One thing Raskin will do is express his disapproval of Comer’s investigation on Joe Biden and his family. Raskin believes that Comer has been making efforts to impeach the president without sufficient evidence to prove his agenda. 

The tension between Congressman James Comer and Democrat Jamie Raskin finally escalated beyond control during a heated argument during Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing. 

An Impeachment Inquiry Into Joe Biden’s Affairs 

Looking back, the investigation into the president’s affair has been going on for almost a year now. Comer has since September 2023 initiated an impeachment inquiry into the president’s involvement in the affairs of his son and his foreign partners. 

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This happened while President Joe Biden was the vice president of America under the Barack Obama administration. Comer is claiming that this was a family affair and Hunter Biden was able to get away with this because his father was in power and could protect him. 

Joe Biden Benefited From The Business Dealing

Comer doesn’t look like he’s backing down soon, he has been claiming that Joe Biden has in one way or the other benefited from the alleged involvement of his son’s foreign business dealings. 

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The impeachment inquiry has been going on for a long time now but no sufficient evidence has been presented to support this claim. This is why Joe Biden has termed it a baseless political stunt by the opposition party. 

The House Hearing On China And The Communist Party’s Political Warfare 

The back and forth between Raskin and Comer all started during a hearing that was conducted by the House oversight committee focusing on how to defend the country from threats from the Chinese communist party’s warfare. 

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While the hearing was taking place Raskin and Comer got into several disagreements and ended up deviating from the major issue only to start arguing about Comer’s impeachment investigation against Biden. 

But Trump Received Money From Foreign Governments

Raskin has always openly expressed his displeasure with Comer’s impeachment inquiry towards Biden but one thing he’s curious about is why Comer has refused to talk about the fact that Donald Trump also received about $5.5 million from China during his leadership. 

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The fact that Donald Trump admitted to collecting money from various foreign governments including China, yet no inquiry has been conducted to probe him on this. 

The Battles Of Business 

Trump’s excuse was that the money he got from these foreign governments was a payment for service rendered by his real estate company. Raskin went ahead to mention that if Trump is into the Real Estate business, what business is Congressman Comer into? 

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Comers replied quickly saying “I am a farmer” after which he threw the question back to Raskin asking about the official business of the Bidens. Raskin replied with a quick “I will tell you what Joe Biden did” and went ahead to mention a few. 

Joe Biden Was A Senator And A Writer 

Raskin listed a few things the president engaged in to make money. He mentioned that Biden was a senator of the United States of America and also wrote a book that he published. 

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Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden made so much money from their books Promise Me Dad: A Year Of Hope, Hardship, And Purpose and Where The Light Enters, Building a Family, Discovering Myself, where they earned about $15.6 Million from speaking fees and book deals alone. 

Comer Might Need Therapy 

Raskin was taking the argument too far, and his entire argument was out to get Comer. Raskin claimed that someone in the room needed to get therapy, although he didn’t mention Comer. Everyone could guess that Raskin was referring to Comer. 

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The back and forth continued for a while between the congressman and Raskin, with the both of them speaking over each other. Comer was not having it anymore, he banged his gavel and shouted enough! But Raskin wasn’t ready to keep quiet. 

This Is Not About Biden It’s About China 

Raskin didn’t like the fact that Comer tried to restrict him from speaking during the hearing. He insisted that he wanted his time to speak restored because he still had a lot to say. This caused the both of them to enter into a shouting contest which continued for a few minutes. 

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Everyone seemed to have had enough of their arguments and decided to take their leave. When Comer noticed this, he banged his gavel again, imploring them to come back. He mentioned that this hearing was about China and they still needed to talk about it. 

Rankin Couldn’t Answer One Simple Question 

Newsweek quickly got in touch with the oversight committee’s spokesperson to get enough details about the incident. The committee’s spokesperson mentioned that Raskin was only asked about the business that the Bidens are into which allowed them to receive huge amounts of dollars from foreign countries. 

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Since Raskin couldn’t answer this simple question he decided to bring up past issues about the former United States President Donald Trump. 

Dan Goldman Answered The Most Asked Questions 

Dan Goldman has decided to settle the subject by answering the most asked question. He replied by mentioning Biden’s businesses one after the other. Dan said, Joe Biden is currently the president of America and he has also worked as a public servant for nothing less than 50 years. 

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He talked about Hunter being a corporate governance lawyer, and Joe Biden’s brother being a businessman. 

How Did Hunter Qualify To Work With Investment Firms? 

Dan continued speaking on how the whole conversation was centered around Hunter Biden’s business affairs, not even Biden’s dealings. 

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He also mentioned that he could already hear whispers from the house concerning the qualifications Hunter Biden possessed to qualify to be a part of an investment firm and even offer services based on his experience. 

This Is Not Our Jurisdiction 

Dan had to remind the house of the relevance of speaking about Hunter’s business dealings and how it is neither in their jurisdiction nor does it have a connection to the ongoing impeachment investigation. 

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Dan also spoke about how difficult it has been to even link Biden to these allegations. There has been no link between Biden and any foreign government unlike Donald Trump and his family. 

There Is No Connection 

Dan ended his speech by stating categorically that there is no connection between Hunter Biden’s dealings and the actions of the president. 

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He went ahead to heavily criticize Comer’s impeachment investigation calling it a failure. Dan believes that the investigation lacks merit and it is nothing but a political ploy.