California is known for its many attractions. From the famous Hollywood sign to its mesmerizing landscape. It’s also where the famous Silicon Valley is. However, many political experts say it’s heading into a downward spiral.

These commentators blame Gavin Newsom for the state’s decline. Why? His overly progressive policies drive companies away as affluent people relocate. Therefore, the working class suffers as California gradually becomes “a woke nightmare.” Let’s explore the issue further.

Who Is Gavin Newsom?

Gavin Newsom is California’s 40th governor. He’s currently a member of the Democratic Party and was California’s 49th lieutenant governor from 2011 to 2019. Despite being under fire, he’s credited with a few developments.

Source: Wikimedia/Government of California

Governor Newsom signed a law that established Healthy San Francisco. This provides residents with universal health care, irrespective of their social status. He is also credited for creating a policy restricting dangerous dog breeds that harm children. So why is his regime under fire?

Policies That Lead Nowhere

Some claim that Newsom’s regime consists of policies that go nowhere. These unnecessary developments are why California is devolving from its utopia status to a confused state. But how bad is it?

Source: University of California

California has one of the United State’s highest unemployment rates. This gets worse as it also has the highest percentage of people living in poverty. Because of these, many people and companies have packed up and left the state. But, what are the ineffective policies?

Too Much Focus On Climate Change

Political commentators point out that California has an unhealthy obsession with climate policy. Almost every development in California hinges on needing to combat climate change, from housing to energy.

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What’s the result? These policies unfairly put pressure on the working class and minorities. It also creates an increase in energy prices, which destroys employment in many vital industries. These areas include home construction, manufacturing, and logistics.

Failing To Consider The Middle Class

Governor Newsom’s focus on climate may be honorable, but the effects are discouraging. Many experts show that California’s middle class is amongst the country’s highest taxpayers. And that’s not all!

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Housing has become more expensive in California since the government doesn’t prioritize affordable housing. Therefore, the state is now home to seven of the nation’s most expensive housing markets.

Big Companies Are Also Leaving

The world recognizes California as the hub of technological advancements. This is due to the presence of big companies like Apple and Meta that also bring jobs to the middle class. However, things are changing.

Source: Wikimedia/Wil Sinclair

The crumbling economy has forced some of these big establishments to relocate. A report by the Hoover Institution showed that California had only one-seventh of projects done by big companies in 2020. The report becomes even more depressing as it reveals that 352 companies have moved their headquarters out of California.

Free Health Care At Others Expense

Free Health Care has always been a debatable topic. Many support the notion since good health is a human right. However, the biggest problem with this debate is who pays the medical bills. News shows California tried implementing free health care, but people aren’t happy.

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Governor Newsom signed a policy that allows free emergency health care but failed to set an efficient system that handles the cost. It’s also worth noting that this program lets undocumented immigrants access medical help for free. Sadly, the procedure is covered by taxpayers’ money, leading to the middle and working class paying more taxes.

California Has Good Health Laws, But…

Not all policies in California are problematic. For example, unlike other states, California doesn’t have strict abortion laws. So, Women can use this medical procedure without extreme requirements. However, others are worried about its policies on gender changes.

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California currently allows children to change their gender identities without their parent’s approval. This change could include surgery or taking pills with permanent effects. Nevertheless, this policy sparked outrage among parents as they felt the government robbed them of the ability to raise their kids.

Reparations For Slavery

In 2023, California announced it was seeking billions to amend past mistakes. What mistakes? The government wanted to give cash reparation for slavery. This money would go out to descendants of enslaved African Americans.

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However, a poll revealed that people weren’t happy with this decision. Commentators pointed out that California never allowed enslaving people. “So why should we pay for something we never did?” This is one such law that slowly transformed California into a “woke nightmare.”

People Are Leaving, And Less Are Coming In

These flawed policies and their effects result in fewer people wanting to move into California. In the past, California welcomed a net total of 1.7 million people from 2016 to 2017. But now, statistics show that it ranks towards the bottom in attracting new visitors.

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In addition, more people are leaving the state searching for greener pastures. There’s a possibility California will lose a million more people, according to the Department of Finance. This relocation from the state began in 2019 as Governor Newsom started to implement his policies.

Is There Hope For California?

It’s depressing to watch California slowly devolve from its once-envied status. But is there hope for this state? No one knows for now. The governor still finds himself gaining less recognition at the polls and shows no signs of reversing some policies.

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Therefore, it’s expected that the middle and working class will still suffer accommodation and higher taxes. On the other hand, they can follow the trend and leave California like the big companies are doing.

A “Woke Mess” With No Hope In Sight

Once a proud state, California has spiraled into misfortune. Commentators say this results from unnecessary policies by a governor with no clear direction. But is the situation that bad, or are people overreacting?

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So far, companies have moved out of California. People are unwilling to visit the state. Thirty percent of the nation’s homeless population lives there. Taxes are higher, and homes are scarce. People are worried, and there’s no sign of waking up from this “woke nightmare.”