The “woke laws” that have been passed by Democratic supermajority states are doing more harm than good. Despite their claims of finding solutions for poverty and protections for its most vulnerable citizens, they are setting a dangerous precedent for our country – both economically and for its population.

1. Raising The Minimum Wage

One of the hallmarks of the left’s narrative is raising the minimum wage. In the beginning, it started with $15 – but the numbers soon began to climb to $20+. What’s next…$30 an hour?! The claim is they are trying to make sure fast food workers earn a living wage.

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The reality is that the minimum wage hike is harming customers and businesses alike. Customers will be paying more for what they want to eat. Not to be outdone, California has approved a minimum wage hike of $20 – set to take effect on April 1, 2024. In response, Pizza Hut has cut the jobs of 1000 delivery drivers. What a bummer.

2. Abortions Without A Medical License

Another law that has passed in California that is also taking effect in 2024 is SB 1375. This allows nurses to perform abortions without the assistance of medically licensed professionals like doctors. Kind of dangerous since it’s a procedure performed by medical doctors, wouldn’t you agree?

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In response, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) have branded the bill as a way to legalize perinatal infanticide. Despite legislators in deep red states attempting to restrict abortions, voters in states like Ohio have approved measures including an amendment in the state’s constitution to guarantee the right to an abortion and other reproductive rights. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

3. Trans-Sanctuary States

SB 107 was a legislation in California that opened the door to minors who identify as transgendered to seek refuge. Especially minors from states where such treatments are restricted or even outlawed. The argument for those on the right is that transgenderism is a mental illness. This point has been echoed by many including Vivek Ramaswamy, a presidential candidate.

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Ramaswamy believes that it’s unethical to confuse children about gender. He further added that those who identify as transgender – even if they’re minors – should be treated for mental illness. To take it a step further, mental illness itself is not criminal. Ramaswamy doubled down by saying that it’s wrong to treat gender dysphoria with transgenderism. Do you think he’s right?

4. Critical Race Theory

One of the controversial issues that have pitted left against right has been Critical Race Theory or CRT. While many school boards across the country are implementing policies (not laws) to include CRT in their curriculum, there are a handful of red states that are passing laws to make sure CRT is not being taught in their schools.

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The intent of CRT as proponents explain is that CRT is designed to recognize and acknowledge that systemic racism is part of the American society as a whole. They point out that it exists across the board including healthcare, the economy, and housing. Further, they dismiss that the claim of being “colorblind” is a smokescreen for enabling racism.

5. Misgendering Laws

One of the issues that the woke left have long targeted are the way we say things. Specifically, there have been efforts where it might be illegal for someone to misgender another person. California had attempted to do this with SB 219 – which was struck down by the Third District Court of Appeals stating that it restricts “freedom of speech”.

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Even though the courts acknowledged that misgendering is “disrespectful, discourteous, and insulting”, they concluded that the First Amendment doesn’t protect just speech that is considered inoffensive. Those fighting the woke laws state that freedom of speech is under assault due to political correctness. Florida has also passed a law that the left claims it “disallows them to use preferred pronouns”.

6. Protection Of Women’s Sports

Another controversy that the woke is causing a stir are transgendered athletes performing in sports of alternate genders. The poster child of this controversy is Lia Thomas, the University of Pennsylvania swimmer who identifies as a transgendered woman. Eventually, Thomas would win a national title, further angering female competitors such as Riley Gaines of the University of Kentucky.

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Many red states have either introduced or passed laws that were designed to protect women’s sports. Meaning transgendered athletes would be barred from competition of their “identified gender”. Florida is one such state with the creation and approval of “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act”. Guess what? 60 percent of Americans believe that biological males should not compete in women’s sports.

7. A Fast Food “Politburo”

Really? As if we needed something like this anywhere in America. California created a law – which is currently tied up in court – intent on creating a ten-member “Fast Food Council” designed to set wages and working conditions for fast food restaurants in the state. Currently, several restaurants are challenging the law in court while putting it on hold.

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Here’s what makes things confusing. There was a bill that was originally designed to create the same “Fast Food Council”. However, if passed, it would repeal an old version and replace it with a new group that had limited powers and controls. This “politburo” is the government interfering in the business of…well, private business.


These seven laws tend to do more harm than good. It’s no surprise that many of them are being challenged in court, criticized, even repealed. These laws are being met with plenty of resistance by the American public. Do you think these laws are not the best idea?

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In 2024, American voters have a chance at what may be an opportunity to “right the wrongs”. In what will appear to be a Trump vs Biden rematch of the 2020 election, what’s really on the ballot is “woke” versus common sense. The American people seem to have had enough of the “woke” laws or attempts of their passage.