In the past the younger generations spent a lot of time and effort trying to be the polar opposite of their elders, in today’s day and age we are seeing a surge in traditional habits making a comeback. Gen Z and Millennials seem to be discovering the value in the customs that formerly shaped the generations before them, whether it is in sewing their own clothes, cooking at home or simply enjoying a family game of scrabble. Let’s explore 15 old school habits that are finding their way back into mainstream today.

Quality Family Time

The importance of spending quality time with the family seems to have found its way back into the homes of this generation.

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What was lost to the daily hustle and bustle is now finding its place in the home again, allowing space for family traditions to be instilled in the youth of the family again.

Personal Accountability

Thank god for this comeback! Taking personal responsibility, especially in terms of household management and finances.

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While boomers have always embraced taking care of their financial well being and being mindful of investing and budgeting. Most would say it took a little longer for the youth to adopt this concept, but we are finally seeing an uptick in this trend.

Doubts In Technology

Boomers obviously didn’t grow up with the technological advancements at their fingertips like our youth today has, as it grew Boomers alike were skeptical about the real benefits of such things.

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There now seems to be a growing skepticism amongst our youth about technology and its effects on our mental health, our social well being, and relationships. Falling much more inline with the critical thinking of older generations.

Owning A Home

Although the financial challenges of today have made homeownership more difficult to obtain, the goal to do so hasn’t gone astray.

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Just like the aspirations of the Boomers, Gen Z and Millennials alike still share the same dream of creating their own stability through owning their own home.

Person-To-Person Interaction

For a moment this seemed to be a lost concept, only exacerbated by the pandemic. However people seem to be reconnecting with the value of face-to-face communication.

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Our youth are regaining the understanding that the subtleties and closeness of an in-person interaction are invaluable.

Enjoying The Great Outdoors

This revival of the importance of outdoor activities is making its debut, mimicking the days where the only entertainment was to go outside and enjoy the fresh air.

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Younger generations are finding more joy in camping, fishing, hiking, and paddleboarding than sitting in front of a screen. Something Boomers capitalized on on a regular basis.

Less Digital, More Traditional

The social enjoyment of sitting around a good game of monopoly seemed to be fading away, especially as digital entertainment became more and more popular.

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However families and friend groups alike are introducing themselves to the limitless enjoyment of board games. Very much reminiscent of the family game nights that Boomers regularly delighted in.

Hand Penning Letters

As we all know Gen Z and Millennials are a very sentimental and soft generation, they see the value in the little nuances of things.

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This is especially true when it comes to the efforts of hand penning a letter. They recognize the true meaning of something so easily done but so special to the person receiving it. Crazy to think that this was the only form of communication in years past.

The Art of Cultivation

Gardening used to be a normal part of everyday life, Boomers used it as a way to relax but also to provide sustenance for themselves and their families.

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Young people are also finding the value in gardening, whether it be to foster urban gardens or to just simply unwind.

Cooking In The Home

As the importance of healthy eating takes the stage again, so does cooking from home. Bound to their homes during the pandemic, people found refuge in their kitchens cooking for their families.

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Millennials and Gen Z, specifically, are finding the significance in generationally passed down family recipes and cooking for the people they love.

Perusing The Newspaper

There is nothing quite like the experience of perusing the endless pages of a tangible newspaper.

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Traditional journalism was the standard in most Boomers homes, and even with the conveniences of digital news our youth is gaining the appreciation for this vintage tradition.

Gently Used Finds

Not only does it lend itself to sustainability but it is quite the trend in today’s fashion.

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Vintage boutiques and the ever growing secondhand online platforms allow this generation to connect with the value and allure that Boomers saw in these gently used items.

The Craft Of Sewing and Crocheting

I know, I know, you are thinking that this subject screams “my grandma, sitting on her couch with crochet needles in hand”, but you would be mistaken.

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Young people are investing in the creativity of the craft, using sewing and crocheting as a way to display self expression. What was once a standard in every Boomers household, has now become a creative outlet for the youth.

Do-It-Yourself Mentality

Thanks to YouTube and TikTok, the “do-it-yourself” mentality is making its way back into the mainstream.

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Much like the Boomers, Gen Z and Millennials are taking pride in handling home repairs and upgrades themselves.

Vintage Records

There isn’t anything like unsheathing a vinyl record and placing the needle down to unleash that unparalleled sound.

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Vinyl records were the soundtrack of the melody of the Boomers youth, and while they took a back seat for a while after the digital era came to be, they are quickly becoming a trend amongst the youth.

No matter what the reason most would agree the positives to these cyclical trends are paramount to the overall wellbeing of our society. Creating a more balanced and knowledgeable youth. At the very least cooking from home and sewing your own clothes can’t hurt anything, right?