A complaint was reportedly filed with the Federal Election Commissions that claims Donald Trump’s current White House campaign conspired to conceal the recipients of payments for the former President’s legal work. According to multiple reports, this was a possible violation of federal law.

Nonprofit Government Watchdog Targeted Red Curve Solutions

The nonprofit government watchdog known as the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) filed the official complaint on Wednesday. The complaint reportedly targeted a company named Red Curve Solutions, an accounting and compliance firm.

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The allegations claim that Red Curve Solutions received over $7 million from Trump’s 2024 White House campaign. The payments were allegedly received by four other political committees related to Trump’s campaign between December 2022 and March 2024.

Other Committees Involved Include Trump MAGA Committee, MAGA PAC

According to the complaint filed by the CLC, the five committees involved include Donald J. Trump for President 2024, Inc. (also referred to as “Trump 2024 Campaign.”) It also includes the Trump Save America Joint Fundraising Committee (“Trump JFC”) and Save America.

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The complaint also references the Trump Make American Great Again (MAGA) Committee as being involved. The “Make America Great Again PAC” (or “MAGA PAC”) was also added to the list and collectively referred to as the “Trump-affiliated Committees.”

‘The Arrangement Seems Designed To Obscure The True Recipients’ Of Payments

The CLC published an official press release regarding the complaint on Wednesday. According to the release, the “arrangement” in question “seems designed to obscure the true recipients of a noteworthy portion of Trump’s legal bills.”

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According to the press release, the arrangement also apparently “violated the federal ban on corporate political contributions.” As a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Red Curve would be “legally barred from making any contributions” if it is treated as a corporation for tax purposes.

Red Curve Solutions ‘Does Not Appear To Offer Any Legal Services’

The press release acknowledged that Red Curve Solutions offers FEC reporting and compliance services. However, the company “does not appear to offer any legal services.”

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The release confirms that Bradley Crate manages the company as well. Crate currently serves as the treasurer for the five Trump-affiliated committees targeted in the complaint in addition to more than “200 other federal committees.”

Red Curve Provides ‘Comprehensive Treasury, Budgeting’ And ‘FEC Compliance Services’

The official compliant notes that the LLC offers “comprehensive treasury, budgeting, and FEC compliance services for political campaigns, party organizations, and PACs.” This description was reportedly based on the 2023 annual report filed by Red Curve.

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The complaint also acknowledges that Red Curve is a domestic LLC established that operates and is licensed in Massachusetts. It was first organized and managed by Bradley Crate in 2009 under the name of “Crate Consulting Group, LLC.”

Bradley Crate Served As A Top Finance Aide For Mitt Romney’s Campaigns

Bradley Crate previously served as the top finance aid for Mitt Romney during his presidential campaigns. Crate also worked for Romney as part of his gubernatorial administration.

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Crate was also listed as the treasurer of Governor Charlie Baker’s campaign committee. Within Trump’s 2024 FEC filing, Bradley T. Crate was listed as the custodian of records and treasurer.

Red Curve May Have Fronted Legal Costs Of Trump Since December 2022

Based on the filings with the FEC, it seems as if Red Curve Solutions fronted legal costs for Donald Trump since December 2022. The Trump-affiliated committees reportedly would repay the company later.

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The arrangement violates the FEC rules that specifically require campaigns to disclose the entity reimbursed as well as the underlying vendor. The entity being reimbursed in this situation is Red Curve Solutions. However, the identity of the underlying vendor(s) has not yet been disclosed.

Trump-Affiliated Committees ‘Blocked The Public From Knowing’ Payment Recipients

The press release indicates that the Trump-affiliated committees “effectively blocked the public from knowing which attorneys and firms are being paid.” In addition, it did not disclose “how much they are being paid” through the arrangement either.

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According to the CLC, this arrangement prevents the general public from having “complete information about how the campaign” of former U.S. President Trump is “spending donors’ money on legal expenses.” As a result, “voters lack crucial information they have a right to know.”

Red Curve Solutions Received $7.2 Million In Disbursements Over 15-Month Period

During the 15-month period in question, the CLC confirmed that Red Curve Solutions “received 108 disbursements from these five committees.” According to the release, each of the disbursements were classified as “Reimbursement for Legal Expenses” or “Reimbursement for Legal Fees.”

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The total value of all 108 disbursements was approximately $7.2 million. The CLC concluded that “Red Curve was the largest single recipient of legal payouts from Trump” since he first left the Oval Office in 2021. 

MAGA PAC Reportedly Received The Highest Disbursement Amount

The “Make America Great Again PAC” reportedly received the highest disbursement amount. According to the complaint, the committee received a total of approximately $3.8 million during the 15-month period.

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The committee that received the lowest amount of disbursements was reportedly the Trump 2024 Campaign committee. It only received $28,275 during the same period.

Save America Has Reportedly Spent $76 Million On Legal Fees, According To Analysis

An analysis conducted by USA Today showed that Save America has spent over $76 million in legal fees alone. Figures and reports like this have caused campaign finance experts and analysts to question Trump’s use of campaign funds.

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The campaign has also funneled money into Trump’s businesses during a time when the former Commander in Chief is experiencing a severe level of legal scrutiny.

Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Club Received Three Payments From Joint Fundraising Committee

Donald Trump’s joint fundraising committee reportedly wrote three separate checks to the former U.S. President’s Mar-a-Lago club located in Palm Beach, Florida. The payments totaled approximately $411,287 between February and March of this year.

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Another payment was reportedly sent from the same joint committee to Trump National Doral Miami. Multiple reports confirm that payment amount was approximately $62,000.

Trump Also Posted Multimillion Dollar Bonds In Defamation, Fraud Cases

Donald Trump reportedly posted a bond valued at $91.6 million for a defamation case that was filed against him by writer E. Jean Carroll. Carroll argued at her trial that Trump made statements throughout 2019 that unleashed his supporters to go after her.

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Trump also posted a $175 million bond for a fraud case that involves the falsification of business records.

Trump Received Funds For $175 Million Bond From Knight Specialty Insurance Company

Donald Trump made headlines earlier this month when he posted a $175 million bond that protected his assets from being seized by New York Attorney General Letitia James as part of his civil fraud case. The bond was reportedly provided by Knight Specialty Insurance Co, according to a court filing.

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Trump was apparently cutting it close towards his deadline of making the payment. His original deadline was March 25, but a New York appeals court ruled that he and his co-defendants could take advantage of a 10-day extension to post the discounted rate of $175 million to prevent seizure.