The Baltimore Bridge tragedy has made headlines – the focus ranging from highlights of the freighter ship crew’s bravery to the human tragedy and the massive infrastructural costs associated with the collision. 

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, however, has made headlines with a new conspiracy concocted to explain the tragic accident. 

Slammed with a Community Note

Greene, a Georgian Republican who’s known for sharing conspiracy theories, got slammed with a community note on X (previously known as Twitter). 

Source: X/Marjorie Taylor Greene

In her latest publication pertaining to the accident, Greene claimed that a serious investigation into a terrorist act should be taking place. 

A Quick X Response

Soon after making the publication, Greene received an X community note. 

Source: X

A community note allows X users to correct posts that potentially contain misleading or false information. The note is mainly based on Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley statements. Worley said that there is “absolutely no indication” of terrorism. 

Authorities Confirm the Accidental Nature of the Tragedy

Maryland Governor Wes Moore also confirmed the fact that the Baltimore Bridge accident was in no way a terrorist act.

Source: Wikimedia/Patorjk

In a statement, Moore said that the freighter ship’s crew had sent a mayday alert before the collision and the bridge destruction occurred. That happened almost immediately after the vessel lost power and the crew members were left helpless and incapable of controlling the ship’s movement. 

The Crew Saved Lives

In his statement, Moore also praised the ship’s crew for alerting the authorities about the power loss on the ship. 

Source: Wikimedia/Petty Officer 1st Class Tasha Tully

The signal allowed officials to stop the traffic and get vehicles off the Key Bridge before the collision occurred. As a result, numerous lives were saved. “These people are heroes,” Moore said. 

Conspiracy Theories Abound Online

While the investigation is ongoing and the series of events that led to the collision is well-understood, conspiracy theories already abound online.

Source: X/Aaron Rupar

As per some accounts, the Israeli forces directed the freighter towards the bridge in an attempt to retaliate for the US allowing the adoption of the UN resolution on a Gaza ceasefire. Other accounts doubt the qualifications of the ship’s crew members, blaming greed and the hiring of untrained personnel for the tragedy. 

Other Conspiracy Theorists Chime in

Greene isn’t the only conspiracy theorist who has doubts about the origin of the massive Baltimore disaster.

Source: X/Alex Jones

Alex Jones, a well-known conspiracy theorist, claimed that the collapse of the bridge “looks deliberate.” On X, Jones went on to add that a cyber attack seems like a plausible cause. Andrew Tate, notoriously recognized for rape and human trafficking charges, also wrote on X that the ship intentionally steered towards the bridge’s supports after the loss of power. 

Conspiracy Theorists Provoke Angry Responses

Conspiratorial explanations of the tragedy have provoked some angry responses. One of the most outspoken Greene critics is former Baltimore Sun reporter and The Wire author David Simon.

Source: Wikimedia/Peabody Awards

Simon called Greene “a complete sub-moronic pratfall of a human being” and wrote that the authorities already have enough evidence to explain what happened. 

A Massive Tragedy That Could Have Been Even More Devastating

The bridge collapse occurred at a time when construction workers were still doing their job. 

Source: Flickr

As a result of the collision, two people were rescued from the water. One of them is currently in critical condition. Six construction workers have gone missing and the search for their bodies has been discontinued. Had it not been for the ship crew’s alert, the tragedy would have led to a much bigger number of victims. 

What’s Known about the Charter Company

The charter company operating the ship is Maersk Line Limited, a Danish enterprise that’s come under investigation before.

Source: Wikimedia/Bo Randstedt

Reports suggest that Maersk Line Limited has previously been investigated by US officials for retaliating against an employee who filed a safety concerns report. The report resulting from the investigation suggests that the seaman’s contract was terminated illegally after they outlined an array of safety concerns to the US Coast Guard. 

Issues with Equipment Reported Previously

The seaman’s report outlined a number of very concerning issues that Maersk Line Limited had previously failed to address. 

Source: Wikimedia/Cliff

As per his report, some of the essential gear on the operator’s ships didn’t work, trainees were left unsupervised, crew members possessed alcohol on board, and fuel leaks had previously been known to occur. 

Maersk Responds to the Accusations

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the ship operator has addressed media to shed some light on the safety issues reported to US officials. 

Source: Wikimedia/Alf van Beem

“No Maersk crew and personnel were onboard the vessel. We are closely following the investigations conducted by authorities and Synergy, and we will do our utmost to keep our customers informed.” The company hasn’t provided any additional details about the cause of the power loss on the vessel. 

Investigation Is Still Ongoing

While there is a lot of clarity about the sequence of events that caused the collision, the investigation is still ongoing. 

Source: Pixabay

On March 27, US divers recovered the data recorder from the freighter ship. It will be examined and all data will be analyzed thoroughly to determine whether a technical issue, human error, or a maintenance issue has led to the tragedy. 

Republicans Blame Biden’s Infrastructure Bill

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Republican reps have taken to blaming the Biden administration and its Infrastructure Bill for the disaster. 

Source: Wikimedia/Famartin

Representative Nancy Mace claimed that not enough money was going towards the maintenance of vital infrastructure. “Look at the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that was done a couple of years ago that the left hails as this massive success, but it was mostly ‘Green New Deal,’” she said. Her opinion has received a lot of criticism, much like Greene’s conspiracy claims. 

A Local State of Emergency Declared in Baltimore

No matter what the cause of the accident, the consequences have been immense.

Source: Wikimedia/Famartin

Baltimore Mayor Brandon M Scott declared a local state of emergency in response to the collapse. On X, Scott reported that teams are mobilizing resources and working tirelessly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the Baltimore community.