A Republican Michigan lawmaker’s racist social media post has led to serious consequences. State Representative Josh Schriver lost his committee assignment and staff access after sharing an image promoting the white supremacist “great replacement” conspiracy theory.

The post, which depicted figures showing Blacks vastly outnumbering whites, brought a swift backlash. House Speaker Joe Tate, who is Black, condemned the “racist, hateful and bigoted speech” and stripped Schriver of key roles while allowing him to still vote on legislation. The incident highlights growing tension around race in Michigan’s state legislature.

Republican Lawmaker in Michigan Loses Committee Role Over Racist Tweet

The Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, Joe Tate, removed Representative Josh Schriver from his committee assignment after Schriver shared a racist image on social media. According to reports, Schriver, who is white, posted an image depicting a conspiracy theory known as “the great replacement.”

Source: House Republicans/Rep. Josh Schriver

Speaker Tate, who is Black, stated that he will not allow the Michigan House to be a platform for “racist, hateful and bigoted speech.” While Schriver will retain the ability to vote on the House floor, Tate has removed him from his committee position and has placed oversight of Schriver’s staff under the House Business Office.

Schriver Insists He Is Not Racist

The staff will continue assisting constituents, but Tate said, “Representative Schriver has a history of promoting debunked theories and dangerous rhetoric that jeopardizes the safety of Michigan residents and contributes to a hostile and uncomfortable environment for others.”

Source: Twitter/Rep. Josh Schriver

When asked for comment about the social media post, Schriver defended his actions, saying, “I’m opposed to racists, race baiters, and victim politics.” However, he also expressed the belief that “there’s an agenda to demoralize and reduce the white portion of our population.” Schriver’s views promote harmful and unethical rhetoric not supported by facts.

Background on Rep. Josh Schriver and His Controversial Post

State Representative Josh Schriver, a Republican lawmaker representing portions of Oakland and Macomb counties in Michigan, recently lost his committee assignment and staff after posting an image promoting the racist “great replacement theory” on social media.

Source: PA Archive/Yui Mok

The ‘great replacement theory’ is a baseless conspiracy theory that claims there is a plot to diminish the influence of white people through increased immigration and declining birth rates. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ‘great replacement theory’ is a “white nationalist talking point” that has inspired violence and hate crimes.

The Great Replacement Conspiracy Theory Explained

The “great replacement theory” is a baseless conspiracy theory that posits there is an orchestrated effort underway to replace white populations in Western countries with nonwhite immigrants. Proponents of this racist ideology falsely claim that declining birth rates among white populations, coupled with increased immigration rates from non-European countries, will ultimately lead to the replacement of white populations.

Source: Twitter/National Immigration Forum

White nationalists and supremacists have promoted this unfounded theory to stoke fears about immigration and cultural changes. The racist philosophy spread online and has inspired real-world violence, including mass shootings targeting minority groups.

The Great Replacement Conspiracy Associate with Other Concepts

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has promoted concepts associated with replacement theory, claiming that Democrats are “trying to replace the current electorate” in the U.S. with “new people, more obedient voters from the Third World.” However, no evidence suggests any policy aims to replace white populations systematically.

Source: Media News Group/Reading Eagle

The roots of replacement theory date back to the Reconstruction era in the U.S., when there were efforts to intimidate and prevent Black people from voting. This racist trope has endured and expanded into a conspiracy that falsely claims Jews, political elites, and others are orchestrating the replacement of white populations through mass immigration and demographic changes.

House Speaker Joe Tate’s Response and Disciplinary Action

House Speaker Joe Tate, a Democrat who is African American, condemned Representative Schriver’s social media post promoting the racist “great replacement theory” and took swift disciplinary action. According to Speaker Tate, Representative Schriver has repeatedly spread debunked conspiracy theories and harmful rhetoric that threaten the safety of Michigan residents and foster a hostile environment.

Source: Univeristy of Michigan/Lori Atherton-Denise Spranger

Speaker Tate stripped Representative Schriver of his committee assignment and directed the House Business Office to oversee his staff, though they will still assist constituents. While Representative Schriver retains the right to vote on the House floor, Speaker Tate aims to prevent the legislature from becoming a platform for racist, hateful, and intolerant speech.

Criticism and Condemnation of the Tweet From Fellow Lawmakers

Rep.Schriver’s social media post promoting the racist “great replacement theory” has drawn sharp criticism from his fellow lawmakers and government officials. House Speaker Joe Tate condemned Schriver’s actions and rhetoric, calling them “racist, hateful and bigoted speech.” Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also denounced Schriver’s post, describing its contents as “abhorrent rhetoric.”

Source: Twitter/Anna Liz Nichols

The racist theory Rep. Schriver promoted suggests that there is a plot underway to reduce the influence of white individuals by replacing them with nonwhite immigrants. Experts warn that while more extreme forms of racism are widely abhorred, radical ideologies can still gain traction and become normalized.

Schriver Stands By Debunked Theory

Schriver told media that he found it “strange” that some aim to “demoralize and reduce the white portion of our population.” His comments echo the core belief of “Great Replacement” theorists. Schriver refused to apologize for sharing content promoting this baseless and harmful theory.

Source: Twitter/Rep. Josh Schriver

Schriver’s social media posts have previously spread misinformation and “dangerous rhetoric,” according to House Speaker Joe Tate. Tate condemned Schriver’s recent post and punished him for his committee assignment. However, Tate stated Schriver would retain the right to vote on the House floor.

Experts Denounce ‘Great Replacement’ Theory

Experts argue that the “Great Replacement” theory has inspired violent attacks and threatens public safety. The theory has spread from fringe internet spaces into mainstream discourse in recent years. Some politicians and media figures have promoted softer versions of the theory, introducing their audiences to a “more palatable” form of the conspiracy.

Source: X/ADL

The promotion of the “Great Replacement” theory can contribute to a hostile environment for minorities and immigrants. The theory relies on debunked arguments about birth rates and immigration. In reality, white populations continue to dominate politically and socially in most Western nations.

Social Media Sites Crack Down on Racist Content and Hate Speech

Social media platforms have recently taken action against accounts promoting racist ideologies and hate speech. In particular, some high-profile conservatives have been pushing the “great replacement theory,” which falsely claims there is a plot to diminish the influence of white populations through immigration and demographic changes.

Source: House Video/Rep. Josh Schriver

Experts say this baseless theory is seeping from the internet’s fringes into mainstream discourse. A recent poll found about one-third of Americans believe there is an effort underway to replace native-born citizens with immigrants for political gain.