It often doesn’t take long for some things to become universally despised, thus leading to people wanting them banned. In the U.S., Americans have a long list of things they would love to see banned immediately. In fact, these people recently met in an online discussion to reveal everything they think should be made illegal in the country. Let’s see if you agree. 


Fireworks have been a staple of many U.S. celebrations for many people. However, the loud noises they make can be a source of discomfort for many individuals and their pets. 

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Additionally, fireworks come with inherent dangers, in fact they are responsible for thousands 911 calls each year. Because of all these factors many countries are considering banning fireworks for personal use. This would be a welcome change for those who find fireworks disruptive or dangerous.

Bathroom Stalls

Let’s be frank, whoever decided that bathroom stalls required large gaps between the stalls is either plain old lazy or worse a complete pervert. 

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Who would be in opposition to total privacy while using the restroom?

Dark Money Political Donations

Regrettably, Americans find themselves living in a time where legislation can be passed easier if it is attached to a significant donation. 

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Many people are demanding more transparency on this issue. Some believe that politicians should be required to disclose the information of any of their donors who give more than $10,000. 

Plastic Packaging

Maybe the United States could take a cue from Europe’s initiative to ban single-use plastic bags and packaging.  

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The world operated just fine prior to the introduction of plastic packaging, some would say it actually was way better off. 

Child Beauty Pageants

It’s astonishing that child beauty pageants still exist. Enrolling your child in a beauty pageant is the quickest way to cause your child and yourself trauma.  

Source: Unsplash/Ashton Mullins

While adult beauty pageants have their own set of issues, there is an inherent creepiness factor that is tied to children pageants. 

The 24-Hour News Cycle

Contemporary news often feels like nothing more than talking heads that are pushing a quasi-political agenda on an unsuspecting audience. 

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One person made the suggestion that we ban current news practices and return to a time when things were more simplistic. Some feel that the news should only be available in the evening news hour, and not in the morning. 

Gas Station Pump Advertisements

The sudden appearance of loud advertisements on screens while you pump your gas is a relatively new occurrence, but that doesn’t mean people don’t want to ban it. 

Source: Unsplash/Mehluli Hikwa

Drivers are already shelling out their hard earned money for overinflated gas prices, they don’t want overt ads being shoved down their throat at the pump on top of it. 

Social Media

Social media is arguably one of the most addictive things on earth, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many level-headed Americans want to ban social media. 

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Despite this, getting rid of social media is far easier said than done. It would demand the participation of millions of people, essentially training themselves to not be depended on it anymore. 

Loud Commercials

Why do TV stations crank up the sound during their commercials? The noise uptick that is meant to grab your attention should be illegal.  

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The thing they don’t understand is these loud commercials are so offensive that most people just simply turned down the TV, rendering their commercials virtually ineffective. 

Oversized Vehicles

Nobody needs to have a gas-hog that is larger than life and can barely fit in the parking lots of grocery stores. 

Source: Unsplash/Zuka Zurabishvili

Can we all agree these should be banned?

Spam Calls

Is there a single American that wouldn’t vote yes on vetoing spam and telemarketing calls? They are one of the biggest annoyances that society has to deal with. 

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People are tired of blocking numbers and it not yielding an end to the constant calls. 

The 40-Hour Workweek

The traditional five-day workweek, where people labor all day, is an outdated system that desperately needs an overhaul. Many Americans think the United States should follow in the footsteps of other countries and adopt their four-day flexible workweek. 

Source: Unsplash/Christin Hume

As long as productivity doesn’t suffer, it would most likely be a positive for millions of American employees.  

Using Cell Phones At Concerts

People who dish out hundreds of dollars to enjoy a concert end up spending the entire production on their phone and watching it through the lens, instead of being present.  

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People who are excited to see their favorite band want to enjoy the experience through their own eyes rather than on the screens of the hundreds of cell phones that are shoved into their faces. 

Bots Buying Concert Tickets

Fans wait months and months, sometimes even years, for their favorite artist to tour, and the excitement levels go through the roof when tour tickets go on sale. 

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So you can see why it would be extremely frustrating for fans when touts and bots buy up all of the tickets within seconds of them going on sale. 

Not Posting Job Salaries

When scouring the internet for jobs, a person can get extremely overwhelmed, so the last thing they want is a vague salary advertisement. 

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Putting ‘competitive salary’ or ‘salary dependent on experience’ is a bluff for offering poor pay for many expectations.