Well, well, it looks like nothing is stopping former President Donald Trump from running for president of the United States as he is actively preparing for the 2024 presidential election, despite all odds.

His position as the Republican’s presidential nominee appears to have been settled, perhaps it has always been settled. The party is now trying to select Donald Trump’s vice president; this individual will most likely be the party’s presidential nominee in the 2028 election. 

A Claim By Senator Steve 

This information was obtained during an interview with a GOP lawmaker in person of Senator Steve Diane. In the interview with Politico, the lawmaker mentioned that the party’s vice president will be running for president in the 2028 election. 

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This information was gotten during a private conversation organized in a bid to pick the perfect running mate. Over there at the meeting, Trump was said to have had a long list of people who could end up filling up that role. 

Trump Has Fallen Out With Mike Pence 

This news has now confirmed that the former president has totally fallen out with Mike Pence, the individual who held the position of vice president when Donald Trump was president in 2017-2021.

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Maybe we all saw this coming after Mike Pence refused to join Trump in challenging the 2020 presidential election results. According to Pence, his conscience wouldn’t allow him to approve Trump and the man wasn’t ready to go against his conscience. 

Trump’s Selection Is Important For The Republican’s Political Future 

When Senator Diane was speaking to Politico, he made something clear, that’s the fact that Trump’s selection as the party’s presidential candidate goes beyond the 2024 election, this will directly affect the party politics and that’s beyond Trump’s second term.

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Another fact was clear, the party’s vice presidential candidate will not only be a step away from the president in 2024 but might just be the party’s 2028 presidential nominee and if he wins might get to spend eight years in that seat. 

Trump’s Criteria For Picking His Running Mate 

Apart from Senator Diane, the former president himself during an interview with FOX News mentioned it. He suggested that by picking his running mate he could also be picking the country’s future president.

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After he said this, he was asked about his criteria for picking a vice president. He straight out said, always, you’ve got to pick someone who’s going to make a good president. Things like this have to be critically thought about in case there’s an emergency. 

Trump’s Choice Will Have An Impact 

This is a very important issue and several individuals have had one or two to say about this issue. In an interview with Thomas Gift, the political scientist who is currently leading the Center on US Politics at King’s College London shared an insight during a conversation with Newsweek.

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To the Scientist, Trump’s selection of a running mate for the 2024 election could have lasting effects on the republican party’s internal political dynamics concerning the 2028 presidential elections 

History Might Repeat Itself Again 

Thomas Gift also reminded us that in the history of the United States presidential race, we have had quite several recurring events and it might happen again in 2028.

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Looking back to the history of the U.S., fifteen vice presidents have gone ahead to make their way to becoming presidents. So this means that every candidate has to remember that choosing a vice president means choosing an heir to the presidency. 

A Running Mate Who Can Help Him Win

Apart from choosing a candidate who can be trusted to carry on the legacy, other factors need to be put into consideration. They are factors that need to be carefully considered.

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Choosing a Vice President is not just about legacy, this is because the electoral considerations have the most power. The first thing on the list is choosing a running mate who will help you take the crown. 

Possible Candidates For Trump’s Vice President 

There have been several speculations about who the vice presidential candidate will be. Although there’s been no direct confirmation from the party, someone close to the Trump campaign told The Politico about the few people who have been considered for the position.

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The publication listed quite several influential individuals like the South Dakota gov. Kristi Noem, Senator Tim Scott, Senator J.D Vance, Rep. Bryon Donalds, Rep. Elise Stefanik, and the former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard. 

A Direct Question To Trump 

Donald Trump had an interview with Fox News on the 29th day of February. During this interview, host Laura Ingraham threw the question out there and luckily Trump gave her a reply. 

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Laura asked Trump if he had Florida Governor Ron Desantis, Tim Scott, Tulsi Gabbard, Kristin Noem, Bryon Donald, and business tycoon Vivek Ramaswamy on his running mate list. 

An Honest Reply From Trump 

After Laura popped the question, all that was left for Donald Trump was to give an honest reply to the question. Laura asked if these six important figures made the list.

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Trump replied to Laura saying, if he’s being honest these people are all good, he added that they are all solid people, but remember only one person can be VP. 

Texas Governor Is An Absolute Pick 

Trump was sure of one thing, and that was having Texas gov. Greg Abbott is on his list. Trump went ahead to call Greg a spectacular man, and he was absolutely on his shortlist.

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Greg has been doing so much recently, and his efforts to stop migrants from Mexico into the country have been eye-catching. 

Improperly Behaved People Have Been Ruled Out

Trump told Newsmax that, while trying to pick the perfect running mate there were some individuals who he had earlier considered but have now been ruled out.

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When he was asked for his reason for ruling them out, Trump replied saying it was because they had behaved improperly. Trump also told Newsmax that has some well-known candidates in mind. 

People I Wouldn’t Want!

Trump really opened up during his interview with Newsmax, he mentioned that the Republican Party is filled with great people who will do a great job as his running mate.

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But there’s one thing Trump is certain about, and that’s the identity of those individuals he’d never want as his vice president.