Donald Trump has quickly become one of the most polarizing political figures in recent years. Starting with his extreme rhetoric during his initial run for president in 2016, and going on through the years since then, Trump has made a name for himself as a politician and person that you either love, or you hate. And unfortunately for Trump, there are a lot of people who hate him.

Why Don’t People Like Trump?

There are various reasons why people who dislike Trump say that they don’t like. Many women don’t appreciate the way that he speaks about women. Minorities don’t like how he speaks about black and brown people. Gen Z don’t like the way that he talks about the youth like they’re children.

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Despite this, he’s still running for president again, and it appears that he will be the Republican primary pick for president for a third time. This is in spite of a fairly competitive primary season for the Republicans, which Trump officially participated in very little.

A Campaign Filled With Issues

Trump’s campaign has been riddled with issues and controversy, largely stemming from the fact that the former president is currently facing more than 90 felony charges in multiple jurisdictions across the United States.

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These charges are for crimes varying from tax evasion and fraud, all the way up to mishandling of United States government documents and attempting to subvert a formal political process. Trump is in hot water right now, and there are some people who are trying their best to make sure that the man doesn’t step foot in the Oval Office again.

Cases in the Justice System

Some of these attempts have gone through the justice system. Multiple cases have been brought to various state Supreme Courts across the country, seeking to disqualify Trump from running on the ballot under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

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Section 3 of the 14th Amendment states that someone who has participated in an insurrection against the United States is ineligible to run for office again. Many people believe that Trump’s action, and lack thereof, on January 6, 2021 during the United States capitol riot fits under this definition of insurrection.

Some States Have Already Ruled

Some states, notably Colorado, have already ruled that Trump did, in fact, engage in insurrection on January 6 and that makes him ineligible to appear on the state ballot for the election this November. The case has been taken up by the Supreme Court, which has yet to issue an opinion on the matter.

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Opponents of the 14th amendment argument state that it could be a dangerous pattern to allow for one state to decide who is and is not allowed to be on the ballot. It’s likely that the Supreme Court will rule along these lines, considering that not doing so would open up the possibility of single states deciding entire federal elections in the future.

A Petition on the Internet

In light of how slow the justice system in America is, and the fact that it’s truly uncertain whether Trump will face legal consequences for some of his actions at all, there are some who have decided to take a different route to communicate their displeasure towards the former president.

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A petition has been created and has been making the rounds on the internet, which seeks to bar Trump from any public office ever again, not just the presidency. The point of barring him from office is in case he stages “his next coup in 2024.”

Trump Banned from the Ballot

The petition was set up by, a progressive group. The petition wants Trump banned from running for public office because of the events of January 6, which the petition blames square on Trump and his rhetoric following his loss to Joe Biden in 2020.

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The petition cites the 14th amendment as the reason for disqualifying Trump. It also addresses Trump’s federal and Georgia indictments for allegedly plotting to overturn the result of the 2020 election. Trump has been charged with four felony RICO charges in Georgia for his actions surrounding the election, and has been federally charged with 4 felony charges in Washington D.C.

The Indictments are Essential, But Not Singular says that the election-related indictments against Trump are “an essential step toward holding him accountable for inciting a deadly, white supremacist-led insurrection on January 6, 2021.”

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Because of what happened at the capitol on January 6, and what many see as Trump’s actions relating to it, the petition says that Trump “does not meet the qualifications to become president again.”

More than Half a Million Signatures

Since being posted, the petition has gained more than half a million signatures from individuals all over the United States. The unity in these individuals is clear: they do not want to see Donald Trump in the Oval Office again.

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The petition is seeking a total of 600,000 signatures. It says, “We need to fight back even harder to hold Trump accountable for his actions to damage our democracy.” It goes on to stated, “State elections officials already have the authority and responsibility to bar him from the ballot. And Congress can back them up.”

Trump Looking for Absolution

Trump is seeking to have the indictments against him overturned, through an argument that states that his actions on January 6 are not eligible to be criminally prosecuted due to presidential immunity. It’s an argument that has already made its way through several rounds of appeals, and judges do not seem to be sympathetic to it.

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Despite the overwhelming charges against him, Trump has denied all responsibility and claims that he is the victim of a “politically motivated witch hunt by the Democrats.” The petition on suggests a larger movement against the former President than that, but only time will tell what will ultimately come of it.