A Twitter feud between Democratic Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jared Moskowitz has brought to light the deepening divide within the Democratic Party regarding U.S. foreign policy towards Israel.

The exchange, sparked by differing views on Israel’s recent actions in Gaza, highlights broader ideological tensions within the party. As the rift widens, lawmakers grapple with questions of unity, solidarity, and the future direction of Democratic foreign policy.

Moskowitz and Ocasio-Cortez Clash on Social Media Over U.S. Foreign Aid Package to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan

On Wednesday evening, Democratic Representatives Jared Moskowitz of Florida and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez engaged in a heated exchange on social media.

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The disagreement erupted when Moskowitz, who is Jewish, shared a tweet from Senator Bernie Sanders criticizing the Senate’s approval of a significant foreign aid package to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Sanders had voiced concern over the absence of a vote on his proposed amendment, which aimed to impose conditions on aid to Israel.

Democratic Representatives Accuse Bernie Sanders of Silence on Antisemitism Amidst Social Media Clash

Jared Moskowitz calls out Bernie Sanders for silence on antisemitism concerns amidst social media feud. “Bernie, now do antisemitism,” Moskowitz tweeted. “Why so quiet?”

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Moskowitz’s insinuation was quite evident: Sanders, a fellow Jew who once resided on an Israeli kibbutz, seemed indifferent to the concerns of his fellow Jewish Americans amid their growing apprehension about rising antisemitism.

AOC Defends Sanders Amid Twitter Feud, Condemns Treatment of Jewish Leaders

Ocasio-Cortez came to the defense of Sanders, her political mentor, noting how his family was killed in the Holocaust.

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She stated, ” He and many other Jewish leaders deserve better than to be treated this way. This is shameful,”.

Congressman Moskowitz Fires Back in Twitter Feud Over Aid to Israel and Gaza

In response, Moskowitz tweeted, ‘I too have family members who died in the Holocaust. That’s why I voted to provide aid to Israel and Gaza. We see each other at work. We are both better than doing this here.

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Responding to Ocasio-Cortez, Moskowitz emphasizes his own family’s Holocaust losses and calls for professionalism, urging against public confrontations between colleagues. The exchange shows the personal and emotional stakes involved in discussions surrounding Israel and antisemitism.

Social Media Spat Reveals House Democrats’ Division Amidst Gaza Conflict

Ocasio-Cortez responded by questioning why Moskowitz had liked a tweet from comedian Michael Rapaport telling her to ‘f**k off.’

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The tense Twitter exchange between AOC and Moskowitz underscores the deepening divide within the Democratic Party regarding Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza. As two prominent Democratic figures clash publicly, the party grapples with diverging foreign policy and human rights viewpoints.

Oversight Committee Democrats Lead ‘Truth Squad’ Against GOP’s Impeachment Push

On the Oversight Committee, they are members of what ranking Democrat Jamie Raskin calls the ‘Truth Squad,’ a group of Democrats countering the House GOP’s fruitless impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden.

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Despite being younger than Moskowitz, Ocasio-Cortez, as the second-ranking Democrat under Raskin, has consistently proven herself as the most well-prepared questioner.

Democratic Representatives Moskowitz and AOC Stir Controversy in House Republican Circles

Moskowitz appears to enjoy taunting Republicans, donning a Donald Trump mask during one of the Biden impeachment inquiry hearings and displaying a poster of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein on the day Hunter Biden appeared.

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Moskowitz’s antics, including his habit of wearing blue suits with sneakers, once provoked Republican Chairman James Comer to remark, ‘You look like a Smurf.’ Both Moskowitz and AOC contribute to obstructing the plans of House Republicans.

AOC Commends Peaceful Campus Protests Against Gaza War During Earth Day Appearance

Following the Israel-Hamas conflict, Representatives Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, and Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, joined President Biden for an Earth Day event earlier this week.

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In the event, AOC praised “peaceful, student-led protests against the Gaza war on campuses like Columbia, Yale, Berkeley.”

Democratic Representatives Rally for Jewish Student Safety Amid Campus Protests

 Moskowitz, alongside fellow Jewish Democratic Representatives Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, Dan Goldman of New York, and Kathy Manning of North Carolina, visited Columbia University to advocate for the protection of Jewish students during demonstrations.

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While some Jewish students engage in protests, others voice apprehension over potential antisemitism from pro-Palestinian activists.

Democratic Divide as Moskowitz Backs Israel Aid, Ocasio-Cortez Opposes in Foreign Assistance Vote

Moskowitz and most Democrats voted to authorize aid to Israel in the foreign assistance package, while Ocasio-Cortez opposed aid to Israel but supported assistance for Ukraine and Taiwan.

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The divide within the Jewish community reflects broader disagreements over Israel’s policies and the Palestinian conflict.

Progressive Democrats and Jewish Advocates Reject Israel Aid in Solidarity Vote Against Foreign Assistance Package

The remaining members of the “Squad,” including Jamaal Bowman, Delia Ramirez, Summer Lee, Cori Bush, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib, along with Raskin and Becca Balint, both Jewish and advocating for a Gaza ceasefire, voted against aid to Israel.

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The Democratic Party confronts a looming identity crisis as divisions over Israel deepen. From progressive dissent to moderate support, lawmakers navigate complex political terrain, challenging the party’s cohesion and strategic direction.

Moskowitz and Allies Censure Tlaib Over Gaza Remarks, Raskin Stands Firm in Defense

In November of last year, Moskowitz and Goldman, along with 20 other Democrats, censured Tlaib, the sole Palestinian-American congresswoman, for her comments on Gaza and Israel.

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Conversely, Raskin passionately defended Tlaib, citing his pride as a Jewish American in his specific support for her.

Inside Washington Analysis, Democratic Unity Under Pelosi and Jeffries Triumphs Over GOP Discord

An analysis by Inside Washington noted Republicans are mainly split on tactics despite their cohesion on policy, while Democrats, though differing on policy, generally unite once a consensus is reached.

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Despite the “Dems in Disarray” memes, their unified approach, established under former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and continued by Hakeem Jeffries, has enabled them to overcome Republican obstructionism.

Progressive Squad Member Victorious in Primary Battle Against Pro-Israel Challenger, but Divisions Persist

Lee, a Progressive Squad member representing Pennsylvania, successfully defended her position against a primary challenger supported by Israel backers this week.

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However, her fellow Squad members, including Bowman and Bush, also confront comparable challenges. The absence of any indication of reconciliation within the party persists, according to social media posts.