Right from the beginning of Biden’s Administration, there have been a lot of conspiracies and theories about who’s actually pulling the strings in the White House. The right-wing conspiracy about Biden being nothing but a virtual stand-in has been in the headlines for a long time.

To them, for all that matters, President Joe Biden might just be in power while other strong Democrats control the country behind the scenes. And now, Tulsi Gabbard is implying that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the ones running the government.

The United State’s President Is A Figure Head 

Imagine publicly stating that the head of state of government of the United States of America, someone who is responsible for executing and commanding the military is nothing but a figurehead.

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Several individuals have come together to cook up stories suggesting that President Biden merely occupies the position of the president without possessing decision-making powers. They argue that the country is being controlled by unelected democratic figures.

Donald Trump Believes Barack Obama Is Still In Power

In 2023, Former President Donald Trump explicitly spoke about how he loved that Barack Obama was still in the government scene. Trump was on this assertion for weeks and he had solid reasons to believe that Obama was still in control of the White House.

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If you don’t remember, Biden served as vice president for eight years during Barack Obama’s administration. And to Trump, Obama hasn’t let go of the grips he had on Biden and he is now allowing him to control the country behind the curtain.

There Was A Similar Conspiracy In 2020

You’ll be shocked to know that Former President Donald Trump wasn’t the first to point this out. It’s not a new conspiracy at all. In 2020, a video of Barack Obama on a late-night television show was circulating online.

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On this show, he was talking to the host about how he’d have a stand-in in an ideal world. He told Stephen Colbert that all he wants to do is to stay out of the spotlight while his stand-in does all the work while following his orders.

Others Have Also Keyed Into This Assertion

It might sound impossible to say that assertions like this wouldn’t have those who heavily support them. And yes, other people agreed with Donald Trump. And one of them is the former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

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Tulsi Gabbard is a former Democrat who was also supposed to run as vice president for Donald Trump in his second administration.

Tucker Carlson’s Question To Tulsi Gabbard

During the Tucker Carlson Encounter, a show hosted by Tucker Carlson the former FOX News host, where he asked former Democrat and Hawaii representative Tulsi Gabbard what she had to say about the state of leadership in the country.

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While responding to this question, Tulsi didn’t need to think hard and far when she gave a reply to Carlson’s question about her thoughts on the current state of the country and its leadership.

Tulsi Gabbard Spills The Tea To Tucker Carlson

Carlson proceeded to question Tulsi on these issues, asking about who she truly believes is in charge of the government. Carlson added that if it wasn’t Joe Biden then is it Hilary Clinton who has been pulling the strings behind the scenes?

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Tulsi was quick to answer, she said it was nothing too big for anyone to imagine and what Carlson said was true.

Although Barack And Clinton Are No Longer In Power They Still Have A Lot Of Influence

Tulsi In a bid to shed more light on her statement added that, although these individuals are no longer in office, we can not deny that they still have a lot of influence in all the decisions being made in the country.

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Tulsi also pointed out that, if we’re watching closely, individuals who are now working in the Biden administration are those people who were important people during the Barack administration.

Hilary Clinton’s Leading Statement

Just maybe some of the past conversations with these influential people might have led them to believe that they were somehow influencing Biden’s administration from behind the curtain.

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Gabbard recalled a particular statement of Hilary Clinton when she said she was always in touch with the White House every day. This type of statement will only continue to fuel people’s delusions.

Biden’s Close Relationship With Both Obama And Hillary Are Fueled This Conspiracy

The fact that President Biden has a close relationship with former United States President Barack Obama continues to fuel this controversy. His long-lasting relationship with both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton isn’t making things easier.

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To Gabbard, these extremely influential relationships are not just for show. She’s sure that they are somehow using their influence on the United States government.

Biden Is Easily Manipulated

To fuel this conspiracy, they are now relying on the fact that President Biden is a passive, non-autonomous, and easily manipulated person who has no business still being in the political arena.

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It is believed that Joe Biden has lost all credibility of being a political leader. To them, Joe Biden has lost all the strength and cannot get the job done.

This Narrative Has However Suffered A Dent

The previous notion of Biden being a docile, out-of-it, and sleepy leader has now slightly changed following Biden’s speech at the State of the Union address earlier in the month.

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Biden’s feisty State Of the Union address now portrays him to be the exact opposite.

Biden Was Aggressive

President Joe came prepared for the State of the Union address, it was time to put all the side talks aside. He gave a defiant speech, something different from his usual style.

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This attitude came as a surprise to the MAGA Republicans. This solo act of Biden has now made them refer to Biden as someone who is overly aggressive and also amped up.

The State Of The Union Address Will Shut These Conspiracies Down

Whether the speech was aggressive or not, or whether it was taken positively or negatively, one thing is sure and it’s the fact that it has in a way clarified some of the issues the republicans have with him.

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An assertive speech of that nature can never be termed to have been cooked up by some unelected democratic leaders. I mean no one can say Hilary or Barack gave that speech.