The pro-Democrat political action committee No Dem Left Behind is turning on one of the party’s newest rising stars, withdrawing support for Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman over his vocal backing of Israel’s controversial military campaign in Gaza.

The PAC, which aims to amplify rural Democratic voices, said Fetterman “betrayed all of us” with his hawkish stance, putting him sharply at odds with progressives. For Fetterman, the backlash spotlights growing tensions between the party’s left flank and centrists over issues like Israel and immigration.

PAC Withdraws Support Over Fetterman’s Pro-Israel Stance

Fetterman’s vocal support for Israel during their military campaign in Gaza has cost him backing from the No Dem Left Behind PAC.

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On Wednesday, the group retracted their senator’s endorsement, saying, “He betrayed all of us.”

A Controversial Stance After October Attack

After the deadly October attack on Israel by Hamas, Fetterman emerged as one of the loudest Democratic voices championing Israel’s forceful response.

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He stood by his position even as the ensuing bombing campaign and ground offensive left tens of thousands of Gazans dead, including many civilians, according to Hamas health officials.

Fetterman’s Statements on The Israel-Gaza Conflict

Fetterman emerged as a vocal supporter of Israel’s military campaign against Hamas following the deadly attack in October. In a statement, he said, “I fully support Israel neutralizing the terrorists responsible for this barbarism.”

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He has stood by this position even as the subsequent bombing campaign and ground offensive in Gaza has led to a massive loss of life, according to figures from the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry.

Fetterman Waves Israeli Flag at Protestors, Defends Israel’s Actions

Senator Fetterman has not shied away from voicing his support for Israel’s military actions in Gaza.

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In January, Fetterman made headlines after he was filmed waving an Israeli flag in front of protestors outside his home in Braddock. The demonstrators had gathered to protest Israel’s role in the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza.

Fetterman: “Hamas Owns This Starvation

Fetterman maintains that Hamas, the militant group controlling Gaza, is responsible for the suffering of civilians. In a March social media post, Fetterman shared a screenshot of a Politico article on the need for a ceasefire to “help starving children in Gaza.”

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However, Fetterman placed the blame squarely on Hamas, writing: “Hamas owns this starvation. They stole billions in Gaza aid and used resources to help carry out the October 7th massacre. Everyday, Hamas eats well while innocent civilians suffer. Surrendering and releasing every hostage ends starvation in Gaza.”

Angering Allies By Supporting The Wrong Side

Fetterman’s hawkish stance on Israel and other issues has sparked outrage from left-leaning groups that once supported him.

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“It weirds me out when non-Jewish Democrats are militantly pro-Israel. It borders on political fetishization,” tweeted pollster Adam Carlson.

Fetterman, “I’m Not Progressive am a Democrat”

For his part, Fetterman stands by his positions, even if they put him at odds with his progressive base. “I’m not a progressive. I think I’m a Democrat,” he told NBC News. On Israel and immigration, he said, “I’m going to be on the right side of that.”

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Fetterman’s maverick brand of politics has earned him both passionate fans and detractors within his party. With his recent loss of PAC support, the detractors appear to have gained ground.

Progressives and Pro-Palestinians Push Back

While No Dem Left Behind has withdrawn its endorsement, Fetterman appears unlikely to temper his rhetoric or change his positions.

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His unwavering support for Israel will continue to anger progressives even as it earns him praise from conservatives. Fetterman is charting his path, for better or worse.

Praise From Conservatives

However, Fetterman’s stance found support among conservatives like Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, who said Fetterman’s position “gives me hope for the country.”

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Fetterman himself rejects the “progressive” label, saying, “I’m not a progressive. I just think I’m a Democrat that is very committed to choice and other things. But with Israel, I’m going to be on the right side of that.”

Where the Senator Stands on Other Key Issues Like Immigration

Senator Fetterman’s views extend beyond just Israel and Gaza. He has expressed opinions on other controversial topics that have sparked debate.

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Fetterman believes border security is vital. He has called for “a secure border” between the U.S. and Mexico, saying, “Immigration is something near and dear to me, and I think we must address it effectively as well.”

Fetterman’s Stance on Other Key Issues

On other issues, Fetterman takes traditionally Democratic stances. He is pro-choice and supports expanding healthcare coverage and access.

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He also favors increasing the minimum wage, making public colleges tuition-free, and legalizing recreational marijuana. At the same time, Fetterman has voiced support for gun owners’ rights.

Backlash From Some Progressives Over His Views

Some progressive Democrats have been critical of Senator Fetterman’s vocal support for Israel’s military actions in Gaza and his calls for increased border security.

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Certain progressive groups have accused Fetterman of betraying Democratic values with his hardline stances.

Accused of “Political Fetishization

Other progressives argued that Fetterman’s enthusiastic support for Israel was strange and off-putting. Pollster Adam Carlson said Fetterman’s position “borders on political fetishization,” adding that “it really weirds me out when non-Jewish Democrats are militantly pro-Israel.”

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Carlson and others felt Fetterman was too aggressively championing Israeli military actions that led to civilian deaths.

A Clear Sign of Division Amongst Democrats

Fetterman’s stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict highlighted divisions within the Democratic Party and progressivism on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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His vocal support for Israel’s military campaign exposed him to backlash from the left even as it won him accolades from the right.