Rep. James Comer is up with a new reason addressing why the press keeps reporting he found “no evidence” indicting President Biden. This follows the recent Republican’s impeachment inquiry into Biden.

Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, relayed to a Fox News radio host. He said that Attorney General Merrick Garland is working with the Liberal media to propagandize this belief of “no evidence” in people’s minds.

Comer’s Dissatisfaction About The Media Coverage Of His Impeachment Inquiry

Comer has frequently expressed discontent with reporters’ detailing of his impeachment inquiry. However, describing it as a new state conspiracy catches everyone unaware.

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This assertion from Comer is absurd. More so, it’s expressive of his tendency to exaggerate. Perhaps that explains why the press consistently reiterates that he has no evidence, infuriating him even more.

Comer’s Inaccurate Accusations

On Fox News earlier in the week, Comer complained that he had proven Biden received $250,000. The fund of which he attributed to the global influence peddling of his family members, cashing in on their famous last name.

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The Committee disclosed late last year that it had records containing two transactions. One of $200,000 and another of $40,000 from James and Sara Biden. These are the president’s brother and sister-in-law, with the account linked to Biden back in 2018.

Clarity On The Transactions

While Comer touted “direct payment” to Biden, other evidence stated otherwise. The House member also said James Biden earned dirty money because Biden knew about the scheme.

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For clarity’s sake, inspections confirmed “loan payment” on the memo line. More records in possession of the committee also showed that Biden had initially sent the same sums to his brother and Sara Biden. In other words, Comer took up his hunch on a loan deal.

Comer’s Rebuttal

Since previous transactions from Biden to his brother aren’t marked as loans, Comer has refused to accept the money as a reimbursement. He said there is no written loan agreement or charged interest.

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As Comer puts it to a media outlet, “Loan my ass.” He continues to believe he’s right with his suspicion and wouldn’t agree with the press propagating a “no evidence” clamor.

James Biden Speaks About The Transactions

Lawmakers asked James Biden in February about the payment. It was a closed-door interview related to the impeachment inquiry. “I repaid two loans that I secured from my brother,” he said.


He also added that he was in dire need of the cash to sort out some outstanding bills he had. He resorted to his brother, Biden, having had prior knowledge about the millions he earned from his book.

Further Republicans’ Evidence

In possession of the Republicans are also bank records from Americore. They showed James Biden received $200,000 from the bankrupt healthcare that once hired him as a consultant.

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These pieces of evidence were dated the same as the time he repaid his brother. As a part of the settlement originating from the organization’s insolvency proceedings, James agreed to return $350,000 of the $600,000 the firm paid him.

Interview With Carol Fox

Carol Fox, America’s bankruptcy trustee also had a chat with the lawmakers. She said she couldn’t tell for sure whether or not Joe Biden had been involved in his brother’s work with Americore. Also, she was unsure if both siblings had any conversation about it.

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A question arose from a staff attorney to Fox. “Have you seen anything where James Biden informed Americore that he was going to take the $200,000 that was purportedly a loan and give it to Joe Biden?” Fox replied, “I did not.”

The Chinese Energy Conglomerate Deal

The $40,000 James Biden paid his brother also received a tag from the Republicans. They call it the proceeds of Hunter Biden’s $5 million deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate.

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The argument was that the money was from an earlier payment of $150,000 James received from his nephew as a consultant on the project. Also, the lawmakers claimed that Biden knew where the cash was coming from since he met with one of the Chinese nationals involved.

Rob Walker’s Testimony

A former business partner of Hunter Biden’s, Rob Walker gave a closed-door testimony. He said Joe Biden indeed met with the executive at a group lunch in a Washington hotel.

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Walker admitted that Joe Biden came around very briefly. However, he wasn’t sure Joe Biden knew what was going on there. It was rather the elder Biden who told the Chinese nationals, “Good luck in whatever you guys are doing.”

Hunter Biden’s Deposition

Hunter Biden rescinded the idea that he funneled money via his uncle to his father. Biden said, “You’re acting as if there’s, like, a dollar here that somehow was traced all the way down to here to repay a loan that you guys say that my father made to him.”

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He further stated, “All I know is this: My father was never involved in any of my business, ever. Never received a cent from anybody or never benefited in any way. Never took any actions on behalf in any way.”

Comer’s Assertion On Fox News

Rep. Comer painted the money Joe Biden received from his brother as a part of the family’s global swindle on Fox News radio. Meanwhile, he did this without paying any attention to the fact that Joe Biden had previously lent his brother the cash. 

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“This all revolves around Joe, because not only have we proven Joe got $250,000…but Joe met with all the people that were wiring the Bidens money, even though he lied and said he never met with any of them…They’re bad people in bad countries who were being investigated for corruption,” Comer said.

Bribery Allegations Against Joe Biden

The Justice Department debunked Republicans’ main bribery allegations against the President last month. They believed that he received $5 million from a Ukrainian oligarch. However, the department said an FBI informant made it up.

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This has been Republicans’ most compelling evidence. Not until when Comer starts suggesting that all money received by the Biden family members amounted to foreign bribes.

Comer’s Clap Back At Contradicting Reporters’ Outfit

Comer lashes back at correspondents who traveled to his Kentucky district to report stories. He said they had an unfamiliar look and walked in a squeamish manner.

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“They waddle in there, you know, tiptoe in there to the court, and they do all these open records requests and they won’t do anything on Biden,” he said.