The American political system has become quite polarized lately, and one would think the GOP would seize any opportunity to make the Democrats look bad. Yet, in one case, they refuse to impeach sitting President Joe Biden. Let’s see if this may mean a turning point in American politics.

Not What It Seems

The motion to impeach the president came from a Florida Democrat, Representative Jared Moskowitz. Moskowitz’s move might seem strange, but it had a deeper agenda.

Source: Wikimedia/Florida House of Representatives

GOP lawmakers have been trying to probe Joe Biden for illegal behavior in an effort to get him to vacate the presidential office. Moskowitz’s motion was aimed to pre-empt their own fake probe.

The Probe Comes From a Republican

James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky who’s responsible for the House Oversight Committee, has been leading an investigation into Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son.

Source: Wikimedia/Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs Office

The probe alleges that President Biden was the beneficiary of Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings. The House Judiciary Committee, also run by a Republican, is helping in the probe.

Yearlong Probe With No Public Results

At this point, the probe had been ongoing for over a year, and many people have called it a fake probe because there doesn’t seem to be any publicly available evidence.

Source: Flickr/Ayrcan

Comer claims that there is evidence of wrongdoing but has yet to release anything to anyone to back up this statement. He also hasn’t called for a vote for impeachment.

Calling Out the Probe

Moskowitz called on Comer and the head of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan, to just call for the impeachment proceedings since they were so convinced that Biden committed a high crime.

Source: Flickr/Conrad Bakker

He contended that since they would impeach anyway, it didn’t matter if they waited. His movement to impeach was intended to force their hands to reveal whatever information they found.

Jordan Rebuts The Attempt

When Moskowitz called out Comer and Jordan for their failure to call a vote to impeach, Jordan was quick to respond. He highlighted that they needed the facts before they could continue.

Source: Flickr/Christoph Scholz

Jordan also poked fun at Moskowitz for trying to rush them by stating that they, unlike Democrats, did things according to the Constitution.

A Waste of Taxpayer Money

Moskowitz’s position was that if they were serious about the investigation and had evidence of a clear crime committed by the president, they should call the vote as soon as possible.

Source: Flickr/Images Money

He highlighted that by extending the time they spent on the investigation, they were wasting taxpayer money and not progressing justice. At that moment, Moskowitz called for a motion to impeach and asked Jordan to second it.

Calling The GOP’s Bluff

Moskowitz’s movement to impeach Biden was met with silence from the GOP, and he realized he had called their bluff. If they had any evidence, they would have seconded the motion.

Source: Flickr/Christopher Chappelear

He finished his statement by saying they were never going to impeach Joe Biden and that the GOP was doing this as a show probe, faking that they had evidence that could close the deal.

A Costumed Act

Jordan spoke to newspapers after the incident. When asked about what happened, he simply stated that Moskowitz “showed up in costume today” and contended that the representative wasn’t a “real” member of Congress.

Source: Flickr/DonkeyHotey

The costume Jordan referred to was a mask of Vladimir Putin, as a statement accusing House Republicans of falling for disinformation coming from Moscow.

Painting a Picture of Joe Biden

In opening statements at Wednesday’s hearing, Comer stated that, based on the evidence, Joe Biden could be one of two types of individual. He delved into some background to draw this conclusion.

Source: Flickr/Louise Palanker

He said that the Biden Family doesn’t seem to sell any particular set of skills or services, but their money seems to come from selling Joe Biden and his popularity.

A Devious Situation

Comer noted that given that the Biden Family relied on Joe Biden for their income, one of two possibilities could exist. The first was that Biden was complicit in his actions and, therefore, guilty.

Source: Flickr/mksavage

The second was that Joe Biden was an elderly, feeble man with a poor memory. He was led around by his family and made decisions guided by them.

The Hur Report Becomes Relevant

A recent report by Robert Hur painted Biden as the second sort of individual. The report was done to determine whether Biden was guilty of taking classified information into insecure premises like his home.

Source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore

While the Hur report exonerated Biden of this charge, it raised many more questions about whether he’s fit to run the country. It’s something Republicans have been using constantly since it was released.

Investigations Are Continuing

Comer and Jordan haven’t called for impeachment as yet, and as far as Congress is concerned, the issue is still being investigated. However, they don’t have much time left.

Source: Flickr/Rafael Anderson Gonzales Mendoza

Elections are coming soon, and Biden will again be running for the Democrats. Based on when they decide to introduce the information they have, they could cause serious injury to Biden’s hope for a second term.

Trump May Use This to His Advantage

Biden’s Republican rival is former president Donald Trump, and he will look for any advantage he can get going into the elections. Trump is not well-liked among many demographics.

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However, the fact that he’s running against Biden means that many people may vote for him because they see him as more competent. A scandal regarding Biden would cement that support.

Elections Hang in the Balance

Moskowitz’s move was measured so that he could drive the Republicans into jumping the gun. Unfortunately, they didn’t take him seriously, and the impeachment vote didn’t happen. If the GOP gets a reason to do it, they will.

Source: Flickr/Tim Evanson

Some sources speculate that they already have the evidence they need for impeaching Biden but want to save it for the moment it can do the most damage to his presidential campaign. Others, like Moskowitz, think the entire thing is a waste of time and money by Republicans. The truth remains elusive as the election draws ever closer.