As an individual, there are so many ways to spend money to get what you need. However, it’s not always about how much you have but how much you can spend while saving up.

Many believe buying cheaper goods means settling for less, but that’s not true. Buying cheaper goods can give you access to the same product at an affordable price. The key to intelligent spending is prioritizing what matters to you. Let’s look at 13 everyday items you can consider buying cheaper versions of.

Children Clothing

Children, especially babies, grow like weeds and outgrow their clothes quickly. So, as tempting as it may seem to get your baby all the cute designer clothes, spending your money on cheaper clothing is more helpful. You can do this by either shopping at thrift stores or getting your baby clothes when they are on sale.

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Furthermore, opt for the store brand clothes that most big retailers like Target and Walmart sell. They are just as good and sometimes even better than the big-name brands. You can also consider getting hand-me-downs from family and friends.

Health Supplements and Vitamins

Health supplements and vitamins work wonders for your overall health, but the price of these items can be daunting. Thus, it might be better to treat your finances kindly by choosing a cheaper option. One way to do this is to invest in supplements and vitamins from a generic or low-priced store.

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When you check generic items, their ingredients are always similar or identical to the brand-name products. You could also search for coupons from major brands to cut costs and apply for a rewards program at your local retail store to earn cashback for supplements bought.


About 4 billion people worldwide wear glasses. If you’re one of them, you don’t have to drain your bank account just for your pair of glasses. You can save money by buying from online stores that offer discounts. These stores also provide free repairs, so take advantage of them.

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Furthermore, you can avoid getting add-ons or features like anti-reflective coating or light-adjusting lenses. If you don’t need these features, don’t get them. Another thing you can do to get cheaper versions of eye/sunglasses is to buy those with low-cost frames. So, all you’ll need to do is replace your lens.

Toilet Papers

Toilet paper is an essential household item to buy, but they don’t have to drain your money. Rather than spending lots of money on toilet paper in the long run, look for cheaper options. One of which is the bidet. The bidet is a healthier and less expensive alternative to toilet paper.

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Another option is to watch for discounts and sales by retailers. You can also consider getting the non-branded toilet paper. Even if the toilet paper is cheap, it doesn’t mean it’s terrible. Reusable clothes are also a more affordable option for toilet paper.

Skincare and Makeup

Skincare and Makeup are other areas where you can save money while getting quality products. Instead of getting new cotton pads for your makeup routine, buy reusable ones you can wash and use again. For your skincare products, invest in products that have dual action.

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This means buying a product with moisturizer and sunscreen instead of getting both separately. You can also buy a makeup/skincare dupe. Places like Aldi sell dupes of beauty products. Buying in bulk at your local retail store can also save you from paying more for unit price.

Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers are essential to preventing food wastage in your home. However, just because it is vital doesn’t mean you have to splurge. You’re better off finding cheaper options that serve the same function. One of which is the reusable food storage bag.

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Reusable food storage bags are usually made of cloth or silicone and can be washed and reused. Mason jars are another cheap option for food storage. They can store your soups, nuts, smoothies, and seeds at a budget-friendly price. A better option is to get these containers for sale at your local retail store.


Electronics are devices you use daily, from smartphones to tablets to laptops. However, these devices can be expensive, so you’ll be better off getting cheaper options to save money. One of those options is refurbished electronics. Refurbished or second-hand electronics can help you score a deal on your gadget while saving you money.

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Ensure that you check if your manufacturer has a refurbished device program. This way, you can be assured of getting a functioning device. You can also invest in local electronics stores that offer loyalty programs or discounts to reduce costs.

Perfumes and Fragrances

Perfumes and fragrances are often pricey and can dent your money bag. Fortunately, there are ways you can smell nice and still save your money. Bulk purchases of perfume and fragrance sets can give you the lowest unit price possible and help you keep your money.

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Furthermore, essential oils like lavender or peppermint could be used as natural fragrances. You can also opt for sample-size fragrances and perfumes at your local store instead of buying the big, expensive ones. Loyalty programs and store rewards also offer a great way to save on perfumes and fragrances.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are household items that are essential for your home. So it’s necessary to understand how to save money on them. One cheap option for getting cleaning supplies is versatile. For example, get a dishwashing soap that you can also use for your rugs, vinyl floors and clothes.

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Bulk buying also works when trying to save money on cleaning supplies. You can use them for years without buying more unless it finishes. You can also make your scrubbers instead of buying sponges for your kitchen. This will also keep your utensils gleaming for more extended periods.


Furniture can drain your home budget, especially if you move into a new place or renovate. But you don’t have to spend your whole money on it. You can always buy used furniture by attending yard sales or visiting local selling sites like Craigslist.

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Make sure there are enough pictures of the furniture before you buy it. You can also opt for Flat-pack furniture. This type of furniture is sold at stores like IKEA, and you can assemble it yourself. This will save you from paying an assembly fee like you would do for pre-assembled furniture.

Prescription Drugs

Hospital bills cost a dime, so there’s no need to spend so much on your prescription drugs, too. You’ll find that buying your medications in bulk costs less than getting them every single time you need them. Get your doctor to prescribe a 90-day supply of your prescription drugs instead of getting a single-month supply.

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Ask your doctor for a generic alternative. These cost less and will perform the same function. You can pay the pharmaceuticals for a discount if your drug has no generic alternative. Some of them offer discounts if you meet certain conditions.

Kids Sports Equipment

Kids sports equipment is another item you need to save money on. Consider seasonal trade programs in your locality where you can replace the used kits for an upgrade at a lesser price than the new ones. You can also look for tent sales at the season’s end for discounts on sports equipment.

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Another option is to purchase secondhand equipment. Kids grow fast, and their interest is sometimes fleeting. So you don’t want to spend much money on equipment your kid will abandon after one season. Some stores give you 50% cashback when you return the equipment at the season’s end.


Bikes are another thing you can buy cheaply. Search for no-name brands like Halfords, who can give you quality bikes without the added price of the brand name. Another option is to opt for sales season. When you do this, you’ll be able to get a bike that fits your style for a lesser price.

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Like the sports equipment, you can also look out for retailers that sell bikes at a discounted rate. Another option is to stock up on used components. So, you can use your saved-up bike components at the mechanic’s store rather than buy a new one.


Figuring out that you can get cheaper versions of some everyday items is an excellent way to save money. By buying more affordable versions of these items, you can spend on other less practical things like a much-needed spa day. It can also teach you to appreciate lesser-known brands rather than obsess over branded products.

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It might seem insignificant, but choosing the cheaper option regarding the items in this article can change your financial situation and life. Don’t forget to be intelligent in your spending and choose cheaper versions when you can. Please explore our website for more exciting topics.