United States Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and late-night host Stephen Colbert repeated the debunked claim that the House investigated Hunter Biden’s business affairs. The pair claimed his laptop specifically was the result of “Russian propaganda,” a lie that has been thoroughly disproven.

Intelligence agencies

Colbert drew attention to comments made by United States representative Mike Turner (R–GA) advocating for the renewal of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA),

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despite documented cases where intelligence agencies were found to have acted unlawfully.

Colbert Commented

During the interview with Ocasio-Cortez, Colbert commented on the statement,

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“Republican Congressman Mike Turner and Michael McCaul said that Russian propaganda has infected the Republican Party’s base and the Republicans in Congress were repeating Russian propaganda on the House floor. Can I get a witness? Have you seen this?” “And what do you make of that kind of self-accusation.”


Turner argued that concerns about the FISA misuse, including surveillance that was conducted on individuals associated with the Trump campaign,

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January 6 demonstrators, and GOP staff,were merely a product of “Russian propaganda.”


Ocasio-Cortez responded,

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“Yeah, I mean, I think if you turn on any House oversight hearing in the last year, you will see Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert and all these folks engaged in wildly propagandistic rhetoric.”

Serious Matter

She continued,

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“So you have not just the bottom bench here, you have the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Representative Comer, take at quote-unquote evidence and account from someone who was working with the Russian intelligence and tried to impeach and remove the President of the United States over it,” “This is serious.”

Attempt To Impeach

She continued, reiterating the debunked lie,

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“And I mean, even let’s just rewind a second. We just went through an impeachment attempt on the president of the United States that was started with a source that Republicans used that was in communication with Russian intelligence.”

Explosive report

After the New York Post released a report on Hunter Biden’s laptop, uncovering emails that detailed financial interrelations with foreign individuals from China, Ukraine, and other countries.

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Mainstream media, and other large tech companies took steps to suppress this story.


Following that, experts confirmed the laptop’s authenticity, and the memo was linked to former Acting CIA Director Mike Morrell, who served in that position twice during President Obama’s tenure.

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A senior Biden associate asked Morrell to gather signatures for the memo through the CIA.


They defended their actions by referring to the a memo that was circulated by retired intelligence officials,

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Claiming that the laptop had all the characteristics of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Getting Signatures

Morell told the House Judiciary Committee, In April of last year, that he had been contacted a “high-ranking official” from the Biden campaign,

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This person made a request for his assistance in getting signatures for the memo.


The former deputy and interim CIA director specified that the “senior official” who was in question

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Was none other than Anthony Blinken, the current Secretary of State.


Morell, who is a candidate for the CIA director position under President Biden, shared that he orchestrated the memo to support Vice President Biden’s election bid,

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expressing his want for Biden to emerge victorious.