Retirement can be the most relaxing time of anyone’s life. However, part of that relaxation and enjoyment of your retirement years comes from picking an affordable place so you don’t have any added expenses as you age. These locations mentioned here offer the most affordable retirement anyone could wish for.

Tucson, AZ

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Arizona is a beautiful place to live, and Tucson combines the best of the warmer weather and a welcoming city. Summer temperatures are hot, rising to 102F, but winter temperatures are mild. The city is small, with a population of only around 550,000 people.

The cost of living in Tucson is much lower than the country average. However, the hustle of a city might be too much for many. Luckily, a few suburban areas offer a more laid-back lifestyle while still being close enough to the city to enjoy its comforts.

Augusta, GA

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Augusta isn’t one of the more well-known cities in Georgia, but it has a life and style all its own. The city provides a great place to live with its lower cost of living and mild climate. More than a few green spaces are scattered around this metropolis for those who enjoy nature to explore.

The Savannah River runs very close to this city, so those who live there have access to a body of water near the city center. All in all, Augusta presents an excellent place for retirees to live because it’s a perfect mix of laid-back and enjoyable. It’s got just the right amount of excitement.

Jacksonville, FL

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When your city’s motto is “It’s Easier Here,” you already know it will be one of the most laid-back places you’ve ever been. Beachgoers and water babies will enjoy living here because of the twenty miles of beaches and forty miles of Intercoastal Waterway to explore.

Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, so it’s a perfect place to do some retirement work and not worry about taxes overtaking what you make. However, you’ll have to be okay with some higher temperatures, as Jacksonville gets to 91F in the summer.

South Bend, IN

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Football fans will know South Bend as the home of the University of Notre Dame, but it’s also a stellar place to retire to. As a college town, it’s very unlike its peers in places like California and New York. The average cost of a home in South Bend is almost half the average cost nationwide.

The climate is still four seasons, so you will have to deal with lower temperatures in winter and higher ones in summer. That still means you’ll get to ski and ice skate during winter and go fishing and boating in the summer.

Toledo, OH

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Known as The Glass City, Toledo’s claim to fame comes from its glass-making industry, which has transformed the town into the bustling hub it is today. The city has a lower-than-average home price, making it easy to buy or rent in the city.

The cost of living in Toledo is also relatively affordable. There are tons of attractions going on every day in the city, so there’s no chance of getting bored once you live there. Overall, it’s one of the friendlier cities that retirees can choose to live in.

Mobile, AL

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If you’re a fan of Mardi Gras celebrations, you will love living in Mobile. Outside New Orleans, the city is a haven for those who love the Fat Tuesday celebrations. It’s also only an hour away from some of the best beaches that you can find in this part of the country.

While Mobile is still a developing city, it’s still affordable for a retiree to call home. The cost of living is reasonable, including rent and mortgages. The temperatures are usually mild all year through despite still having a colder winter and warmer summer.

Huntington, WV

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This is a charming small city in West Virginia with only 50,000 residents living here. However, the city serves as the metropolitan hub for neighboring counties, swelling the total population to almost 400,000 people in all. Even so, Huntington is a beautiful place to retire for those who like peace and quiet.

The average home cost in the area is a fraction of the national average, and the cost of living is extremely low. The city boasts an expansive park system, allowing people to wander between its green spaces and enjoy some of nature regardless of the season.

Brownsville, TX

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Texas has always been among the most desirable states to retire to, and Brownsville ticks all the right boxes. It’s located close to the sea, creating a year-round semi-tropical climate. Additionally, its situation so close to the ocean makes for a year-round summertime feeling in its activities.

Warm weather alone isn’t enough to make someone want to move here, but luckily, there are other great benefits. The cost of living is quite affordable, and regardless of whether you’re buying a home or renting, the price you pay is far less than that of other places you could move to.

Youngstown, OH

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Once upon a time, Youngstown was a vast, growing metropolis, but it has changed into a more friendly, residential vibe over the years. The city’s only an hour’s drive away from either Pittsburgh or Cleveland and lies midway between New York City and Chicago. It used to be a significant transportation hub.

Today, it has all the amenities you’d expect from a large city center without the strain on resources. Homes in Youngstown are a fraction of the national average, and even rentals are quite affordable for those who want to live here. Youngstown has a rich history; residents experience that with every step they take.

Where Should You Move To?

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Retirement planning requires a lot of thought, especially if you’re moving to a new locale. There are a lot of places a retiree could move to, but not all of them are as welcoming as the ones mentioned above. Even so, it’s crucial to keep your options open.

These locations offer a great value-for-money proposition, especially for retirees who may not be earning as much as they once did. It also offers affordability in the housing market and a reasonably low cost of living. The question you should ask is where you feel the most comfortable moving to.