News just dropped that former State Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham) has turned in his resignation from the Alabama House of Representatives. This letter came shortly after accepting a plea deal in court.

Apparently, the former member of the Alabama House of Representatives was found guilty of committing multiple crimes. These include one count to conspire, commit wire and mail fraud, and obstruct justice.

The Charges Against John Rogers

Rogers finally admitted to the court by pleading guilty to the alleged crimes. His persecutors accused him of conspiring to commit mail and wire fraud while working to also obstruct justice. But why were they after him?

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Well, these charges came from an investigation with the Jefferson County Community Service Fund. Unfortunately for Rogers, the inquiry connected to him, leading to multiple legal battles until he finally pleaded guilty.

Even His Assistant Pleaded Guilty

Before Rogers admitted his wrongdoing in court, his former assistant, Varrie Johnson Kindall, had already confessed. In February 2024, Kindall pleaded guilty to working with Rogers and the former State Rep. Fred L. Plump.

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According to her testimony, the trio conspired to defraud the fund and embezzle as much money as possible. It’s also worth noting that Plump confessed before Kindall and Roger, admitting to conspiracy and obstruction of justice in June 2023.

Why Did They Plead Guilty Instead Of Fight It In Court?

Many situations like these often take months and even years in court as the accused finds ways to avoid the legal repercussions of their actions. So why did Rogers and his accomplices plead guilty so quickly?

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Pleading guilty helps save the court valuable time and money that they could use to handle other valuable cases. As a reward, the accused lowers their chance of receiving a harsher sentence compared to dragging the case for months.

About The Jefferson County Community Service Fund

This story starts with the creation of the Jefferson County Community Service Fund. The county erected this initiative to benefit public welfare and to bring better education to the children of Jefferson County.


Note that this Fund was subsidized by a 1% sales tax, bringing roughly $3.6 million every year to benefit the county. But how did Rogers and his accomplices get wrapped in all this?

They Were Supposed To Allocate The Funds Correctly

Once the Jefferson County Community Service Fund was set, the next step was to form a committee. These four people were tasked with ensuring the funds went to improving parts of the county, including Schools, hospitals, the fire department, and more.

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The problem was each representative, and senator of Jefferson County could make suggestions and alter the committee’s allocation of the funds. This was how Rogers and his associates embezzled the money.

Over $500,000 Was Stolen

When they realized that they could manipulate where the money goes, Rogers, Kindall, and Plump conspired together. The result? Between 2018 and 2022, approximately $500,000 was allocated to Roger’s account.

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Roger directed $400,000 of the stolen funds to Piper Davis, while Roger and Kindall received $ 200,000 from Plump as a kickback. The money kept circulating between the representatives, robbing the community of financial assistance.

What About The Charge For Obstructing Justice?

The county later realized that something wasn’t right with the financial aid to improve the community. So, the city launched a federal investigation to determine where the funds went. As expected, Roger, Kindall, and Plump caught wind of this development.

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To ensure they wouldn’t get into legal trouble, these representatives decided to tamper with the investigation. How? They offered a key witness grant money as a bribe to give false information to federal agents.

Kindall Was Willing To Take The Fall For Her Boss

There was also a second plan in case the bribe was insufficient to persuade the key witness. Allegedly, Kindall agreed to take full responsibility for the embezzlement and tell investigators that Roger was innocent.

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Why would she risk prison for him? Further details show that Rogers will handle some of her personal issues while she pays for the crime in jail. Regardless of the outcome, this agreement led to both parties giving federal agents incorrect details.

They All Lost Their Jobs

Rogers, Kindall, and Plump all lost their prestigious positions after confessing to stealing money from the fund and obstructing justice. In detail: Plump turned in his resignation in 2023 after confessing his crimes.

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A few months later, in March 2024, Rogers was pressed for answers and eventually resigned shortly after confessing. As for Kindall, she worked with Roger as his assistant and companion, meaning she lost her job after Roger left his position.

The Maximum Penalty For This Crime

Several people online are curious if the thieving parties involved will get the maximum sentence for their crime. First of all, the highest punishment for conspiracy to commit wire fraud is 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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As for tampering with a federal investigation, the maximum penalty is $250,000 in fine plus five years in jail. So what did Rogers get for stealing money from the people?

14 Months Of Confinement

For now, there is no confirmed verdict on Rogers’ punishment for embezzling funds. However, federal prosecutors recommend that the 83-year-old Alabama House of Representatives spend 14 months in confinement.

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However, due to his age, the confinement won’t be in federal prison but in his home. Another reason why he may receive such a light sentence is because he admitted to his crime on time instead of dragging it on.

He Will Also Pay Restitution

While the court hasn’t decided Rogers’ punishment, the former representative has agreed to pay $197,950 in restitution as part of the plea deal. This fee is a way for Rogers to compensate for the amount stolen.

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However, some people point out that Rogers should return everything he stole, as he took well over $200,000. However, that’s for the court to decide on July 26, 2024.

What About Plump And Kindall?

For now, there are little to no details on the sentencing of Kindall and Plump. It’s possible they might receive a less harsh sentence because, like Rogers, they confessed on time. However, they will face their punishment.

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Commentators speculate that Kindall and Plump will receive some form of jail time or confinement alongside a hefty fine. However, irrespective of the outcome, they aren’t eligible to work in federal positions due to their grave offense.