There are many moments that can send chills down your spine, and seeing a “ghost ship” float right in front of you is certainly one of them. Especially on a regular day on the ocean, a few miles away from the Bermuda Triangle.

Source: YouTube, Ocean Research Project

In the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, where every ripple holds a tale and the winds whisper mysteries, an extraordinary maritime adventure unfolded. A team from the Oceans Research Project found themselves entangled in this enigma. Buckle up as we dive into the uncharted waters of this chilling narrative.

The Brave Sailors

Like scenes from a horror movie, where the actors tend to move toward the anomaly, instead of moving away from it, a pair of sailors decided to approach a mysterious ship because some things just did not look right, it looked abandoned, almost like a “ghost ship”. 

Source: YouTube, Ocean Research Project

“It is not going anywhere, the sail is up, the motor is not on, the halyards are all twisted, and there is no sign of anyone”, said one team member. The other member of the pair, Matt Rutherford, decided to film the whole expedition as he got on the abandoned sailboat to uncover new mysteries.

Boarding The Ghost Ship

Matt identified the sailboat as the Wolfhound from the Irish Yacht Club. The boat did not look like it had any occupants. He openly admitted to being afraid of the steps he was about to take. “I am going to search around, and I hope I don’t find any dead bodies or anything crazy like that,” he said.

Source: YouTube, Ocean Research Project

As Matt went down below deck, it appeared to be a mess. “This place was left in an absolute wreck,” Matt said. The vessel’s interior told a tale of abandonment, a haunting scene frozen in time. Matt, with cautious relief, declared, “No dead bodies, thank God!”

The Journey Of The Wolfhound

“It’s amazing how this morning, I woke up on a 42-foot yacht, and now I am standing in a 48-foot Swan, 800 miles from Bermuda, 1500 miles from the United States of America, in the middle of the ocean”, Matt said as he marveled at this new enigma he had unraveled.

Source: YouTube, Ocean Research Project (edited)/ Unsplash, Jason Blackeye

The team got in touch with the owner of the sailboat, and the owner offered them some money to get the sailboat back to Bermuda. Matt and his team members decided to tow the boat toward Bermuda, but the journey presented them with more mysteries to uncover, the boat was the tip of the iceberg.

The Path To Bermuda

The journey commenced smoothly, the 42-foot sailboat towing the larger Swan 48 toward Bermuda. A peculiar sight unfolded as the duo navigated the ocean with determination. “We’re doing our best to get her to Bermuda,” Matt exclaimed, unaware that this tow would become a saga of unforeseen challenges.

Source: YouTube, Ocean Research Project

As the journey continued towards Bermuda, things took a mysterious turn. They were forty-seven days into the journey when they ran out of fuel. With no other boats in sight, the horror of being stuck with a ghost ship, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, started to look more realistic.

Unraveling More Bermuda Mysteries

Fortunately for Matt and his partner, a freight ship was passing by them. They managed to get their attention and were given some fuel to power their sailboat. “We convinced a passing freighter to stop and give us 50 gallons of diesel,” said Matt.

Source: YouTube, Ocean Research Project

So far, we’ve seen a mysterious sailboat, an unlikely situation where a smaller sailboat tows a larger swan 48 for forty-seven days, an unexpected occurrence where the team members ran out of fuel, we’ve e seen the presence of a freight ship come to their aid, and it has all happened around the Bermuda triangle. Well, is this all a coincidence and is there more?

What Happens When You Get Too Close To The Bermuda Triangle?

After receiving fuel from the freighter, the pair of sailors from the Oceans Research Project carried on with towing the Wolfhound, as they sailed towards their intended destination. A couple of days passed, and the engine of their sailboat ended up breaking apart.

Source: YouTube, Ocean Research Project

Now, there were two sailboats with broken engines, stuck in the middle of the Atlantic ocean again. One was their 42-foot sailboat and the other was a swan 48 that they couldn’t place an origin story on. This time, with no hope in sight or assistance around them.

A Journey Of Determination

Sailing employs the wind to propel a craft on the surface of the water, using sails and not only an engine. The sailing duo decided to keep on with their journey, by using the help of the wind to move their sailboat, as they towed the swan 48.

Source: Unsplash/Michael Held

For these experienced sailors, who knew their craft, the idea seemed like a good one. However, this execution eventually had a different turnout. “We spent another three days trying to pull the boat with just our sails alone until the weather picked up and we had to cut our boat free,” explained Matt Rutherford.

Moving On From The Wolfhound

Matt Rutherford explained further his reasons for cutting the abandoned Wolfhound vessel off his team’s sailboat. He said, “We had to cut the boat free as the tow line wrapped around our rudder, threatening to break it off.” And we all know a broken rudder means a directionless vessel on the ocean.

Source: YouTube, Ocean Research Project

After cutting off the Wolfhound, the wind died and the Atlantic Ocean was calm for twenty-three days. This gave the sailors enough time, and the perfect weather to steer further into Bermuda. Matt Rutherford gave this account, and ended it by saying that a pilot ship found them, and towed them back to safety.


After seeing the video of Matt Rutherford’s interesting Bermuda experience, some observers on the internet believe the boat belonged to Alan McGettigan. Alan McGettigan is believed to have been traveling with his crewmates when the Wolfhound suffered some damage.

Source: YouTube, Ocean Research Project

Alan and his team were eventually rescued by a cargo ship 64 miles off Bermuda, some weeks before Matt’s team discovered the Wolfhound 800 miles off Bermuda. The existence of the Wolfhound, and the state it exists in today, remains another Bermuda mystery.