The Biden administration is currently facing a lawsuit over the alleged deletion of federal employees’ emails. The case entails former President Donald Trump and is brought by America First Legal Foundation (AFL). Biden’s government, as claimed by AFL, has been deleting emails systematically which violates federal record-keeping laws.

 Biden Faces An Accusation Of Deleting Federal Records

The AFL, a nonprofit legal organization, has accused the Biden administration of regularly deleting federal records. They insist that this pattern is prevalent and violates the Federal Records Act.

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Transparency and accountability within the public office are hampered because these records are deleted historically to maintain them.

The Defendants Are The Department Of Health and the National Archives

The lawsuit lists the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) as defendants.

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Regular deletion of official messages has been taking place in these agencies according to AFL’s allegations. Such actions go against open government principles as well as duties to keep historical records intact.

The Implications Of The Suit Could Donald Trump

According to AFL, this could be a game changer, especially about Special Counsel Jack Smith’s ongoing litigation against former POTUS Donald Trump. This argument gets traction among AFL since President Biden allegedly deleted his mail freely without any consequences.

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This will set a precedent for other heads of state in future times that would pose a great danger to American democracy. This will also have implications in the case Trump is facing for similar offenses.

The Charges Faced By Biden And Trump Are Similar

This matter also relates to the ex-president handling classified documents, after he left the White House in early 2021. Trump is facing prosecution by special counsel Jack Smith.

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It charges that email deletions by Team Biden are similar to what led to accusations being made against Trump; thus exhibiting a potential link between two the incidents as per AFL.

Trump Faces 37 Felony Counts For Obstruction Of Justice

On June 2023, a federal indictment was unsealed by the Department Of Justice alleging that Trump committed thirty-seven counts of felonies concerning obstruction of justice as well as mishandling government records.

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Trump is accused of these charges because, after his presidency, he allegedly did not treat properly classified documents and other presidential records that were under his control at that time. These same actions are considered by AFL to be evident from the alleged email deletion.

Records Are Deleted Without Authorization

The point they make is that there is a double standard where high-ranking government officials are held to different standards than regular employees. This they claim results in tens of thousands of records being deleted every year without due authorization.

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It leads to a dichotomy whereby norms are applied differently for those individuals who wield greater powers compared to those individuals without political influence and power.

The Freedom of Information Act Request

In February 2023, the AFL filed a FOIA request with the CDC asking for certain records in connection with their case. Despite this request, CDC refused to provide the emails sought arguing that they had been destroyed according to AFL’s allegations.

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For this reason, says AFL, it means that the Biden administration has not acted consistently with federal law on record keeping.

The CDC’s Email Policy May Be Against Federal Law

According to the AFL, the CDC policy of automatically eliminating emails of former staff members 30 days after their departure is against federal law.

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They argued that this approach does not only delete files that might have contained useful information but also hampers a system where these employees can be held accountable for their deeds while employed.

The Public Is Sceptical About The Success Of The Case

There has been a public response to the court case, with some skeptical about its potential success. Critics think that the lawsuit by AFL is politically motivated and is unlikely to bring much change.

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However, supporters argue that for transparency and accountability in government operations, AFLF must go to court.

The AFL’s Want Government To Bear The Responsibility

According to AFL America, governments must be transparent and responsible in their actions. These people think that deleting emails is not a petty issue and that many things need to be done about it.

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They say this means that fair treatment should be provided for any person who is suspected of having committed an offense; regardless of whether one holds a position or belongs to any political party.

The Case Could Affect Federal Record Keeping In Future Cases

If AFL wins this case, it can create a precedent on how federal records should be handled and preserved hereafter. This could mean significant changes in how government agencies handle their records.

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In addition, it could also affect other cases such as the mishandling of federal records including former President Trump’s ongoing case.

The Suit May Lead To Additional Charges Against Trump

The suit’s outcome may have implications also for the trial currently going on against Trump over Florida territory claims. It is suggested by this move that if AFL wins its litigation then other allegations might arise against him as well because he mishandled government records just like those brought forward by them.

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If workers at the Federal level can purge mail without being held responsible then Donald trump’s charges regarding mismanaging government files could appear different.

The Future of Federal Record-Keeping

This matter has the potential to change how federal records are kept today and forevermore, conceivably shifting from what appears more like ad hoc approaches at present into a systematic approach concerning federal agencies’ archival practices.

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Consequently, there could be more comprehensive strategies for preserving US federal records and ensuring transparency and accountability through the government systems.

The Effect On Both Presidential Regimes Remains To Be Seen

As the lawsuit progresses, it would be interesting to see how it affects the Biden regime, the disposition of federal records as well as Trump’s case. No matter what happens in this case, it underscores the need for open and accountable governance.

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It is a timely reminder that all actions by the governments including handling of federal records must be done within the rule of law and with utmost integrity.