Many movie lovers consider JK Rowling an icon of literature. She single-handedly revived interest in the fantasy genre with her award-winning Harry Potter series. But to others, she’s a hateful person who despises trans people.

Well, people with the latter opinion may have something to say again, as JK Rowling has gone viral for her “transphobic” comments. What did she say? She’s criticizing the new hate crime law for trans people.

Scotland’s Stance On Transgender Rights

On Monday, Scotland passed The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act. This new rule supported the country’s already-existing legislation on hate crime. But as the name suggests, it aims to further protect Trans people.

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Essentially, Trans people are often subject to ridicule and bullying by their “Sis” counterparts. This new law will make it a legitimate crime to antagonize this group in any way.

Why People Are Outraged

A lot of people are outraged by the new law giving trans people special treatment. Some accused these critics of transphobia, but the issue goes beyond a dislike for members of the LGBTQ community.

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The real issue with the new ACT is that women have asked the Scottish government to enact policies to protect women. While the government promised to tackle misogyny, it did nothing.

JK Rowling Criticised The Law

Harry Potter author JK Rowling was amongst the people criticizing the Scottish government for its new policy. This comes as no surprise as she has been very strict about the legislation’s stance on Transgenderism.

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Rowling warned that the new hate speech law is “wide open to abuse.” Activists will attempt to use this development to silence people speaking against eliminating “women’s and girls’ single-sex spaces.”

Rowling Doesn’t Believe People Can Change Their Gender

Can people change their gender? That’s been a debate long before the 2000s. Some experts think so, but Rowling disagrees. Rowling echoed her opinion online. “Freedom of speech and belief are at an end in Scotland if the accurate description of biological sex is deemed criminal.”

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Rowling once lost her X account for her “transphobic” stances. She’s previously mentioned that trans people are still their initial gender regardless of how many modifications they make.

Women’s Rights Are In Trouble

The author contended on social media that “unless we are allowed to call a man a man, it is impossible to accurately describe or tackle the reality of violence and sexual violence committed against women and girls, or address the current assault on women’s and girls’ rights.”

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She criticized the new laws and stated that “activists who wish to silence those of us speaking out about the dangers of eliminating women’s and girls’ single-sex spaces are free to abuse this legislation.”

‘I Look Forward To Being Arrested’

Rowling’s frustration didn’t end there. She mentioned in her tweet that she’s currently not in Scotland. However, according to the new law, her current comments qualify as hate speech. So, she deserves jail time.

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The author points out that if her online opinions are worthy of imprisonment, then she looks forward to getting arrested when she gets home. 

The First Minister Is ‘Very Proud’ Of The New Law

Despite the backlash, Humza Yousaf said that he’s proud of the new law. Why? The First Minister claims it is Scotland’s latest attempt at fighting against a rising tide of hate against trans people.

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His pride doesn’t end there. He’s also confident that the Scottish police will be able to implement the new legislation. Essentially, he looks forward to apprehending people who ‘bully’ trans people.

Scottish Officers Aren’t Ready Yet

Other officers don’t share the First Minister’s enthusiasm for the new hate speech law. Deputy Chief Constable Alan explains that the force hasn’t completed the training on the law.

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Roughly 10,000 out of 15,000 have finished the training. If these untrained units enter the field, it may reinforce Rowling’s fear that the law will get abused. 

‘They’re Being Trained’

Even if not all officers are done understanding the law, they will learn it eventually. This assurance comes from Chief Constable Jo Farrell. They have made it clear that these officers are receiving “the appropriate training.”

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Recently, she stated that the new laws will be implemented “in a measured way” and that “close scrutiny” will be exercised over the way the law is applied and the reports that are received.

‘This Bill Does Not Protect Women Against Hate’

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell repeated Rowlings’s original grievances. He emphasized that “the new law does not protect real” women; only trans women are. Peter described this observation as an “astonishing exclusion.”

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These comments were made live on BBC Radio. In his own words: “The big flaw in this Bill is it does not protect women against hate.”

‘It Opens The Door To Malicious Complaints’

Another complaint Rowling gave is that some trans activists will use the new law to abuse others. Mr Tatchell, a member of the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (ASPS), also shared this same sentiment.

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Tatchell claimed the new legislation could “open the door to vexatious and malicious complainants who will go after people.” Is this possible? Many think so, considering how often activists fight against people for the slightest negative comment.

‘The Law Will Be Weaponized’

Alongside Tatchell and Rowling, Scottish Conservative justice spokesperson Russell Findlay thinks the new law will be abused too. He expressed this opinion in a letter to Holyrood’s Justice Committee.

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He worries that an activist fringe may find ways to use the law for malicious purposes, which will create more hatred towards trans people.

Freedom Of Free Speech Will Be Protected

The First Minister was quick to calm the worried public. He explained that malicious people can just accuse someone and have them serve jail time. Instead, the law has a “triple lock” for protecting freedom of speech.

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At the same time, there will be plenty of opportunities for the accused to defend themselves. The court will assess whether the offense was severe and worth punishment or release. However, this hasn’t stopped skeptics from panicking.