In America today, we all are being faced with a big problem: illegal immigration. The government seems to care more about illegal migrants than its own citizens. Black, Asian, Mexican, and White Americans, we all should be worried.

Did you know the government is thinking of letting lots of people from other countries work here legally, even if they came here illegally? In the United States, there are strict laws about who can come here legally, whether to work or visit, and how people without permission are treated if they work here illegally.

Biden’s Plan: Benefits For Illegal Immigrants

The Biden administration is considering giving work permits and benefits to over 400,000 Venezuelans who came to the U.S. illegally. Possibly even citizens from different countries.

Source: Vice

Their actions spell out two things; DERELICTION of DUTY and FLAGRANT IGNORANCE of the LAW! The main job of the Executive arm is to make sure laws are followed. But as it stands, they’re changing it to suit their own ideas.

History Repeating: Modern Politics’ Old Tricks

But let’s look at the bigger picture here. Have you ever heard of the Tammany Hall Machine or William “Boss” Tweed? These are old stories, but they really never died.

Source: Bloomberg/Al Drago

When you hear about things like “The Great Replacement” or “Extinguishment of the American Identity,” they’re not just wild ideas. No, I’m not exaggerating either. They’re now happening right in front of us, little by little. Soon, we might have more illegal migrants in the US than citizens.

Changes In U.S. Policy Benefit Venezuelans

Last year, the Department of Homeland Security made changes to the program called Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuelans living in the U.S. This program gives them permission to stay here and work legally.


Before, only Venezuelans who came before March 2021 could apply for TPS. But because of the announcement, more Venezuelans who came later could also apply. About 472,000 extra Venezuelans might get TPS, that’s plus the 242,000 who already have it. But those who came after July last year won’t qualify.

Secretary Mayorkas: TPS Protects Venezuelans In the US

“Temporary protected status provides individuals already present in the United States with protection from removal when the conditions in their home country prevent their safe return,” Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement.

Source: Twitter/The_Trump_Train

He added that this was the situation that Venezuelans who arrived in the US on or before July 31 last year found themselves in.

A Good Deed… Or Not?

The Biden administration has used TPS more than ever before. They’ve allowed record numbers of migrants from Afghanistan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Haiti, Myanmar, Sudan, and Ukraine to qualify for the program.

Source: Twitter/JimBobW49

In recent years, more than seven million Venezuelans have left their country due to economic problems and authoritarian rule. Most have settled in other South American nations, especially Colombia.

A Big Win For Democrats

More Venezuelans are now seeking better opportunities in the U.S. They’re willing to make the long journey that includes walking through Panama’s once impassable Darien Gap. And when you look at the border policies now-most of which are in their favor – you can see why.

Source: Twitter/V_of_Europe

The announcement was a win for congressional Democrats and leaders in big cities like New York who have been urging the government to give legal status to migrants so they can work legally and not rely on local help.

All Tactics To Retain Power

After the news broke last year, New York Mayor Eric Adams thanked President Biden for listening to their calls and making Venezuelans eligible for Temporary Protected Status. In his words, ‘it brings hope to many asylum seekers in their care.’

Source: Thumbor.forbes

But I’m not buying it. Don’t get it wrong. It’s all good to want to help but it feels like there are ulterior motives at play. The Democratic Party has long believed that to get power and keep it, they need to use divisive tactics,

Democratic Agenda: Divisive Social Issues Over Traditional Values

How? By focusing on social issues to divide and influence weak parts of the society. Isn’t it disturbing that themes like God, Family, and Country don’t feature in their discussions?

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Instead, their attention is fixed on topics like racism, LGBTQ+ rights, abortion, gun control, police criticism, and Critical Race Theory. All of which are not part of traditional American values.

Do We Still Care About The Consequences?

In today’s world, led by the Democrats, there’s a serious nonchalance towards the effects of extreme politics.

Source: Bostonherald

The result? Homelessness is everywhere, veterans are suffering, mental illness is becoming normal because there aren’t enough resources, and we’re not fulfilling our responsibilities, like helping Ukraine. It’s time to ask ourselves: Are these the values we want to stand for?

Roots Of America’s Crises: Money And Anti-Americanism

The people promoting America’s crises are part of it for two main reasons: Firstly, they get paid to push these ideas and beliefs. They really don’t like the United States and want it to fail.

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There’s no other way to see it. Either you’re part of it or you don’t know what’s happening. If you stay quiet, you’re going along with it – simple as that.

A History Of Missed Opportunities

Republicans aren’t much better at dealing with these problems. A lot of them talk big talk, but when it comes down to taking action, they often don’t do much.

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This attitude has been a big part of why they lost support after Reconstruction and during the Civil Rights Era (again). Many Republicans seem to take the idea of “turning the other cheek” too seriously.

Balancing Opportunity With Security

What Americans should realize is that immigration to the US isn’t a bad thing-it can be really good. But let’s think about it with a micro vs macro mindset.

Source: Wikimedia/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Would you take off the door to your house and go to sleep, letting anyone from anywhere come in without checking who they are or what they’re up to?

A Strange Position To Be In

Our border is like having the hinges off and the doors removed, letting anyone from anywhere come in while we’re asleep. They can enjoy what we’ve worked for without being checked or stopped, except maybe by asking them, “Where do you want to go?”

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It seems like illegal immigrants can get more benefits than American citizens. It’s strange to think that Americans would have never thought they’d have to say that.