President Biden blazed into the White House in 2021 after defeating former president Donald Trump in the 2020 elections. One reason for his success was the promise he made during his campaign. He said he was restoring order to the border and doing a better job than the former president.

However, it’s 2024, and President Biden has yet to deliver on his promise to restore stability to the border. Surprisingly, the opposite has happened as more illegal immigrants overwhelm the Border Patrol and find their way into the US.

What’s The US Border Crisis?

The US has had problems with illegal immigrants trying to cross its borders for decades. This issue comes mainly from foreigners seeking asylum in the US from countries like Guatemala and Central America. But despite their unfortunate situation, their presence also came with some issues.

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Officials have tried to manage the influx of immigrants at the border since it’s illegal and threatens U.S. security.

Trump Built A Wall

Trump was one of the first few officials to speak against the number of illegal immigrants flooding into the US. He established policies like the Migrant Protection Protocol, where asylum seekers will wait in Mexico while the government handles their immigration case in court.

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However, Trump’s policies weren’t all sunshine and rainbows. The former President had a zero-tolerance policy where the justice system prosecuted all immigrants who managed to cross into the US without permission.

Biden Tore Down The Policies

Once Biden was inaugurated in 2021, he sought to revamp Trump’s policies regarding the country’s immigration problem. This endeavor began just two weeks in office as he claims the former president’s policies were “harmful” to immigrants.

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While Biden lifted the travel ban set on nations Trump considered unfit for the US, he also let immigrants convicted of serious crimes go. At the same time, Biden made it so that immigrants can now be counted in the national census as part of people in the United States. These are a few of his new changes, but were they effective?

Crisis At The Border Worsens With Biden’s Administration

Despite Biden’s attempts at managing the borders, the situation may have spiraled out of control. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported that over 5.4 million people crossed illegally into the US, and 1.5 were never caught.

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When pressed for answers, Biden claimed it was all part of the Administration’s plans to make immigration more humane, but multiple reports show that achieving this goal isn’t within reach.

Immigrant Kids Turned To Slaves

For now, around 300,000 kids have been recovered from the border and placed with sponsors in the US. Several investigations have been carried out for these kids to check their condition in these new homes, but the results are disheartening.

Source: The Washington Post/David J. Phillip

Only 85,000 out of these 300,000 children were reachable. What’s worse is that the few kids found were being forced to work slave jobs for the “debt” they owed their new guardians.

Arizona Borders Are Getting Overwhelmed

The influx of illegal immigrants has overwhelmed the Tuson border, causing Arizona to propose new, drastic laws. Recently, the state passed a bill letting civilians shoot down illegal immigrants who trespass on their property.

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Naturally, many politicians criticized the proposal, claiming Arizona is being unreasonable and making a mistake similar to their error in 2012. Regardless of these criticisms, Arizona’s inclination to use lethal force shows how Americans feel about the issue.

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Reconsiders His Decision With Biden

Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas is the seventh United States Secretary of Homeland Security who’s also recognized for ending “Reman in Mexico.” This Trump policy required refugees to stay in Mexico as the court discussed their fate.

Source: CQ Roll Call/Tom Williams

He commented in a memo: “After carefully considering the arguments, evidence, and perspectives presented by those who support re-implementation, termination, and continuation of MPP, I have determined that MPP should be terminated.” Mayorkas also admitted that removing Trump’s policy “likely contributed to reduced migratory flows.”

Trump Warned Biden ‘This Would Happen’

The disappointment for President Joe Biden is severe with this border crisis. They claim that demolishing Trump’s crucial policies creates a catastrophic situation that doesn’t require any esoteric knowledge to predict.

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What’s worse is that the Trump administration already cautioned Biden on his decision, making people wonder how an obvious end can catch Biden off guard. Comments on social media forums indicate that this “sluggishness” is expected of “sleepy Joe.”

Biden Hasn’t Given Up Yet

At this point, the president needs all the help he can get. People are unhappy while immigrants flood into the country with little to no restrictions. Fortunately, the Biden administration is still active.

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Recently, the white house sent Biden to visit the border and brainstorm ways to handle the immigration crisis. In the meantime, the Biden administration has requested help from sanctuary cities to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Criticises The Sanctuary Regime

New York Mayor, Eric Adams seems to not support some immigrants living in the city. His verbal outburst came after recent high-profile crimes caused by immigrants. So, he called for the police and deportation officers to work together in sending foreign criminals home.

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According to Adams: “I don’t believe people who are violent in our city and commit repeated crimes should have the privilege of being in our city.”

‘A Blank Check Won’t Fix This’

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer expressed his concern with the Biden administration. He claims that the president and his officials are asking taxpayers for more money to handle the border crisis.

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Comer further comments that the country needs detention or removal of illegal immigrants, not a soft approach.

‘Biden Must Prioritise The Men And Women Protecting Our Borders’

As previously mentioned, border patrol officers are overwhelmed by the influx of immigrants. Political commentators request that Biden should focus on these brave men and women by providing them with more resources.

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These tools could include devices for detecting drugs and other narcotics. The Biden administration could also provide weapons for a proper defense or detention. Comer echoed this point, saying: “This administration must do more to protect our southern border. They must do more to protect the American people.”

The Border Crisis Is Severe, And There’s No Hope In Sight

The crisis at the border grows daily as thousands of people travel to the US to seek asylum. While Trump’s policies managed this influx, Biden ruined it, and now. Things are getting out of hand.

Source: USA Today/Brendan Smialowski

Is there hope of restoring balance? For now, no! The president and his team are still coming up with a reliable solution. In the meantime, people recommend they employ better policies to restore the ones Donald Trump previously set.