There has been a lot of news about Donald Trump lately, primarily focused on his push for the Republican primaries. Yet, many political experts think Trump won’t make a second term in the Oval Office. Let’s see what they think about him making it into the presidential office a second time.

He Lies In His Speeches

While it’s expected that a presidential candidate will tell a little white lie here and there, Donald Trump takes the cake for being the king of liars. The Washington Post claims he’s lied over 30,000 times in four years.

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His announcement that he was running in the primaries contained a few phrases that bent the truth. Some of the things he said included a reduced price of gas during his term in office and that he completed the Mexican border wall while elected president.

He’s In Court for Stealing Classified Documents

You may have seen the headlines, but for those not up to date, Trump has been charged with 37 counts of felony related to removing classified documents from the White House. Some would equate this action with treason against the American People.

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Trump also resisted repeated requests by officials to return the documents. A raid conducted by federal officials at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort seized over 100 top-secret classified documents.

An Insurrection Conspirator?

Trump has been accused of being a party to the insurrections at Capitol Hill after he lost the 2020 elections. The trial for this case is scheduled for March 2024.

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Sources claim that Trump believed he had won the elections and encouraged supporters to storm the Capitol in a bid to reinstate him as the sitting president. Trump denies the allegations.

Might Not Be Legally Able to Run

News about the Republican primaries has been covered with coverage of a lawsuit against Trump for this insurrection.

Source: Charlotte Cuthbertson/The Epoch Times

Several members of the Republican party have accused Donald Trump of taking part in or encouraging the rioters. They state that this makes it unconstitutional for him to hold public office and disqualifies him from the primary race.

New York Fraud Case

While Donald Trump may not have been the most honest person around, most of his supporters believe he’s at least an honest businessman. Unfortunately, this case might be shot otherwise.

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The New York Attorney General Letitia James files a lawsuit against Trump for fraudulently reporting the value of properties to her office. She claims he did this to prop up the value of his net worth.

Defamation and Sexual Assault

Cases surrounding Trump seem never-ending, as he’s also been accused of sexual assault. Writer E. Jean Carroll claims the presidential hopeful assaulted her in a department store dressing room in 1990.

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After Trump denied the claims, she followed up with a defamation suit and a battery claim to top it off.

Already Found Guilty of Sexual Misconduct Once

Cases like these are not new ground for Trump. The former president has already been convicted of sexual assault and defamation, forcing him to pay out $5 million to the victim.

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The current trial, that of E. Jean Carroll, takes the findings of the first trial as fact. This doesn’t look good for the former president.

Hush Money – Another Court Case

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was the first prosecutor to lay felony charges against Trump. The case is a bit more complicated and hinges on hush-money payments.

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Bragg says that Trump falsified business records as one of the steps in a scheme to pay hush money to women who accused the former president of sexual misconduct. The trial is set for March 24th, 2024.

Georgia Election Fraud

The former reality TV star is also facing some heat from Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis. The attorney alleges that Trump, along with 18 co-conspirators, sought to commit election fraud in the state.

Source: Phil Roeder

This election fraud is linked with the 2020 elections and is ironic based on Trump’s belief that the election was rigged against him.

Tax Fraud Is Also On the Docket

Donald Trump’s tax documents have always been questionable. A New York Judge decided it was time to pay his fair due and hit the Trump Organization with $1.6 million in fines.

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According to the judge, it was because the organization was running a 15-year tax fraud. Since the corporation can’t be charged, Allen Weisselberg, its former chief financial officer, took the fall for the corporation.

Voting Trump In Could Endanger Equality

Many people who have experienced Trump’s last regime consider it to be a step backward for equality. The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights states it’s a step back for human and civil rights.

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To support their position, they cite all the abuses that happened to immigrants under his last presidential tenure. Based on his rhetoric, they may not be too far from the mark.

Links With Violence and Threats

Many people believe that if Trump returns to power, it will encourage radical and violent groups. His hate-filled rhetoric has already fueled several clashes in his previous term.

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ABC News conducted a nationwide review and has noted as many as 54 criminal cases that were a result of Trump’s hate-filled rhetoric. His speeches were linked to violent actions against many.

A Net Negative for Consumers

Trump is famous for implementing tax cuts while in office. He famously reduced the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% and aimed to drop it even lower to 15% if elected.

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This, combined with the tariffs on imports from China, stands to cause a significant amount of trouble for consumers. His proposed 10% tariff on imports will further impact consumers, reducing their purchasing power.

Immigration Issues Are a Hot-Button Issue

Trump has already shown his intentions toward immigrants during his first term in office. It’s likely if he’s elected, many immigrants in the US may be facing deportation or worse.

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This is in direct opposition to what Biden-led Democrats have been aiming for. For those who are moderate on the matter of immigrants, Trump’s measures seem extreme.

Voters Are Unhappy With Choices

With voters ready to head to the polls again, many are stating that they are overly unhappy with the choices for a leader. Some have even gone out of their way to call for new party candidates.

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While it’s uncertain if any of the party’s core voters will vote for a third party, the discontent is evident in both camps. Both parties must step up or risk losing some of their support base, potentially a significant amount of it.

Claims For Legal Immunity

With all the court cases pending against Trump, he’s confident that he will not be charged for anything he’s done. His lawyers have been working overtime to prove he shouldn’t be held accountable for his wrongdoings.

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According to Trump’s lawyers, there’s a longstanding tradition in America that they don’t prosecute their former presidents for things they’ve done while in or out of office.

Half the GOP Is Against Trump Returning to the Ballot

Recent Republican caucus results saw half the GOP’s voters vote against Trump being on the ballot to represent the party at the next presidential elections. It sends a loud message to the party that they don’t want him as their representative.

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However, many of Donald Trump’s supporters aren’t those who vote at caucuses but are grassroots Republican supporters-not returning him to the ballot risks all grassroots voters for the GOP.

Will Trump Run for President?

Whether Trump succeeds in securing the GOP nod for their representative is still up in the air. He has a massive volume of legal cases against him that would make him unsuitable as a candidate, yet he still has so much grassroots support that the party can’t simply alienate him.

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If he does manage to gain the GOP nod, many of the party supporters may not vote. The same goes if he doesn’t get the nod to represent the party. This could lead to a schism in the GOP, but whether it would cause the party’s collapse is anyone’s guess. Regardless of what happens, Trump seems more than willing to represent the GOP.