The January 6th committee has been busy investigating the attack on the Capitol, but they may have left out some pretty important details, according to a new report. It looks like testimony showing the Trump administration wanted the National Guard at the Capitol was kept hidden.

This new information could change the story we’ve been hearing so far. With critics already suspicious of the committee’s motives, leaving out evidence contradicting their narrative seems like a bad move.

New Information Raises Questions

Sources told the news outlet that former Trump administration officials wanted the National Guard deployed at the Capitol before January 6 but were denied their requests.

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The sources said that testimony related to these requests was not included in the committee’s final report, indicating key evidence may have been left out.

Committee Defends Investigation

However, the committee’s leaders argue that their investigation was thorough and impartial. They say their final report was comprehensive, and any excluded testimony was redundant or not substantively relevant.

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The committee also claims their objective was not to target any individual or group but to provide a complete account of the events leading up to and during the attack.

Is The Explanation Reasonable or Misleading?

Of course, without seeing the suppressed testimony itself, it’s hard to determine if the committee’s explanations are reasonable or if their report was intentionally misleading.

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The sources claim this testimony was important in establishing a fuller timeline of what officials knew and how they responded. However, the committee argues that even significant amounts of additional evidence would not have changed their key findings and recommendations.

Objectivity of Inquiry Questioned

This news has led some to question the committee’s objectivity and call for increased transparency in their investigation.

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However, others say that difficult judgment calls must be made about what evidence is most salient and probative in inquiries as complex as this one.

What the Suppressed Testimony Allegedly Reveals About Trump’s Role

According to the report, the January 6 committee has hidden key details from General Walter Piatt’s testimony that allegedly showed the Trump administration pushed for a National Guard presence during the Capitol attack.

Source: Wikimedia/DoD News

Piatt testified that on January 6, he met with Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and District of Columbia officials.

A Demand For The National Guard Deployment

During the meeting, Piatt claimed Trump administration officials demanded that the D.C. Guard be deployed to the Capitol.

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However, Piatt said D.C. officials believed the situation seemed under control at the time and the deployment could worsen things. The officials allegedly thought the protesters were behaving peacefully.

Pressure From Above To Send In The Troops

Piatt testified he believed Trump administration officials like McCarthy were getting pressure from above to send in troops.

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The general claims he told McCarthy during the call that deployment was not tactically advisable based on their information about the situation on the ground. Piatt said McCarthy agreed with his assessment but still felt obligated to pass along the demands from Trump administration officials.

Testimony From Former Heads Pointing The Finger

The House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack is facing criticism over accusations that it suppressed testimony showing Trump administration officials pushed for a National Guard presence that day.

Source: Wikimedia/William Pratt and Office of the Director of National Intelligence

According to news reports, former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller and former D.C. National Guard commander Maj. Gen. William Walker testified that Trump’s acting chief of staff wanted 10,000 National Guard troops to be ready on January 6.

No Evidence Trump Prepared for The Riot

Supporters counter that Miller and Walker’s accounts do not prove that Trump officials are adequately prepared for the riot.

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Questions remain about why the Guard wasn’t deployed sooner and in greater numbers if orders had indeed been given. The committee may have also felt the officials’ testimonies were too ambiguous or unsubstantiated to include in the report.

The Politicization of The Committee’s Work

The controversy highlights the political tensions surrounding the committee’s work. Formed after Senate Republicans blocked an independent commission, the committee has a majority of Democrats and two Republicans critical of Trump.


While the committee aims to conduct an objective investigation, some see its efforts as a partisan campaign to damage Trump and the GOP.

The Capitol Attack Needs a Comprehensive Investigation

On the other hand, the gravity of the Capitol attack warrants a comprehensive investigation, even if it reflects poorly on certain politicians or parties.

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The committee’s defenders argue that political concerns must not interfere with revealing the truth about January 6.

How the Reported Coverup Impacts Public Trust in the Investigation

If the report that the committee suppressed testimony showing Trump administration officials pushed the Pentagon to deploy the National Guard to the Capitol is true, it significantly damages public trust in the investigation.


Hiding relevant evidence from public view implies the committee may have its agenda rather than an impartial search for truth.

Partisan Interests Come Before Facts

The committee comprises Democrats and Republicans, and its leaders have pledged to conduct an impartial investigation.

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But if it conceals information unflattering to one side, it shows partisan interests coming before facts. That would confirm the worst suspicions of skeptics and turn the investigation into another polarized debate where preconceptions matter more than evidence.

More Questions Than Answers

The investigation was meant to provide definitive answers about what happened on January 6. However, suppressing key testimony has raised questions about what else may have been concealed and why.

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The committee now has the difficult task of rebuilding trust in an investigation that was supposed to give clarity but may have muddied the waters.