Many Republican leaders and voters are looking ahead to the 2024 presidential election following the party’s disappointing performance in the 2022 midterms. Former Vice President Mike Pence has expressed hope that Republicans will unite behind a new candidate in the next presidential race.

After serving under Donald Trump for four years, Pence has signaled a willingness to move beyond the Trump era. With Democratic President Joe Biden’s approval rating low, Republicans see an opportunity to regain the White House. But first, the party must settle on a nominee who can appeal to moderate voters while maintaining support among the conservative base.

Pence Aims to Unite Republicans Behind New 2024 Candidate

Former Vice President Mike Pence has sought to distinguish himself from his former running mate, Donald Trump, in the lead-up to the 2024 election. Pence has criticized Trump’s role in the events of January 6, when rioters stormed the Capitol building, putting Pence’s safety at risk.

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Pence has referred to Trump’s words that day as “reckless” and suggested that history will hold Trump accountable for his part in the insurrection. Pence has voiced a desire for Republican voters to support a candidate other than Trump in 2024, referring to the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary as an opportunity for “good Republican voters” to “give our party a fresh start and give us new leadership”.

Trust in the Democratic Process

After withdrawing from the 2024 presidential race, Pence voiced confidence in American voters and the Supreme Court. He asserted that “removing the former president or any other candidate from the choice of the American people…is not in the country’s interest.”

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Pence has also sought to distinguish himself from Trump on the issue of abortion. At a faith conference, Pence reiterated his support for banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy at a federal level, arguing that relegating the issue to individual states “won’t have it.”

Pence Reflects on Trump Administration’s Accomplishments

According to Pence, the Trump administration oversaw steady economic growth and job creation. Pence pointed to tax cuts and deregulation as catalysts for business investment and wage increases. Although economic experts debate the administration’s role, Pence maintains that Trump’s policies spurred the creation of over 7 million jobs and the lowest unemployment rates in half a century.

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Pence highlighted the renegotiation of NAFTA and withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership as victories for American workers and manufacturers. While critics argue that new tariffs raised costs for consumers and companies, Pence insisted that Trump’s hardline stance against China and others led to more equitable trade deals.

Energy Independence Agenda

Pence praised the Trump administration’s “energy dominance” agenda to maximize oil, gas, and coal production. According to Pence, increased fossil fuel production and reduced regulation made the US a net oil and natural gas exporter for the first time in decades.

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Pence maintained that the Trump administration made significant progress on immigration, education, and appointing conservative judges. While acknowledging that history will ultimately judge the administration’s legacy, Pence hoped that key accomplishments would endure and guide future leaders.

What’s Next for Pence and the Republican Party?

With the 2024 presidential election on the horizon, former Vice President Mike Pence has voiced his desire for the Republican party to move on from Donald Trump and choose a new candidate. Pence argued that the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary would present an opportunity for “good Republican voters” to support fresh leadership for the election and the future.

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Though Pence withdrew from the 2024 race himself, he expressed confidence in Americans to elect the leader they chose. Pence asserted his trust in voters and the Supreme Court to allow candidates to appear on ballots, disputing efforts to remove candidates from the public’s consideration.

Capitol Attack Revelations and Policy Differences Emerge

Pence’s memoir provides his account of the Capitol attack that endangered him on January 6, 2021. Pence disputed Trump’s description of the rioters as “patriots” and criticized Trump’s allegations of FBI involvement. Pence blamed Trump for endangering all present at the Capitol that day.

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Policy differences have also emerged between Pence and Trump. Regarding abortion, Pence supports a federal 15-week ban, calling it “an idea whose time has come.” However, Pence said Trump and other candidates want to leave the issue to states, “but I won’t have it.”

Pence Urges Focus on the Future, Not Relitigating 2020

As the Republican Party approaches the 2024 presidential election, former Vice President Mike Pence has voiced a desire for “new leadership” to emerge. In his recent memoir, “So Help Me God,” Pence argues that “different times call for different leadership.”

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While Pence stopped short of endorsing any particular candidate, he praised Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis, signaling a preference for a candidate other than former President Donald Trump. Pence has expressed confidence in the American people and the democratic process to choose a candidate in 2024.

Key Issues Pence Wants Republicans to Champion

Former Vice President Mike Pence hopes to see the Republican party champion key issues like abortion restrictions, limited government, and free market economic policies going forward. Pence argued that “good Republican voters” should support candidates who will “give our party a fresh start and new leadership.”

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On fiscal and economic matters, Pence warned that the US faces a looming debt crisis that requires entitlement reform and spending reductions. He called for lowering tax rates for individuals and businesses to stimulate growth, reducing regulatory burdens on companies, and limiting the size and scope of government. Pence argued that “the free market, not government, holds the key to prosperity.”

The Rise of Populism Within The Republican Party

More broadly, Pence cautioned against the rise of populism within the Republican party. While not mentioning Trump explicitly, Pence argued that some leaders were promoting an “echo” of President Biden’s agenda and ignoring substantive policy issues.

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Going forward, Pence hopes to see Republican voters coalesce around candidates who advocate for the policy positions and principles he believes in rather than those who spread misinformation or disregard democratic norms and institutions. Pence trusts that American voters will make a prudent choice in upcoming elections.

Pence’s Advice for Reconnecting With Moderate Voters

According to Pence, the Republican party must reconnect with moderate voters to regain influence. To achieve this, Pence advised Republican candidates to advocate for centrist policies that appeal to independents and Democrats. Specifically, Pence suggested candidates support incremental restrictions on abortion, environmental protection, and gun safety laws.


Pence argued Republican candidates should take a moderate stance on abortion, supporting limitations after the first trimester instead of an outright ban. Similarly, Pence recommended Republican candidates endorse environmental policies aligned with mainstream beliefs.