Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has caught the attention of the world with a recent editorial in his Daily Mail column. Johnson expressed his thoughts, along with more than a light dose of wit and humor, that a second Trump presidency could be just what the world needs.

Boris Johnson Surprisingly Backs Trump’s Global Potential

Starting off with a bit of tongue-in-cheek dialog, in his column, Johnson says, “The great orange dirigible is miraculously re-inflating across the Atlantic.” In reference to the former President of the United States, Donald Trump. What at first appears as a little dig at the former president quickly spins into a ringing endorsement.

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Before Johnson goes into greater detail regarding his thoughts on a second Trump presidency, he does take a moment to acknowledge that his views are not intended to diminish the positive attributes of the current United States President, Joe Biden, or downplay the current President’s standing as a friend or ally to the UK.

Boris Johnson Sees Potential Benefits Of A Second Trump Presidency

In reference to an article in the Economist that claims Donald Trump could be the biggest threat to the world in 2024, Boris Johnson counters by more or less saying he doesn’t think so and even goes as far as to say that Donald Trump could be “just what the world needs.”

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Johnson alluded to the idea that Trump’s unconventional or unpredictable leadership has potential benefits, as his style of leadership is likely to deter key world players who have a less-than-favorable view of the United States and the West in general.

Russia, Ukraine, And Zelenskyy

Trump’s support for war-torn Ukraine is, of course, a significant factor in the world views of a second Donald Trump presidency. Trump has claimed a close friendship with Russia and Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Considering this, there is a question as to whether or not Trump would stand in staunch support of Ukraine in the current war.

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In May of 2023, former president Donald Trump stated that if he were in the presidential office, he’d settle the Russian-Ukrainian war within 24 hours. This bold statement raised more than a few eyebrows from political leaders, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Zelenskyy Responds To Trump’s Bold Claim

Ending the war between Russia and Ukraine is at the top of the world’s wish list, but President Zelenskyy has expressed concern over Donald Trump’s assertion that he could produce a resolution within 24 hours. On the surface, it sounds ideal, but Zelenskyy didn’t hold back when expressing his concerns.

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Zelenskyy’s concern centers around how Trump’s plans for ending the war might not be in Ukraine’s best interest and that Trump, who is known for being strong-willed, could potentially try to barrel through and force Ukraine into agreements or situations that the nation wants no part of. Zelenskyy has gone as far as to say that Trump’s assertion was dangerous.

Zelenskyy Invites Trump To Ukraine

In response to Trump’s claim that he could bring peace to the war-torn nation within 24 hours if elected president, Zelenskyy called his bluff, going as far as to invite the former US President to visit Ukraine.

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To counter Trump’s 24-hour claim, Zelenskyy stated he would need just twenty-four minutes with him to explain why resolving the conflict in 24 hours is impossible. The reason for not being able to bring peace, Zelenskyy says, is Putin.

Trump And His Supporters’ Views On Ukraine

Donald Trump has been rather tight-lipped about expressing exclusive support for either party in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The former president has also said that he believes the United States is sending too much of its own resources to Ukraine and that other allies aren’t financially stepping up.

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His supporters naturally follow suit, often criticizing financial and military aid that is directed toward the conflict. From a political standpoint, Trump may have to be cautious in how he proceeds. He needs to appeal to his supporters, but there is also value in the support from the global audience, which could hinge on whether he commits to fully supporting Ukraine in the war.

Boris Johnson’s Thoughts On Trump And Ukraine

The former prime minister doesn’t appear to see Trump as non-committal in the Ukrainian war. Instead, Johnson points out that it wasn’t former President Obama who was the first to stand up for Ukraine after the Russian invasion back in 2014 when Russian troops and special forces moved into Crimea.

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Instead, he credits Donald Trump for supplying Ukraine with crucial support while other world leaders were stepping back from the scene. In Johnson’s view, Trump is unlikely to back away from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and unlikely to pull support from Ukraine given what he has already invested.

Boris Johnson’s Backing Comes As The 2024 Election Year Gears Up

Boris Johnson’s stepping up to offer support for the controversial Republican presidential candidate comes at a critical time in the United States election cycle. Though there is still a way to go, Donald Trump is currently leading in the republican primaries and has earned a key win in New Hampshire, ousting fellow republican contender Nikki Haley from the lead.

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After losing the 2020 presidential election to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, Trump has been involved in a string of criminal charges and court cases. Some opponents of Trump would say that his life post-presidency positions him and the United States as a spectacle on the global scene. Boris Johnson choosing this moment to raise his hand in support is a win for Trump’s team.

How Do The Brits Feel About Trump

With Johnson’s recent column, we’re given a pretty clear view of how he feels about former President Donald Trump, but it’s worth asking the question of how the Brits as a whole feel about the current Republican presidential front-runner. Trump’s popularity in Great Britain has ebbed and flowed over the last four years.

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Current polling reveals that about 18% of those in Great Britain have a favorable view of Donald Trump, which is up from his lowest ranking points in 2021 and 2022 but not as high as his peak of nearly a quarter of residents in Q2 of 2022. In fact, his popularity has dropped marginally from last summer.

Johnson Attacks Davos Summit With Humor

As mentioned, Johnson’s column was filled with little flickers of humor, a segment of which was pointed directly at the Davos Summit. The summit, which was held recently in the Swiss town of Davos, is a meeting of the World Economic Forum, with the 2024 theme of the summit being “Rebuilding Trust.”

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Johnson’s column garnered much attention for some of the colorful descriptions that he used throughout. One such quote that has been making the rounds in the news refers to how the “global wokerati are trembling so violently you can hear the ice tinkling in their negronis.”

Who Attended The Davos Summit

The summit, which took place from January 15th to January 19th of 2024, welcomed more than 3,000 world leaders and prominent figures to an event that featured more than two hundred sessions. The sessions covered issues ranging from the climate crisis to world economic growth. Many of these attendees were whom Johnson referenced as “wokerati.”

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Attendees included Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, French President Emmanuel Macron, American actress Michelle Yeoh, Director of MIT Media Lab Dava Newman, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. President Biden was not in attendance this year.

Still, Johnson’s Column Wasn’t All Humor

Once we dig past the humor and Johnson’s slightly biting way with words, we begin to see that there is actually quite a bit of thought put into his opinion, whether you agree with him or not. While not excusing any of Trump’s previous unsavory and unethical actions, he does present his views in a way that leaves one thinking.

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To conclude, Mr. Johnson wraps up by sharing that he believes Trump’s opponents aren’t as concerned about his policy or other big-ticket items like the economy as they are about his image, style, and how he presents himself. At least, this is what is alluded to as the article concludes.

What US Polls Say About Trump in 2024

For anyone following the political scene in the United States, it’s easy to see we’re a land divided, but this isn’t necessarily anything new. We’ve always been a land that has been divided quite evenly between Democrats and Republicans, or so it would seem. In reality, about a third of Americans consider themselves moderate, but they typically split into one party or another when it comes time to vote.

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So, how does the US currently feel about Donald Trump and the potential of another term with him as president? While poll results seem to change by the minute, Trump and Biden are currently running neck and neck in popularity, according to a Gallup Poll. If 2024 sees another Biden vs. Trump faceoff, it’s almost impossible to predict who the winner will be at this time.

Boris Johnson Praises Trump, But What Does It Mean

In his column, Boris Johnson would appear to be a supporter of a second Donald Trump presidency, but he has also been a supporter of Biden at times. Maybe it’s safer to say that Johnson is looking at the upcoming 2024 election through lenses that we who are more close to the situation aren’t capable of wearing.

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Perhaps he sees the presidential leadership value of both Biden and Trump and while not condoning any unethical and illegal behavior on either part, he is able to see that there may be advantages to a potential scenario that has many of Trump’s opponents concerned.