Legal analyst Jennifer Rubin wrote on Sunday that Donald Trump “has plenty to worry about” after a recent ruling from a California state bar court on Wednesday. The ruling recommended stripping John Eastman, Trump’s former attorney, of his law license.

Ruling Was Issued After Complaint Against Eastman Last Year

The ruling was reportedly issued by Judge Yvette Roland after a complaint was filed against Eastman by the California State Bar in 2023. Roland found that Eastman was culpable in 10 out of the 11 counts filed against him.

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The counts filed against him were related to his alleged efforts in helping the former U.S. President to overturn the 2020 presidential election defeat of Donald Trump. Judge Roland concluded that Eastman should be disbarred for “misconduct.”

Roland’s Recommendation Will Now Go Before Supreme Court

The next step is that Roland’s recommendation must now go before the Supreme Court in California. That court will be responsible for issuing the final ruling.

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Eastman vowed to appeal Judge Roland’s ruling. The close Trump ally reportedly condemned it.

Legal Analyst Targets ‘Devastating Factual Findings’ Of Roland’s Ruling

Rubin focused on Roland’s 128-page ruling within an opinion column published by the Washington Post on Sunday. Rubin highlighted the “devastating factual findings” of the ruling.

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Rubin also referenced the “airtight legal analysis” that was conducted within Roland’s ruling as well.

Roland Referenced First Amendment Right Within 128-Page Ruling

Roland reportedly wrote that attorneys have the First Amendment right “to make statements in public in the course of their professional duties.” However, Roland noted that this right “does not extend to making knowing or reckless false statements of fact or law.”

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Rubin added that the First Amendment also “does not protect speech that is employed as a tool in the commission of a crime.” In addition to her work as a legal analyst, Jennifer Rubin is also a contributor for MSNBC.

Rubin Highlights How First Amendment Defense May Not Protect Trump Either

Rubin indicated that clearly the First Amendment did not protect John Eastman in this case. As a result, she drew attention to the fact that the same result could happen to Donald Trump regarding his own defenses.

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Rubin noted that the First Amendment defense was already rejected by Judge Tanya Chutkan regarding Donald Trump. That rejection took place with Jack Smith’s federal election case.

Judge McAfee ‘Sounded Appropriately Skeptical’ With GA Election Interference Case

Additional reports confirm that Judge Scott McAfee “sounded appropriately skeptical” regarding the First Amendment defense used by Trump as well. This defense was used by Trump’s legal team with the election interference case in the state of Georgia.

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Donald Trump has maintained that he is innocent in those cases as well.

‘Roland’s Decision Does Not Bode Well For Eastman’ For Georgia Criminal Case

Rubin further explained that the ruling does not look good for Eastman regarding his criminal case in Georgia either. According to Rubin, “Roland’s decision does not bode well for Eastman” in that case.

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Rubin added that Trump “has plenty to worry about in DC and Georgia” as we. She elaborated by stating that “Trump is likely to face much of the same evidence and to offer the same defenses,” which should create room for that concern.

Eastman Pleads Not Guilty, But Rubin Says ‘No One Is Buying Their Excuses’

It is true that Eastman pleaded not guilty to each of the charges that he is currently facing within the Georgia election interference case. However, this does not matter very much to Rubin.

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Rubin said that “no one, it seems is buying their excuses.”

Roland’s Ruling Stated That ‘The Evidence Clearly And Convincingly’ Offers Proof

According to Roland’s ruling, “the evidence clearly and convincingly proves that Eastman and President Trump entered into an agreement to obstruct the joint session of Congress.” The ruling adds that this was done “by unlawfully having Vice President Pence reject or delay the counting of electoral votes on January 6, 2021.”

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Roland continued by stating that the “court finds weighty circumstantial evidence demonstrating a collaborative effort between Eastman and President Trump.” This conclusion was reached “upon consideration of the totality of the facts.”

Eastman Was Unnamed Co-Conspirator In Smith’s Election Interference Case

Multiple reports have also confirmed that John Eastman was one of the unnamed co-conspirators in Smith’s election interference case. However, as of now, no charges have been filed against Eastman yet for that case.

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There have been quite a few criminal and civil legal cases aimed at some of the top figures within Trump’s team that surround the 2020 presidential election.

Rudy Giuliani Faced Legal Challenges, Investigations About His Conduct

Rudy Giuliani faced a number of different legal challenges and corresponding investigations regarding his conduct. This included the role that he played in promoting baseless claims related to election fraud.

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There were several states that launched a variety of investigations into Rudy Giuliani’s activities. Further reports confirm that Rudy’s law license was suspended in the state of New York back in 2021 due to the false statements that he made to the media and in court.

Giuliani Claimed He Had ‘Scientific Evidence’ That Was ‘Very Persuasive’

Rudy Giuliani claimed in August 2023 that he had “scientific evidence” that proved the 2020 election was stolen. On his WABC radio show, he mentioned that “there are things we didn’t present then” since “a lot of people did a lot of work and have been able to produce more witnesses.”

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He further explained that they were able to produce “scientific evidence.” Giuliani added that the “evidence” was “very persuasive.” However, the former New York City mayor did not go into any detail about the actual evidence itself.

Giuliani Claimed His Indictment In Georgia Was ‘Completely Unjustified’, ‘Disgusting’

After Rudy Giuliani was indicted in the Georgia case, he shared his honest reactions on his YouTube show. Giuliani mentioned that it was a “completely unjustified and disgusting act o retribution.”

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He added that he had “the temerity to unveil the biggest scandal in American history.” He also expressed that his parents were proud of him and that he did not care about the rest.

Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell Faced Criticism For Promoting Unfounded Conspiracy Theories

Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell also made headlines when they faced criticism for their own involvement in the promotion of unfounded conspiracy theories as well. They reportedly challenged the overall legitimacy of the results from the 2020 presidential election as well.

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Jenna later told Georgia prosecutors that Trump knew he lost the election. However, he was simply “not going to leave” the White House.