say whatever foolishness comes to the top of his head.” He referred to it as “much foolishness” that was “fascinating to watch” but that the U.S. president should not be selected “based on entertainment value.”

Trump First Discussed His Plan During Iowa Campaign Event

Trump first discussed this plans to remove federal funding during the first visit made to Iowa during his election campaign for the 2024 presidential race. He stated that it “must be done to save our country from destruction.”

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In addition to the federal funding issue, he also referenced the concept of universal school choice and curriculum changes for American schools. Trump even added school principal elections and the overhaul of the US Department of Education as part of this proposed plans.

Trump Stated He ‘Will Fight To Expand’ Parental Rights In Every U.S. School System

According to USA Today, Trump also discussed parental rights within the school system during the same campaign event in Iowa. He reportedly stated that he plans to “fight to expand” parental rights into the school systems in “every single state in America.”

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For instance, Trump wants schools to notify the parents of their students “if a teacher or other school employee” modifies a student’s “name, pronouns, or understanding of his or her gender.” Some critics and organizations have interpreted this plan as forcing schools to essentially out their LGBTQIA+ children to their parents.

Trump Opposed ‘Transgender Insanity’, Mocked Transgendered Athletes

Trump referenced the “transgender insanity” that he believes schools are pushing onto children at a campaign event last month in South Carolina. According to the Associated Press, thousands of attendees roared when he promised to make these federal funding cuts on “Day 1” if elected to be president again.

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Donald also mocked transgender athletes when he said, “I will keep men out of women’s sports.” He prefaced his comment by saying, “I can’t even believe I have to say it, but I do have to say it.” Trump has repeatedly mocked and targeted transgender people of all ages during his campaign events.

Trump Believes Removing ‘Critical Race Theory’ From Schools Is Vital

Donald Trump was blunt about his feelings on the subject of “critical race theory” during an event in March 2022. He stated that “getting critical race theory out of our schools” is “a matter of values” and “a matter of national survival.”

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Trump further explained that “the fate of any nation ultimately depends upon the willingness of its citizens to lay down…their very lives to defend their country.” He added that the allowance of “Marxists and Communists and Socialists” to teach children to hate America, there would be “no one left to defend our flag or protect our great country or its freedom.”

Trump Wants Parents To ‘Be Allowed To Vote To Fire’ School Principals

Trump spoke directly about school principals and parental involvement in their positions during a speech in June in Philadelphia. Trump was speaking directly to the attendees of the Moms for Liberty Joyful Warriors Summit when he covered the topic.

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Trump explained that if a school has a “bad principal that’s not getting the job done,” then the Trump administration would allow parents to “be allowed to vote to fire that principal.” According to Trump, that would “be the ultimate form of local control.”

Trump To Offer ‘Massive Funding Preferences’ To Schools With Principal Elections

The former U.S. president argued that the enforcement of principal elections would allow parents to take schools back. According to Trump, they would no longer be controlled by “radical Marxist maniacs.”

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Trump also added that there would be “massive funding preferences” implemented and “favorable treatment” for the school systems and states that decided to adopt principal elections.

Principal Elections Would Likely Be ‘Flawed And Impractical’, ‘Dangerous’

Education Week reportedly investigated principal elections further. However, according to education policy experts, the concept is “flawed and impractical” in a best-case scenario.

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The media outlet added that principal elections would be “dangerous” in a worst-case scenario, according to education policy experts. It would also be a tedious task for Trump to try to enforce such a drastic change on a local level for U.S. schools.

Trump Proposes Several Other Key Changes To U.S. Schools

The removal of critical race theory and federal funds for certain schools were just part of an extensive list of changes that Trump wants to make within the school system. For instance, he also wants to abolish teacher tenure and adopt merit pay opportunities for teachers.

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In addition, he wants to reduce the number of administrators – specifically the ones focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Trump reportedly wants to create a bill of rights for parents that features curriculum transparency as well.