The internet is no stranger to drama from political figures. This February, the quarrel was between Mark Levin and Fani Willis. What happened? Levin recently went viral for his harsh remarks about Willis.

He commented on Willis’s “personal relationship” with a special prosecutor. Shortly, his remark sparked people’s online opinions, leading to Willis coming under fire. But why does her relationship bring so much controversy? What are the repercussions? Read on to find out!

District Attorney Fani Willis Confesses

Fani Taifa Willis is an American attorney born in 1971. She is the district attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, serving since 2021. Willis is most famous for being the first woman to hold an office in that area.

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Yet, in February, the District attorney confessed in a court filing. She admitted to having a relationship with a special prosecutor. This person was Nathan J. Wade.

Who Is Nathan Wade?

Nathan Wade is the special prosecutor for Donald Trump. He got hired to oversee the former president’s court case. This was about Trump interfering with the Georgia election. But, taking this position quickly put him at the center of many allegations.

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It’s worth noting that Fani Willis hired Wade to handle Trump’s case. Nevertheless, many argued that Wade didn’t qualify for his position. Trump’s co-defendant even mentioned Wade in a lawsuit. He claimed that Wade’s experience didn’t meet Fulton County’s standard.

Wade Left His Family For Willis

The controversy mainly questions the couple’s morals and professionalism. It also accuses them of exploitation. For example, Wade had a wife during the time he knew Willis. Surprisingly, he spontaneously divorced her on November 2, 2021. What for?

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Many speculate that he left his wife and two kids to be with Willis. Why? Because he filed for divorce a day after Willis appointed him to Trump’s case. Therefore, the man was cheating on his family, and Willis knew about it.

Willis Failed To Separate Her Personal Life From Her Career

Achieving a work-life balance is essential. It also means ensuring that your decisions are logical and not emotional. Sadly, Willis failed to make this distinction by hiring Wade for Trump’s case. How’s that a problem?

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Trump’s situation is a high-profile one. It Was Willis’s job to find the best prosecutor to conclude the case. However, she chose Wade. Many have argued that Nathan Wade isn’t qualified as he lacks experience. Therefore, it’s possible he got the job merely for his affair with Willis.

Mark Levin Was Furious About The Discovery

As previously mentioned, Willis confessed to her relationship with Nathan Wade. This revelation angered Levin and let everyone know exactly how he felt on social media. Basically, he accused her of being a “crooked and hypocritical” Democrat.

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On X, formerly Twitter, Levin tweeted. He said: “Fani Willis, just another crooked, hypocritical, sleazy Democrat interfering with the election and trying to imprison President Trump and other Republicans, has her records subpoenaed by House Republicans.”

Others Defend Willis

While most internet users disapprove of Willis’ behavior, others defend her. They emphasize the possibility that she separated her duties from the relationship. Perhaps Wade was another legal expert she saw fit for the position.

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While this perspective may be correct, it has one flaw. Many question Wade’s qualifications. These political experts claim that Wade lacks the experience to meet the Fulton County standard. Therefore, he may not be eligible to handle Trump’s high-profile case.

Was Hiring Nathan Wade An Illegal Move?

District attorney Willis was forced to mention her relationship with special persecutor Nathan Wade. This connection caused many to demand her disqualification. But did she do anything illegal?

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First, there’s nothing wrong with having personal relationships at work. The attorney even cited two other relationships between lawyers. Secondly, hiring Wade is her job. If the court finds him unfit for Trump’s case, he will be replaced promptly.

People Accuse Willis Of Benefiting Financially Off Hiring Wade

Attorney Willis faces pressure as people call for disqualification. They claim that she strategically hired Willis so he could pay for her vacations. Is there any truth to this? Willis quickly clarified this notion.

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Her lawyer wrote in the filing that the relationship has no financial benefits. In her words, “To be absolutely clear, the personal relationship between Special Prosecutor Wade and District Attorney Willis has never involved direct or indirect financial benefit to District Attorney Willis.”

Even Donald Trump Commented On The Situation

It’s no surprise that former president Donald Trump weighed in on the matter. He posted about the couple on Truth Social Friday, accusing Willis of exploitation.

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According to Trump: “By going after the most high-level person, and the Republican Nominee, she was able to get her “lover” much more money, almost a Million Dollars, than she would be able to get for the prosecution of any other person or individual.

What Happens To Willis And Wade Next?

Currently, there is a motion to disqualify Willis as district attorney and Wade from prosecuting the case. Willis’ attorney claims the issue has no merit and should be denied an evidentiary hearing.

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On the other hand, others believe Willis abused her power. She appointed an unqualified attorney to a high-profile case because of their relationship. There’s also the possibility that her decision was to exploit money. Nevertheless, more news will come out on the case, and the truth will emerge eventually.