Over the past few years, the Biden family has been in and out of court for multiple reasons. One famous case is where the president used his position with Obama to sponsor his son’s business. Now, there’s another case against the Biden family.

Specifically, Hunter Biden has been facing court charges for months, mostly over tax-related charges. However, he has asked the judge to dismiss the case, calling it politically motivated. Read on for more details.

Hunter Biden’s Legal Battle

Before diving into Hunter Biden’s request and the judge’s response, it’s worth giving some context. Hunter Biden is currently facing nine tax-related charges. These charges can be broken down into tax evasion and filing false tax returns.

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According to prosecutors, Hunter Biden lied about some of his personal costs and filed them as business costs instead. These include his daughter’s tuition and paying for a sex worker. 

Why Misclassify These Expenses?

Several people have pointed out that the president’s son is a millionaire. He makes approximately $20 million a year with a net worth of $230 million, So why lie about his taxes?

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Why the true intentions are unknown; the goal may be to reduce his taxes. Essentially, filing personal spending under business costs lessens taxable income since business expenses are usually deductible. It’s a risky way to save on taxes.

Lying To Buy A Gun

Apart from lying about his business and personal cost, Hunter Biden is in court for another reason. The prosecutor charged him for a case in Delaware where Biden lied on a federal document to buy a gun in 2018.

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What lie did he tell? Biden claimed that he was not using or addicted to any illegal drugs. What makes this problematic is that he had admitted to having a cocaine addiction at that time.

Biden Pleaded ‘Not Guilty’

Tax evasion and lying on a legal document are two very serious felonies. They can force Biden to pay a serious fine or even spend some years in jail. So, how did the President’s son respond?

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In court, Hunter Biden denied the charges. He pleaded not guilty, But not only that. Biden also requested that the case be dismissed.

‘Dismiss The Tax Case’

Alongside pleading ”not guilty,” Hunter Biden also asked his legal team to convince the judge to dismiss the case. Particularly the case where he lied about the category of his expenses. But what was his reasoning?

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Biden’s legal team supported their request by stating that the case was politically motivated. People who didn’t like his father, the president, were after him as well. What did the judge say?

The Judge Needs More Evidence

While it’s possible for the case to be born out of political spite, the judge wasn’t fully convinced. U.S. District Judge Mark C. Scarsi asked Hunter Biden’s lawyers to bring more evidence supporting their claim.

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If they can show this to be true, he will dismiss the case on April 17 with his final ruling. But is this legally possible?

Judge Scarsi Can Actually Dismiss The Case

Tax evasion is a serious crime, and many are curious whether the court can instantly dismiss it. Actually, Judge Mark C. Scars can end the case if there’s sufficient reason to show that it’s unnecessary.

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This dismissal can be done at any part of the case, but it’s usually seen at the start. What matters is that Biden’s attorneys can show to the judge that their client is innocent. But this may be tricky based on the claims Biden’s legal team makes.

‘Trump Was Involved’

Biden wasn’t available in court during the hearing. But, his legal team and its leader, Abe Lowell, gave their arguments. They accused GOP lawmakers and Donald Trump of influencing the case against Biden.

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In other words, their involvement in the case is grounds to dismiss it. These people despise Hunter’s father and are only having this legal battle to score a cheap victory, But this is another claim that may be hard to prove for the team.

‘Outrageous Government Conduct’

Biden’s legal team didn’t stop at accusing Trump. They also stated that the judge should throw the case away for “outrageous government conduct.” What does that even mean?

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Apparently, two IRS agents have accused the DOJ publicly of favoring the Biden family compared to others. Naturally, the Justice Department and the special counsel David Weiss denied these allegations.

Judge Scarsi Demands Evidence

Once the court had heard Biden’s defense team’s argument, Judge Scarsi responded. He asked the team for evidence that showed external pressure influenced the prosecution team. This is crucial in granting their request to dismiss the case.

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Judge Scarsi then pointed out that Biden’s legal team doesn’t really have anything tangible to back up their claims. “There really is no evidence. You cite things on the internet.” Therefore, he may proceed with the case until the team has a more tangible position.

Juge Scarsi Was Appointed By Trump

Some Hunter Biden supporters were quick to point online that Judge Scarsi was appointed by Trump. Essentially, they claim his affiliation with the former president may prevent him from judging fairly.

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While this is possible, Judge Scarsi has yet to show a bias against the Biden family. All he asks of the defense team is evidence of their claims, and if they check out, he will end the case, irrespective of its progress.

What If Hunter Biden Is Found Guilty?

For now, the case continues, but what happens if it ends in a guilty verdict? Well, Biden may face 17 years in prison for tax evasion. This crime is a felony that even celebrities and major politicians can’t bypass.

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It’s also worth noting that Biden has two criminal charges. He lied to obtain a firearm and also bought and used cocaine. These cases can also land him some extra years in jail plus a significant fine.

The Battle Continues

For now, there’s no noteworthy development regarding Hunter Biden’s tax evasion case. His team asked Judge Scarsi to dismiss the issue, but he declined since there was not enough reason to do so.

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The defense team will return to the whiteboard and strategize. Until then, Hunter Biden’s case will proceed as usual. If found guilty, the repercussions will be severe.