Republicans are aiming for the Biden administration’s use of the CBP One app, which has enabled over 320,000 migrants to fly into the U.S. without proper identification. The move comes as part of the ongoing battle over immigration between the GOP and the White House, with Republicans seeking to “stop the invasion” at the southern border.

GOP Senators Introduce VALID Act to Bar CBP One as ID for Migrant Flights

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, has introduced the Verifying that All Aliens Have Legitimate Identification Documents (VALID) Act, which would prohibit the TSA and airlines from accepting the CBP One app as a form of identification for migrants boarding flights to or within the U.S. The legislation is cosponsored by several other Republican senators.

Lee expressed his frustration with the current situation, stating, “It is a disgrace that American citizens are held to a higher standard of vetting when traveling around their own country than illegal aliens. My legislation would forbid the TSA from accepting a government app as ID for illegals boarding flights, which has been used by the Biden administration to shuttle violent criminals to every corner of our nation.”

CBP One App Originally Designed for Perishable Goods, Now Used for Asylum Applications

The CBP One app, operated by Customs and Border Protection, was initially created to reduce wait times for perishable commercial goods passing through legal U.S. ports of entry. However, at the beginning of 2023, the Biden administration expanded the app’s use to allow migrants to apply for asylum and use it as identification before boarding flights.

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Migrants from nine countries, including Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela, and several Central and South American nations, are eligible for the CBP One applications. The app allows them to self-disclose personal information, which is then processed by federal authorities before they can board flights.

Over 45,000 Migrants Entered the U.S. Using the CBP One App in January Alone

According to CBP data, more than 45,000 migrants used the CBP One app to enter the United States in January 2023. A recent report also revealed that the app has been instrumental in a Biden administration program that has flown over 320,000 migrants from foreign countries to the U.S.

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The high number of migrants using the app has raised concerns among Republicans, who argue that the Biden administration is not taking the homeland security mission seriously and is making it easier for potential threats to take advantage of the system.

House Homeland Security Chair Requests Documents on TSA’s Migrant Identification Standards

Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, recently sent a letter to TSA chief David Pekoske requesting documents and communications related to the agency’s migrant identification standards. The letter, obtained by, revealed that approximately 96 percent of migrants who scheduled an appointment through CBP One from January 12, 2023, to September 30, 2023, were released, totaling 267,000 individuals.

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Green expressed his concerns, stating, “There is no logical reason American citizens and other legitimate travelers should go through more thorough screening than inadmissible aliens. As threats from our adversaries grow more complex, this is not the time to make it easier for them to take advantage of us.”

Republicans Demand Stricter Vetting for Migrants Amid Growing Security Concerns

As the battle over immigration continues, Republicans are calling for stricter vetting processes for migrants entering the United States. They argue that the current policies under the Biden administration, including the use of the CBP One app, are putting national security at risk by allowing potentially dangerous individuals to enter the country without proper identification.

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GOP lawmakers point to the high percentage of migrants released after using the CBP One app as evidence that the system is being abused and that more thorough screening is necessary to protect American citizens and maintain the integrity of the nation’s borders.

Democrats Defend CBP One App, Argue It Enhances Border Security and Efficiency

Democrats, on the other hand, defend the use of the CBP One app, arguing that it enhances border security and efficiency by streamlining the asylum application process and reducing wait times at legal ports of entry. They maintain that the app allows for better data collection and processing of migrant information, ultimately leading to a more secure and orderly immigration system.

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Supporters of the app also point out that it has helped reduce the burden on border facilities and has allowed for a more humane approach to dealing with the influx of migrants seeking asylum in the United States.

Battle Over Immigration Policies Continues as GOP Pushes for Stricter Measures

As Republicans continue to push for stricter immigration measures, including the VALID Act and increased scrutiny of the CBP One app, the battle over the nation’s immigration policies shows no signs of abating. The GOP remains committed to “stopping the invasion” at the southern border and ensuring that American citizens are not subject to less stringent vetting processes than migrants entering the country.

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Democrats, meanwhile, are likely to continue defending the use of the CBP One app and other measures aimed at streamlining the immigration process and providing a more humane approach to dealing with asylum seekers. The outcome of this ongoing debate will have significant implications for the future of the nation’s immigration system and the security of its borders.

Republicans Vow to Keep Fighting for Stronger Border Security and Immigration Reform

Despite the challenges ahead, Republicans remain steadfast in their commitment to strengthening border security and reforming the nation’s immigration policies. They argue that the current system is broken and that bold action is needed to address the crisis at the southern border and protect the safety and well-being of American citizens.

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As the debate over immigration continues to unfold, GOP lawmakers vow to keep fighting for stricter vetting processes, increased border security measures, and a more comprehensive approach to immigration reform that prioritizes the interests of the American people. The battle over the CBP One app and the broader immigration landscape is likely to remain a key focus for Republicans in the coming months and years, as they work to “stop the invasion” and secure the nation’s borders.