Stephen A. Smith is known for having different opinions about matters that dig deep into politics and sometimes sports. He’s back with another hot take, this time it’s about Democrats and their war against Trump.

Stephen recently had a one-on-one interview with entrepreneur and podcast host Patrick Bet-David. During this interview, Stephen mentioned how disappointed he was with the Democrats for not bringing someone new to replace Joe Biden.

The Neverending Political Conflict Between The Democrats And Donald Trump

There has always been this never-ending feud between the Democrats and the former president of the United States of America Donald Trump. Taking a good look at the facts surrounding the case it’s easy to see that the Democrats have tried to use the legal system to harass and intimidate him.

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He’s been a target of the democrat’s legal strategies. All in a bid to challenge and undermine Donald Trump’s actions and also his reputation.

The Democrats Cannot Beat Donald In The Traditional Way

While giving his opinions on the topic, Stephen became confused and started to ask questions. He wanted to know the motive behind all the legal actions the Democrats have taken against Trump.

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In expressing his dissatisfaction, Stephen mentioned that the strategy of the Democrats is below par, and they are just scared of coming at Donald Trump the traditional way. Let them campaign and win elections instead of resorting to legal strategies.

It’s Always One Charge After Another

Stephen continued by saying that just because the Democrats are not capable of beating Trump traditionally, they have decided to keep digging up cases. It’s always one charge after another.

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He mentioned a few of the legal issues they have brought up, I mean we have the case with Attorney General James Letitia, the one with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and you know, the Mar Lago case also.

Imagine Having A Trial About Hush Money

Stephen still couldn’t wrap his head around these things. He continued to question the Democrats on their strategy. Imagine going all out to try a porn star for hush money? Really? This is so shameful.

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Stephen kept on emphasizing his disbelief and was surprised that a trial like this even took place in the first instance. He’s disappointed that the Democrats are paying so much attention to such trivial issues instead of focusing on other pressing matters.

Smith Criticizes His Political Party

Stephen Smith is known to be a democrat voter and the fact that he enjoyed criticizing the former president, Donald Trump was openly known to everyone.

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Smith might just have switched sides as he is now actively and openly criticizing his political party for their actions toward the situation with Donald Trump.

Smith Stephen Is Extremely Disappointed

Smith’s disappointment is coming from the fact that, after all their theatrics, the Democratic Party has still not been able to inflict significant damage to Trump’s reputation and political standing.

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Despite their numerous attempts to undermine his reputation and credibility, Donald Trump is still expected to run for office as the Republican party’s presidential candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

After Everything, Trump Is Still Actively Involved In The Political World

Stephen cannot get over how baffling the situation is, even though the Democrats have come up with several allegations and controversies against Donald Trump. He’s managed to get out of it every time. To him, it’s just disappointing.

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One time, Donald Trump was accused of colluding with the Russians. They have continuously questioned his relationship with Russia and the existence of a possible conflict of interest. What’s shocking is that despite all these Donald Trump is still actively involved in the political realm.

Trump Is Still Not In Handcuffs

The interview continued and Stephen still had a lot to say, he mentioned that even though Trump had four indictments and a whole 91 counts he’s still roaming freely and he’s nowhere near being in cuffs.

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Instead of being behind bars, he’s been getting more campaign dollars from supporters and he’s even been climbing up the election polls gradually. It’s just baffling that an individual who has all these legal issues hanging around him is still the GOP nominee.

Trump Can’t Be Stopped

Stephen told Patrick that it’s not possible to stop Donald Trump. In fact he repeated this a number of times

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He then added that the public shouldn’t get him wrong and he’s in no way saying that Donald Trump should be above the law at any time. To him, Trump was once the president of the United States and it’ll be hard to get him.

The Democrats Lack Competitive Fervor

The criticism didn’t stop coming from Stephen, he couldn’t help but complain and stay in awe of how disappointing these acts are.

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He went on to tell Patrick that, as for him, he’s so ashamed of them for their lack of enthusiasm and energy in their approach to competition, just maybe they need to be more aggressive.

There’s No Excuse For This Pathetic Act: Joe Biden Should No Longer Be President

He also added that the party has a lot of problems, and the fact that the party had since 2016 to produce a better candidate but they have failed.

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He went even harder saying the Democrats had no excuse whatsoever, they had eight whole years! To Stephen, that was enough time to find a better replacement for Joe Biden.

Gavin Newsom Will Make A Better Candidate

Stephen is concerned about the age of the democratic party’s presidential candidate. Joe Biden will be 82 years old when he’s eventually re-elected and just to be on the safer side, getting a new candidate is their best bet at winning against Donald Trump.

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Stephen offered a solution to his party, he advised that they should let go of Joe Biden and allow the California governor Gavin Newsom to run the presidential race against Donald Trump.

A Situation That Is Hard To Figure Out

Patrick had a swell time listening to Stephen rant his heart out. When he was done, Patrick then asked him a very important question. He asked if after all these disappointments he still wants the Democratic party to win the 2024 election.

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Stephen replied, telling him how good and fair his question was, but, he admitted that the situation is making it hard to figure out.