House Speaker Mike Johnson did not hold back in responding to President Biden’s comments comparing today’s GOP to past “real racists.” See how their war of words escalated.

Speaker Unloads on Biden’s “Race Card

Johnson wasted no time blasting Biden’s speech to donors, calling the remarks “outrageous” and accusing the President of unfairly playing “the race card.” Johnson unleashed on social media to voice his displeasure with the comparisons.

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Hitting back hard at the President’s criticisms, Johnson called Biden “desperate” and “underwater” in polling. He took issue with linking current GOP lawmakers to historical segregationist senators.

Biden Doubles Down on MAGA Critiques

At the San Francisco fundraiser, President Biden declared today’s GOP members “worse” than previous lawmakers he served with, like Strom Thurmond. He argued they no longer believe in democracy.

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Biden pointed out he could work with some past senators despite their terrible record on race. But he asserted “Time and again, Republicans show they are the party of chaos and division”, likely referencing issues like the border crisis.

Johnson Under Pressure Amid Shutdown Threat

Adding fuel to their rift is the looming possibility of a government shutdown that puts Speaker Johnson in a bind. He now faces immense pressure from both sides.

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Hardline Republicans are demanding Johnson take actions like defunding Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, reaching a deal requires working with Democrats, putting his razor-thin majority at risk if he angers GOP members.

Biden Leans on World Support for Re-election

Looking ahead to 2024, President Biden recalled that multiple world leaders have privately told him they want him to get re-elected.

Source: AP/Adam Schultz

Biden explained leaders confide things like “‘You’ve got to win’ because my democracy is at stake if the other guy wins.” He argues the global stakes in America’s election show how much his second term matters.

Freedom Caucus Turns Up Heat on Johnson

Already under fire, Speaker Johnson received a letter from the conservative Freedom Caucus blasting secret negotiations on a funding deal they worry will get rushed through at the last minute.

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The letter recommends defunding Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas and Planned Parenthood while tackling issues like student loans. They present hardline demands Johnson may struggle to meet.

Miami Retreat Causes More GOP Backlash

Beyond policy fights, Speaker Johnson recently upset Republicans by appearing to claim divine support for the party at their Miami donor retreat.

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Citing Bible verses, Johnson argued that God is on the GOP’s side. The overt religious talk aggravated lawmakers who felt it was inappropriate and politically unwise.

Minister – Johnson Represents “Cruel Conservatism

A minister blasted Johnson for epitomizing a distorted view of Christianity focused more on judging others than helping the disadvantaged.

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Nathaniel Manderson said today’s “evangelical agenda” of people like Johnson shows ignorance toward immigrants, the poor, and the rich. He argues their interests seem more in line with the devil.

Minister – Johnson is the Devil’s Follower

Doubling down on the idea that Johnson distorts faith for political gain, Minister Manderson said bluntly that “pious Republicans” like him are following the devil rather than God.

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Manderson concluded that “the devil runs for President”, alluding to Trump’s support among evangelicals. He insists conservative Republicans have been misled by Jesus’s actual teachings.

Biden Venting Builds on Months of GOP Anger

The President’s San Francisco tirade gave insight into Democratic rage building for months amid fights over issues like the scuttled bipartisan border deal.

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Records show Speaker Johnson rejected a one-on-one meeting with Biden over the last month. Biden has grown increasingly willing to lash out at McConnell and House Republicans for stonewalling his agenda.

Johnson Pledge to Fight Biden Agenda

Since originally winning the Speaker role by just one vote, Johnson has faced pressure to take a hard line against Biden, including threats of government shutdowns.

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Despite the risks, Johnson has largely given in to calls from the Freedom Caucus wing of the GOP for maximum resistance to Democrats. This approach underpins much of the partisan tensions.

World Leaders Echo Support for Biden’s Re-election

During his remarks, Biden notably said multiple allies specifically told him “‘You’ve got to win” in 2024, worried Trump-aligned Republicans would undermine global democracy.

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This startling admission reveals just how much America’s image abroad has transformed under Trump. Now Biden argues foreign leaders see him as a defender of freedom against dangerous Maga figures.

Johnson Struggles With Far Right Faction

Pleasing conservative hardliners behind demands like defunding Homeland Security poses an obstacle as Johnson tries to prevent a shutdown.

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The Speaker continues facing backlash for an overt religious sales pitch. He is also under fire from moderates bothered by his rightward tilt to appease far-right members like the House Freedom Caucus.

Fiery Biden Speech Signals Democratic Rage

Beyond border and spending fights, Biden’s striking words at the San Francisco fundraiser gave insight into the anger festering among Democrats toward Johnson and the House GOP.

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¬†Amid battles all year long, administration officials highlight Johnson’ refusing to meet one-on-one with Biden for a month. They argue Republican unwillingness to find common ground leaves attacking their agenda as the only remaining option.

Speaker Stuck Between Shutdown Threats

Still new to power and holding just a slim majority, Johnson must balance worries over both a shutdown and backlash from his right to compromise as deadlines approach.

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The Speaker continues facing heat on religious comments and allegiance to the far right wing. Now Johnson also has to navigate bipartisan funding talks, risking conservative defections or a standoff hurting Republicans politically.