Like Trump, the Biden family has been in and out of court recently. They claim it’s a political war from their opponents. Sadly, some people are getting caught in the crossfire. One perfect example is Tony Bobulinski.

Fox News made some statements about Bobulinski,  which he claims aren’t true. So, to recover the damage to his image, he’s suing the news channel. Read on for more details.

Tony Bobulinski Sues Fox News

Tony Bobulinski is a former business partner for Biden. He’s affiliated with the family, so shade is expected to be thrown his way as he “snitches.” One prominent opponent to Bobulinski was Fox News host Jessica Tarlov. What did she say?

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Tarlov made remarks about Bobulinski on the show, saying that his legal fees were being paid by a pro-Trump super PAC. This enraged the businessman, and now, he’s Fox for damages to his reputation.

Bobulinski Demands $30 Million From Fox

Bobulinski filed the case in Manhattan district court on Thursday afternoon. The court document shows that he is demanding financial compensation for the false remarks. But how much does he need?

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Bobulinski is demanding a $30 million settlement. This amount shocked the internet because cases are typically resolved with a few hundred thousand dollars.

Arguments For Bobulinski

Bobulinski revealed extra information on why his case is worthwhile. He accused Ms. Tarlov of lying about him to create an attractive heading for the media.  She also deliberately damages Bobulinski’s character merely to serve her political agenda.

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Essentially, Tarlov is accused of being unfair as a journalist. Instead of relating the facts and then giving her opinion, if necessary, she twists the news.

Did Bobulinski Really Take Money?

What are the facts about Ms. Tarlov’s statement? Did Bobulinski really take money from a pro-Trump super PAC? Bobulinski vehemently denies the statement. In the court documents, his lawyers state the truth.

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“Since 2020, Bobulinski has spent over $500,000 on legal fees and denies taking money from any Trump-affiliated organizations during that time period.” He further explains that not even the former president himself has offered to pay him for speaking against the Biden family.

Bobulinski Wants An Apology

Bobulinski was offended by Ms. Tarlov’s statement about his political affiliation. When he first heard the remark, he sent a letter to Fox asking her to retract her statement and clear the air publicly.

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He also requested an apology from the brand for using his public image to merely generate more views on their show. Naturally, Ms. Tarlov complied. She gave the apology.

Ms. Tarlov Apologized

After receiving a letter from Bobulinski asking for an apology, Tarlov responded accordingly. She said on March 21st: “I would like to clarify a comment I made yesterday during our discussion of Tony Bobulinski’s appearance at the congressional hearing.”

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She continues, reminding viewers that she once said Mr. Bobulinski’s legal fees were being paid by a Trump super PAC. Tarlov then clarified that she had reason to believe this option was true, however, Mr. Bobulinski had denied it.

The Statement By Tarlov Wasn’t Good Enough

Tarlov’s speech was given and received by the public. But it wasn’t good enough. The next day, Bobulinski sent a letter to Fox, insisting that Tarlov retract her comments. But didn’t she do that?

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According to Bobulinski, she does not appear to have done so. She only brought the issue up but didn’t retract or apologize. Bobulinski thinks it’s disingenuous and she should do the right thing.

Things Escalated Quickly

It seemed that Fox became frustrated at Bobulinski’s request. The news channel clapped back, saying that Tarlov’s statement was clear. She wasn’t aware of anything that indicates Bobulinski’s legal bills were paid by Trump’s associates.

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They denied his request for a more straightforward apology. “We stand by our decision to not issue any further corrections.”

The Response Led To The Lawsuit

Bobulinski’s initial intent wasn’t to file a lawsuit. He just wanted a public apology. However, Fox’s reply enraged him, forcing him to take legal action.

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The case was categorized as a defamation of character and required the news channel to pay $30 million in damages. But money isn’t what Bobulinski wants.

Reason For The Lawsuit

Bobulinski explained in a statement. “Although I am seeking compensatory, special, and punitive damages from her for the damage her public remarks inflicted on my personal and professional reputation, this is not about money.”

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He further explains: “This is about the truth, for which I have been fighting for four years. It is important for media personalities like Ms. Tarlov to understand that lies have consequences,” Essentially, it’s a way to clear his name and also punish Tarlov.

Bobulinski Testifies Against Biden

It’s worth noting that Bobulinski testified against the Biden family recently. His testimony was based on his knowledge of their foreign business dealings. What made his involvement more controversial is that he’s supporting a suit meant to impeach the president.

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However, Hunter Biden didn’t even show up on the day of the public hearing. It’s even worse, considering that the court let him set the date based on his busy schedule.

Bobulinski Also Testified Behind Closed Doors

Before the hearing, Bobulinski gave a testimony in February. He explained how he met Joe, Hunter, and James Biden back in 2017. They met to discuss a proposed business involving Chinese infrastructure conglomerate CEFC.

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However, the younger Biden dismissed Bobulinski for being unhappy because the CEFC deal didn’t go as planned. Therefore, Hunter made a different deal with the firm.

Consequences Of Tarlov’s ‘Defamation’

For now, the case between Bobulinski and Tarlov is awaiting trial. Both parties will present evidence to support their case. Then, the jury will decide if Bobulinski was defamed.

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If they find her guilty, the court may order her or even Fox News to pay the damages. But if the requested $30 million is excessive, they may lower it to a more affordable amount.