For several months now, former President Donald Trump has been in and out of court. From battling potential treason for the January 6 Capitol riot to giving a porn star money to keep quiet, Trump is facing severe backlash.

Sadly, other people are getting caught in the crossfire of Trump’s case, and one of them is Rudy Giuliani. The attorney predicted that he might lose his license to practice law for merely supporting Trump.

Rudy Giuliani’s Strange Prediction

On Sunday, Ruby Giuliani made a strange prediction about his career. He claimed that the state would take away his license to practice law. In his own words: “I will be disbarred in New York. I will be disbarred in Washington. It will have nothing to do with anything I did wrong.”

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Giuliani gave this prediction on an episode of his podcast “Uncovering The Truth.” He concluded that “The Bar Association is going to crucify me no matter what,” meaning that his fate is sealed no matter what. But why?

He Defended Trump In Court

The threatened attorney claims that his only crime is defending the former president. He led Trump’s legal challenge to the 2020 election result in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately for him, both New York and Washington, DC, suspended his legal license a year later.

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However, Giuliani has made peace with this decision. “I consider that something that will help me in heaven for sticking to my principles and not being a weakling like all these weaklings who were afraid to represent Trump.”

The Truth Behind Giuliani’s Suspended Licence

Many found it strange that the court suspended Giuliani’s license merely for supporting Trump. Upon further investigation, the truth came out. The New York court ruled in June 2021 that Giuliani had been dishonest in court.

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He made some “demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers, and the public at large.” Therefore, the court decided to suspend Giuliani’s license in New York.

Washington Followed New York’s Lead

Once news of Giuliani’s dishonesty in court circulated, Washington, DC, investigated the case further. Their brief search yielded the same result, leading to a US appeal court suspending Giuliani in Washington.

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This means Giuliani will be unable to take any legal case in Washington DC and New York. But he can still handle cases in other states where he’s licensed. But that might not be for long, either.

An Appeal To Completely Remove Giuliani’s License

Two years later, in 2023, an appeal came, proposing to disbar Ruby Giuliani as a disciplinary action for lying in court. The case will go to the Washington DC Court of Appeals for a final decision.

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If they do find the case severe enough, the jury will forward it to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. The Columbia Court will have the final say on the matter. The result could be a permanent suspension or a less harsh disciplinary action.

Giuliani Was Ordered To Pay $148 Million.

While Giuliani’s career was under attack, his penalty didn’t end there. The federal court instructed Giuliani to compensate the two Georgia election workers that he defamed. How much?

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$148 million will go to Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss from Giuliani. The court arrived at this decision when Moss and Freeman complained that they suffered severe emotional distress from the false statements.

Isn’t This The Same As Committing Perjury?

Some people online have raised questions about the nature of Giuliani’s crime. One comment claimed that it took so long for the legal system to discover that he committed perjury in court.

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Some legal experts claim that proving Giuliani committed perjury will require a whole court case. Why? Perjury is when someone deliberately lies in court. In this case, there’s no clear indication that he knew his statements were false.

Giuliani Remains Defiant

Giuliani awaits the court’s decision about his career. But the seasoned attorney claims that he will lose and get disbarred. He accuses the court of maliciously targeting him, mostly due to his affiliation with Trump.

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He further criticized the court’s decision to make him pay $148 million for mere emotional distress. “And these DAs and people prosecuting me are headhunters,” said Giuliani on his podcast.

Giuliani Filed Bankruptcy

Despite his defiance, Giuliani eventually filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This came after the court asked him to pay $148 million in damages. This amount was obviously way more than he could afford. His present net worth was less than $50 million before the case.

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The bankruptcy filed aims to protect him from about $500 million in debt. What’s the extra cost? The bankruptcy documents mention some unpaid taxes, fees, and loans. Even if Giuliani sells all his valuable assets, it will only total $1 to $10 million.

He Appealed The Verdict

Giuliani and his spokesman found the $148 million compensation fee to be unfair and “ridiculous.” So, the duo quickly appealed the case while he filed for bankruptcy. This decision should buy him before paying the defamed election workers.

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For now, they currently await developments on the appeal. The outcome may be a reduction in the amount or a complete rejection of their request.

Giuliani Also Faces A Criminal Case In Georgia

Giuliani has faced bankruptcy, threats to his career, and a $148 million bill. But his woes are far from over. The seasoned attorney also faces a criminal case in Georgia. These charges were made by the Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

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The case includes Giuliani as a defendant, claiming he tampered with Ballot after Georgia’s 2020 election. Giuliani was aware of this case and quickly pleaded guilty to the accusations.

He’s Not Been Able To Defend Himself

Several news outlets contacted Giuliani for an interview. However, only his spokesman was reachable. During these sessions, he explained that Giuliani “hasn’t had the opportunity to defend himself on the facts with regards to the case in Washington, D.C. and the ridiculous $148 million judgment.”

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The spokesman continues: “Many in the media continue to miss the story here, which unfortunately shouldn’t surprise anyone. We look forward to the appeal and an opportunity to restore our broken system of justice.”

Rudy Giuliani Is In A Tight Position

Many online find the situation unfortunate. The former New York mayor is fighting to save his career, avoid going broke, and a criminal charge in Georgia. Sadly, Giuliani admits there is little hope of victory.

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However, he and his spokesman are defiant. They’ve already appealed the case, filed bankruptcy, and are awaiting Washington’s decision on his career as a lawyer.